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David Lewis      May 04, 2014

Beloved Saint Germain Discourse
David Christopher Lewis
May 4, 2014   12:22–12:30 pm MDT  
Saint Germain's New Alchemical Formulas for Spiritual Success
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Sealing of the Alchemy Seminar

            Let's first chant “I AM love.” [“I AM love” chanted 16 times; “I AM light” chanted 16 times; “I AM levity” chanted 16 times]

            Beloved Saint Germain, we are grateful for every heartfriend who has been a part of this course. We accept now the blessing of your purple fiery heart over and within each heart that is now burning with great love, the alchemical fires of the Holy Spirit, the joy of the Lord, the radiance of the sun, the mercy and grace of pure beingness.

            We call for a sacred bond of all of our hearts to be established today—those here in Livingston, Montana; those in Mt. Shasta, California; and wherever those who have paid for and are attending this class are—our heartfriends in Chile, Sweden, other parts of Europe, Canada and throughout the United States. We call for the blessing of each one and for a radiant field of divine alchemical grace to live 24/7 within their beings for the fulfillment of every divine design, divine desire. Let each one be charged with the violet fire and the radiance of the Holy Spirit today, with a new conductivity, with a new divine amperage and holy wattage of sacred-fire light.

            Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Release the light through their electronic fire bodies, through their mental, emotional and physical body temples. Wherever there are issues of nonhealth and nonvitality, let these be replaced by the positronic aspects of cosmic love, health, well-being, longevity and union with the Source.

            O God, we are grateful for all that you have released through our beloved Master Saint Germain. We call for a blessing upon Saint Germain as we say, “Bless you, Saint Germain!” [“Bless you, Saint Germain!” chanted four times]. And we bless also your beloved sponsor and guru, the Divine Director. [“Bless you, Divine Director” chanted four times]

            Beloved angels of alchemy, seal all that has been released in the light of God that always prevails. Bring all of this teaching to our remembrance as we require it through our coming days, months, years and decades so that we may have these tool kits ready and at hand to utilize in our daily lives, our practical spirituality.

            We also pray for the precious elementals to help us in our gardens, in our daily lives. And we invoke the spirit of Anastasia to be with us as we prepare for our next Meru University course, Anastasia in the Garden II, on June 17, 2014, here at Mona's and my home in Livingston, Montana. We pray for all those who are destined to be here to have the abundance, the time, the wherewithal, the transportation, the housing, the food to be here for that class and for our summer conference.

            We call for a blessing upon all those who have participated in this class as workers behind the scenes. And we thank Boyd Badten, Maria Min, Lisa Delaney, Dennis Fisher, Cathleen Alexander, Robert Beese and all those at Mt. Shasta. We thank Jeanette Wallin, Nancy Badten and Lisa Meechan for your work on the website. We thank all those in our Creative Arts Team, including those already named plus David Keil for the beautiful visuals.

            We thank the angels that have surrounded us and been with us in our prayer sessions, all the masters to whom we have called. Any other names that I missed? We thank Catherine and Bruce Catlin for offering the Soul Connections store and that wonderful room for the event there at Mt. Shasta, Joyce Genis for helping to plan this event as our events team leader and coordinator, all the heartfriends in Chile whom we saw on Thursday night, May 1. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your love. And thanks to my beloved Mona for supporting and loving me. Thank you for all those who prepared the food that we had at restaurants here in Livingston and those in Mt. Shasta. And thank you, O God, for everything.

            [Participants say, “Thank you, David!”]

            [“We are one” chanted 16 times; “in the sun” chanted four times] Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory!

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