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Lanello      June 28, 2014

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
June 28, 2014   9:00–9:15 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Invest Your Heart in the Lord's Work in Greater Measure

Beloved Hearts of Fire,

            Today I come to encourage you to invest your heart in the Lord's work in a greater measure. “O, Master,” you ask, “I am already giving the fullness of myself to the Lord daily. How can I give more? My bank account is depleted; I spend a number of hours committed to this path and it seems that I am always asked again and again to give. How can I fulfill this request, O Master of my heart?”

            Dearest ones, often in my final embodiments I was prompted by a divine being again and again to go deeper within my heart to access the fullness of the God-flame within and to break beyond the bonds of limitation—my own sense of either unworthiness, of lack, or of separation from God, even in the most subtle and subliminal ways through those voices that would at times speak within my human mind, the subtle voice of darkness that would keep me in a phase of existence yet outside of the totality of my Sun Presence of light and life. When the Master came and I felt the impelling radiance of his being, the divinity of his Solar Presence, it was an awesome feeling to sense this level of beingness. And therefore I knew that somehow I could yet, even in my incompleteness, reach deeper to know God in the fullness of this beingness within myself and rise out of this state, which truly is unreality, an evanescent state of imperfection and the antithesis of humility.

            Yes, it is true that the most humble state of being is complete surrender to the fullness of God within so that we may enter into that state of unity and perfection that is God. Anything less than alignment or attunement with pure love of God, is at some level, compromise. And this is what allows one to remain in the human state, unrealized, unenlightened, unfulfilled. Dearest ones, I would have you be realized, enlightened and fulfilled in the highest sense in this new divine order of Solar beingness that we the ascended masters, at the invitation of Helios and Vesta and the God and Goddess Meru, are constantly raying forth.

            And if you RSVP and accept our offering and make it real in your world, then when you are asked to give, you will reach deep within and offer the essence of your being. This is what is required of you. If you think that it is only money or your own human riches that we ask for, think again or think not at all, blessed ones. Know that it is only your own God-essence that the Lord requests of you, and this only for your union with your Source.

            Gracious ones, cycles are moving on; worlds are turning. Some are taken and others are left. Why? The Lord knows the reasons, the issues, the initiations and the opportunities presented to each soul. Judge not what another is going through, or even what you are experiencing, from a limited state of observation or perception. Accept the radiant field of God-vision within your world, which allows for an accrual of a heightened sense of seeing beyond the veil from the authentic perspective of the All-Seeing Eye, wherein all is known, felt, assimilated and then integrated.

            Yes, dearest ones, when you make the internal effort and ray forth your beingness to the Lord each day, mindful of your Source at every turn of your life, attempting to self-realize in moments of perceptive awareness who God is within you, what the message of your life is to the world—the greater mission that you were sent to engage in on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood and many ascended beings who support and inspire you—you can be victorious; you can make greater progress; you can rise a notch, a spiral, a turn, a level daily. And then looking back weeks, months and years from now, you will see how your decision, your affirmation of beingness, your determination has moved you beyond your yesterdays, with their limitations; beyond your sense of separateness, with its insidious and diabolical moorings to a world that truly is no more, dearest ones.

            Some feign humility when, in truth, there is nonresolution at some level of the subconscious that requires deep cleansing, clearing, cleaning and renewal. The test of the ten is before many of you, which requires a greater surrender to your Source if you would truly engage with the ascended masters in the higher initiatic path, with the orders that we present for you to join when you have realized a greater fullness of self and thereby earned the right to commingle with the brothers and sisters of light who have gone before you to prepare a way for each of you in the heaven world.

            Yes, blessed ones, the cycles are turning; the initiations are becoming more rarefied and in some ways difficult. Yet there is always a way for you to succeed. There is always a doorway to move through, and the Father-Mother God will not leave you bereft, will always be there behind the scenes to gently goad you to oneness, nudge you to perfection, admonish you, through the still small voice within you, to retain love at every turn, patience with others and with yourself. For in this you move on the integrated path of Buddhahood to enlightenment and oneness, most precious ones.

            We have laid out a plan for each of you. Walk ye in the light of your Presence;1 shine forth the radiance of the Sun-fire of your being; and know that you are supported, cheered on and coached, often by dozens of ascended masters, their lieutenants and their student teachers, in order that you may be propelled into the new-world experience of nonlimitation, of nonduality, of nonthought, where only God is real, mindfulness is true, heart-centeredness is the way.

            I now, in answer to the call of this messenger, send forth a ray into the Earth for the dissolution of darkness in many realms and especially within the atmosphere. And there is concurrently now an action of sacred fire released from the Elohim in answer to my call, for I, Lanello, am with you, dearest ones. And from the fount of light of the sun, centered in Detroit, the solar plexus of the United States of America, I spin the light now! I radiate the light now for the transmutation of a greater level of darkness than has ever been consumed in a moment of time and space, as you know it in this life.

            Burn, burn, burn through, O sacred fire! Release the light of the sun, the Great Central Sun, through Sirius and through the sun of this solar system now for the binding of all discord, the annihilation of the ways of evil and for a new fruitful life to emerge everywhere that lightbearers will seed and reseed it through conscious thought, through love, through givingness and through their holy lives lived to the glory of God.

            Be all light, you who call yourselves lightbearers! There should be no more darkness within you by this time of your life if you truly desire that appellation. Else why have you come to this planet? Hide not your light under a bushel anymore!2 Let it flow! Let it grow! Let it glow in all realms because you are a son, a daughter of the One, and nothing, nothing in this world can stop you from your self-realization and your greater enlightenment daily.

            Yes, I come charged with the sacred fire, for I was in communion with Lord Sir and Sol from Sirius during your event. I saw the action that was released. And those of you who missed this opportunity, I say, lost something that will take ten thousand years or more to engage in. Therefore the next time you receive the word that a great master such as this is coming, make every effort to be physically available. For it just may mean a blessing beyond compare that will move you beyond every limitation, every sense of separateness, every form of lack or want or need.

            Now, blessed ones, I enfold you in a swaddling garment of comfort so that there will be not one iota of self-condemnation within you ever again. This garment is a garment of light that will radiate the sense of God-beingness, holiness and oneness when you simply allow it to enfold you in its radiance. It is my new cape of ability—superability—for you to be that man or woman of light that I always perceive you as, enriched and fulfilled as a God Self-realized one.

            I love you and, with Clare de Lis, answer your calls—we feel your heart's intent and we are there for you in a flash, at a moment's notice, to answer every requirement. God bless you; God be with you; God fulfill you in all things, beloved ones. I thank you.

1. See Isaiah 50:11.
2. See Matthew 5:14–16; Luke 11:33; Mark 4:21–23.

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