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Omraam      August 08, 2014

Beloved Omraam
David Christopher Lewis
August 8, 2014   6:33 ̶ 6:56 pm local time
Quantum Leaps towards Solar Mindfulness
Ӧstersund/As, Sweden

A Meditation on Solar Beingness

David:  The Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov ascended to the Sun after his transition from the Earth in 1986. For the sun was his love, the Sun is his love, and in this cosmic action of returning to the heart of the Sun and living upon and within the Sun, he is fulfilled in God, the universal lover and giver of life.

Sons and Daughters of God,

Rise with me now into the Sun of this solar system to experience pure light, pure love and co-creation as it is occurring now. Feel the fire of God within your soul, your heart, your spirit, your mind. Know the love of God here and now present within you and within this Sun Source of all life-giving essences and the eternal star-fire radiance of creation itself.

In this beingness, you have access to all that you require. In God within the Sun, you know all that is essential for you to know to serve to set life free and to investigate and discover new worlds, new possibilities, new opportunities for the investment of God's pure light and love through your heart on behalf of humanity.

In Solar beingness, you are real and there is nothing that is a part of you that is any longer only of the human, for you are fully divine. In Solar beingness, you are suffused and infused with pure, unadulterated light. And this light works its perfect work through you as you consciously wield the energies of Spirit through your awareness to grace all beings with your Presence, God's Presence of joy, harmony and truth.

As you meditate upon the Sun at dawn and during its rising and its setting and whenever you choose to behold this orb of Spirit in the heavens and attest to the beauty of the All in all, I am there receiving the currents of your love and reflecting them back tenfold to you as currents of God's vision of you as whole, as pure, as beloved. I am there amplifying your love with the love of the Sun and streaming forth unto you every grace, every virtue and all the frequencies of heaven at our disposal to bless you and charge you with the energy you require to progress, to advance, to be daring and undaunted in your trek upwards and inwards on the light path of universal joy.

The golden liquid light that is bestowed by the Sun unto your mind and within your hearts is there to glorify you as a servant son or daughter of the One; to enlighten you with all wisdom, all truth, all virtue; to ennoble you in the egregor of the true communion and community of hearts worldwide and system-wide.

Love God and behold God within one another. It is our mission as sons and daughters of God to truly be suns in the fullest sense, radiating light, harmony, purity and peace. It is our vision as sons and daughters of God to behold God's creation as good, as wonderful, as awesome, and by this we authenticate, replicate and ennoble within our virtuous lives that which God has co-created with us within time and space.

The sun is the source of all that is essential. Therefore call to, muse upon and commune with the sun to meet every need and requirement of your lives, blessed ones. For if you will simply do this and accept this commission, even this direction, your lives will be transformed, your burdens will fall away, that which has divided you will slip into nothingness, and that which unites will become apparent, front and center, in your lives.

Blessed ones, the Sun is the model of perfection and glory that you must seek daily—in your yearnings, in your strivings, by your attention, by your focus through your love, through your givingness. For the Sun responds to every effort, every erg of energy that you pour forth from and through your consciousness. And the Sun supports you, the Sun invests its light within you, and the Sun nurtures your spirit with its eternal Spirit and its joy, levity, fellowship and peace.

The Sun is your friend. Have you spoken to the Sun today and said: “O friend of mine, be with me in my thoughts, my feelings, my actions, my words. O beloved of my heart, my dearest one, created by God and giving life to me and all evolutions here, I love you, I cherish you and I, as a son of God in my own right, will nurture you, O Sun, through the rays that I too pour forth from my heart—not reflected as a moon, as Luna herself, yet originating from my own attunement with the Great Central Sun here upon Earth.

“O Sun, in this oneness we, as friends, as brothers, as sisters, will remain in harmony, communicating and fellowshipping with each other through thick and thin, through every trial and test, every initiation on the path of light. O my beloved Sun, I am yours and I claim you as my own. We are one, we are one, we are ever one in a love-field of light, in holiness and in truth, in time and space and beyond all limitation and experiences in this 3-D world. O Sun, be with me through every moment of my wakefulness and my sleepfulness, in my rest and repose and in my activity, in my learning and training and in that which I would extend of your wisdom and teaching and sharing with others of like heart and mind.

“O Sun, it is your illumination that shines forth through my mind to illumine others, by God's grace. O Sun of God, as I behold you in the heavens, please behold me upon Earth as one of your own, as a child of your heart, and shine forth your rays ever upon my soul to lift me up, to bear me on angel's wings to the Father-Mother God so that I may be ever worthy of God's grace, so that I may sing the song celestial that you know so well, for you have sung it for eons of time.

“O my friend, my beloved. O Sun, what is there of life without thee? There is no life without thee. I AM that life; you are that life. I AM, you are life, givingness, light, love. O my Sun, even as I call to you I feel your love now instilling within me a newness of presence, a graciousness of joy, prosperity immaculate, abundance and golden liquid radiance for my divine enjoyment of who you are and all that you give ceaselessly to life.

“O my Sun, I am your son. O my God within the Sun, I AM THAT I AM of your Sun-light within me. Nurture all lifestreams through the rivers of life and light that you emanate. Bring peace to this Earth in all nations and to all peoples. Let this Earth return to its pristine state by your grace, by your divine intelligence, by the wisdom that you shine forth and share every moment. And though at times the clouds may hide your face from me outwardly, inwardly I behold the brightness of your countenance, O Sun, and I see who I am reflected in you, even as I pray that you will see who you are reflected within me.

“O Sun Source of all life, live and move and have your being through me 24/7. Emanate the purity of God's heart unto me and through me, within me and outwardly to all life. This is my meditation, O Sun, O beloved. This is my love expressed in poetry, in verse. For I am not adverse or averse to you. I love you, I love you, I love you, O Sun.”

Messenger's Comments:

The Master Omraam is now standing in the Baltic Sea and accelerating the light of his Presence to augment that dispensation that we received yesterday, at the request of one particular initiate, to purify and transmute the pollution, the toxicity within the Baltic Sea. And he invites us to stand now and to use the crystal-ray action that we received from Padre Pio to assist him in this purification of the Baltic Sea and of all waters across the Earth. And he will do some toning or humming through me to allow this action to manifest.

[The Master Omraam tones.]      

He has called forth cosmic deities to mingle with the great beings of the water, the precious undines, and cosmic nature devas and spirits. And they are working an alchemy of love within the Baltic Sea, within all of the waters of Scandinavia and extending out unto all of Europe because you are of this continent. If you choose, you can play this toning again, and the announcement before the toning—whenever you decide to reinforce this action for the rejuvenation and clearing of the Baltic Sea, because there is only so much an ascended master, a divine being can do because we still have the human element in this plane and there are still toxins being released.

So we can pray and work to help to curtail this, to expose those industries that are polluting, to bring them opportunity for self-correction and for cosmic justice. We can write letters. We can investigate and do our own truth work and speak up, and especially do our spiritual work.

I'm seeing both Omraam and Padre Pio doing this work together and many other divine beings, including Saint Germain, the Divine Director, Queen of Light, Goddess of Light, Goddess of Purity, and a number of your own ascended twin flames. Some of you know your ascended twin flames and these have come in answer to our prayers and calls.

Now the Great White Brotherhood thanks you, with the Seven Holy Kumaras, for your work today. This has been a tremendous release of light today through these HeartStreams, through your hearts, through what we have invoked through our prayers and songs. I can truly say this has been one of the most magnificent days in my entire life as a messenger, as your brother, your friend. I will always remember this day, my beloveds from Sweden. And I can speak on behalf of Boyd too and our brothers and sisters in America and say we are one. We always will remain one. And I thank you so much.

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