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Diana      April 07, 2015

Beloved Diana
David Christopher Lewis

April 7, 2015   7:00–7:30 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana 

Diana Delivers Fire and Fire's Message of Self-Transformation

Our God is a consuming fire, and in that consummation all are raised in light to divine glory, beingness in the one eternal flame. I AM Diana and, with my beloved Oromasis, I come this day to infuse within you the light of eternality, to break bread with your Higher Self—the bread that has been fully baked in the heavenly kilns of Spirit, where divine food refreshes the soul, sustains the spirit and gives rise within you to new life, new abundance, new divine virtues.

Blessed ones, fire is divine when that fire is born of God-desire. You speak much of the flames of God. You use the fire in your prayer and decree work to both consume darkness and to share and spread the eternal light of God. Yet there is much more that you may discern of the workings of fire in all of its manifestations—both within your lives, within nature and within the all-consuming fire, who God is—for you to truly make greater progress on the path and to use this spiritual essence for God-good on your path.

Yes, we were there when Prometheus bore fire to the Earth. We witnessed the great instauration of this primal element into the Earth and into the affairs of those evolving within time and space, which would ultimately result in their enfiring to become permanent within the etheric worlds of pure light and divine radiance.

You think of physical fire as that which consumes, as that which gives warmth and light unto you, blessed hearts. Truly the Alpha aspect of fire is that which burns and consumes. And the feminine aspect is that which nurtures all through the warmth, through the radiance, through the glow in that magical manifestation that you often take for granted in this world through the use of electricity, which brings a certain type of fire into your dimensional world for your utilization in all things. Before the common use of electricity, blessed ones, all relied on fire to give light in darkness, to cook, even to clean and to consume unwanted elements that they had accumulated within their worlds.

Well, take fire for granted no longer, for you are fiery beings in your essence, in the original creation of your spiritual essence. And if you can conceive of this with us, then our work with you will become ever more magical and alchemical. You know that fire is an essential component of true divine alchemy and that fire burns all yet leaves the dross, which must be cleared away again and again from your world, blessed ones, if you are to live in purity, shining radiantly, glowing as that spiritual-spark being that you are.

In the emotional plane, fire truly is desire manifested through your heart, through your emotional body, your water body. And fire moves through water to stir all the elements and to bring about, through divine feeling, the inculcation within the four planes of matter much of God's light and permanence. Within the mental belt, fire manifests as ideations born of Spirit, manifesting through divine thought, which can be co-creative and the highest means to bring about all that is beautiful, radiant and holy.

When you add fire to your mindfulness, there is a clarity of consciousness that comes to you through higher perception and through thought that is born of Buddhic beingness rather than that of the lower self and the monkey-mind manifestations that often originate out of the astral plane and lower dimensions of nihilism. Therefore watch your thoughts. Infuse them with fire and they will rise higher to give birth within you to that which God sees as optimal and worthy of the sons and daughters of God.

Fire's natal state is of the etheric octave, blessed ones, where ether itself coalesces as that radiance that results in divine memory, the memory of the Eternal One within the realms of co-existence as you experience them here and now upon Earth. When your memory of God is clear, you have the assurance, blessed ones, that all shall be well, for you intuit with grace. You perceive with an awakened consciousness, wed to that spiritual essence, which is true, which is noble, which is divine in all of its awakening magic and divinely orchestrated virtuosity and blessedness.

You may think that fire is a simple element, blessed ones. Yet I tell you that often we are involved in all types of ministrations unto mankind through the use of light and the flames of God in multidimensions of being. Think of what we compress within the earth through pressure over time to create diamonds, crystals and the magic that you see in your gemstones that you relish and appreciate for their radiant qualities. Pressure and fire result in magic within the earth. And even the light of Helios and Vesta, and now the God and Goddess Meru, is coalesced in liquid gold that solidifies, as sunshine compressed in earth and is there for you to use in so many divine ways for the Golden-Crystal Age now manifesting through many and eventually throughout our Earth.

Blessed ones, when you meditate upon fire as Zoroaster did, you will intuit through the ancient rites what God was desirous of inculcating within his sons and daughters, within that spirit-spark that animates your life. When you feel that fire within your heart, when you use it daily in some co-creative way, it will become amazing unto you to know and experience God as fire. And we will be there, deliciously using your spiritual vehicles for the radiating of so many aspects of the Godhead in this world that, truly, you will all be seen as cosmic magicians, alchemists of the highest order.

Those who study fire and its utilization in industry, in science, in technology could provide many more understandings of the importance of heat, of the melting point of solids and of those aspects of the elements that many do not fully understand until they enter into the higher sciences of metallurgy and learn what brings substances at higher points of temperature into the liquid and gaseous states. In these states there is a type of spiritual purification that, when completed, allows more rarified elements to coalesce physically as solids, resulting in substances that are utilized in many industries within your world.

There are alchemists working in various retreats of the Universal Great White Brotherhood who are even now co-creating new substances that are more elastic, stronger and will allow for new creations to emerge that will serve mankind in a number of industries, blessed ones. You see, this work is carried on beyond the human pale. And there is always an understanding brought to bear from us through the equations that are discerned and discovered, which allows for a greater divine gnosis to manifest so that these substances will truly serve mankind and, in turn, serve God.

If you could see all that we see, you would know that the resurrection light itself, as well as the ascension light, is one of the most intrepid aspects of the manifestation of fire that may be known within all octaves of existence. And when you can both invoke and then feel what the resurrection flame is, blessed ones, you will know who we are and our sacred work. You will feel rising within you cosmic impulses for the regeneration of life in multidimensions of being and for a new acceptance of divine radiance in all spheres of consciousness.

Many think that Jesus, simply because he was the Son of God, could be who he was without having done any scientific work on himself or without evolution of thought, mindfulness and self-mastery. This is nonsense, blessed ones. For it would demean who he truly was and who he had become in all of his striving over a number of lifetimes to reach that apex of awareness whereby he could extend the radiance of the fire of his being to humanity to heal on contact, to nurture with great love, to coalesce, through alchemy, substance in new forms, brought forth by the magic of his mind wed to God.

You see, blessed hearts, it is imperative that each of you understands the dynamics of true spiritual alchemy in order to, like Jesus, merge with your Presence and manifest your Christic awareness daily in some way. If you think that simply by reading what others have mastered you will reach this level of self-mastery, think again. It takes fire invoked, experimented with and utilized daily for you to be reborn and to be nurtured by angels and divine beings and to finally accept who you are in your God-estate as an immortal and divine being.

The fire that we bring into every occasion may be slightly different in its radiant field, in its gradations and use every moment. Therefore it requires attunement and a certain objectivity, dearest ones, for you to use these fiery flames in ways that will benefit you, your communities and many more among mankind through your service to life, in your co-creations, in your magical works.

When you are one with fire, when you enter that consuming field of beingness by aligning your spine, your mind, your will and your heart with God, all things become possible. And the fire itself performs its perfect work within your world, within your life. The fire incites you to make greater progress and to overcome limitations and the lesser sense consciousness that says continuously to you: “Oh, don't venture here. Don't go there. Don't try this. You are not good enough. You are just an animal evolving into a person.”

Dearest ones, wipe away all sense of limitation from your mind, from your emotional bodies, from your world and accept the full fire and radiance of your blessed God-consciousness, your true Solar awareness, which will give birth within your world, within your life to new perceptions, new understandings, Christic and Buddhic awareness. What you can conceive of through the lens of the Christic mind and then enfire with God-desire and divine will may and will emerge as the new reality for you as you hold fast to that matrix of light and bathe it with divine feeling, a sense of holiness and purpose and the blessedness of your own awareness, one with God.

Anything that you desire to accomplish may and can manifest quickly by the speed of thought that you enter into, that is coalesced within the equation on the altar of holy change and transformation right within your heart as you accept God's light and beingness in its centrality within that equation; when you allow the Holy Spirit to enfire it with the divine radiance of love.

The sentence that I just spoke, blessed ones, is alchemical. And if you study these words and make them real in anything that you desire to accomplish or fulfill, you will find the mystical formulas within these words that will inspire you to go for it, to do it, to be it now.

We often bring fire, the fire of change, to souls. And yet they attempt to avoid decision making, new opportunities and self-transformation of any kind. They are comfortable in the state in which they find themselves. So what can we do, blessed ones, when some are stultified in this awareness and do not accept either our inspiration or the quickening aspects of the fire of heaven that we seek to employ on their behalf? We can only step back or stand by and wait for a certain quickening to come through other means whereby these ones will eventually accept the transformational power within fire to give them all that they truly desire of God.

We pray that you, as initiates, will accept us in your midst. For you will find a new birth, a rebirth within your lives, when you allow fire to remold you again and again back into that pure Edenic image and likeness of God, in which you were created in the beginning of your spirit manifestation.

Now you know more about what we do, who we are, the realms in which we work and our mission on behalf of mankind and of all evolutions upon Earth. I may return with my beloved at a future date to give you further teaching on the use of the sacred fire in your lives, if you will remember to call to us, to invoke that fire daily and to burn out of yourself all that is less than your perfection by accepting the fiery salamanders' work within your lives, within your hearts, within your homes and within the threefold flame that burns eternally already within you.

Jump into the Maxin light in your meditation this day! Feel what it is to be eternal and to burn on with consistency, with radiance and with permanence because God is the fuel that ignites and feeds you. Within that Maxin light you will discover many secrets, even the fountain of eternal youth. Utilize this gift and then you may consider us friends.

I AM Diana. I appear to the quickened within their dreams, within their meditations as a mystical maiden who brings fire into play wondrously, magically for their victory. Come and find me in your dreams, and I shall be there to caress you with a mother's true love—the love that both chastens and adorns with the radiance of the Sun. I thank you.

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