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David Lewis      May 04, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
May 4, 2014   10:25–11:07 am MDT

Saint Germain's New Alchemical Formulas for Spiritual Success
Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Saint Germain Enhances Our Meditation

The Etheric Outpost over Mount Shasta

            We have about six minutes before our intermission. If anybody has any questions on the answers to these three questions or a sharing, we have a few minutes now for what you have mindfully considered. If there are any chats, Boyd can read them. We can also go to Mount Shasta and see your lovely faces.

Participant 1:  At the outset, Saint Germain gave us a very personal welcome of his heart and in essence told us that he was going to be working very closely with us. In this morning's meditation and also in yesterday morning's meditation, I had a greater sense of visuals than probably I have ever had in my meditations. I was wondering this morning if that's part of Saint Germain's alchemy with us. I had the sense this morning that he as a cosmic being was imparting from his causal body and from his visualizations a very personal projection of his ability to meditate, because I know that what I'm experiencing is not just from myself. I believe it was actually part of Saint Germain overshining my meditative posture and imparting this great, great—I mean, I had this sense of a sun in my heart like I never had.

David:  That's the power of these courses and why he's charging $333. He sees the value of your attendance, and if you pay that much, you're going to get a lot. And he's preparing you and others for his class on meditation, “Saint Germain on Meditation,” in Canada. So you should definitely consider going on that pilgrimage. [laughter] And anyone else who's had wonderful heightened meditations during the mornings, consider it, because you've had a glimpse now of what could be for you an acceleration. We don't take as much time to meditate as we should, at least not formally through our services. Yet when we take fifteen or even eighteen minutes before each major session, you can see the effect. And when we are doing it in a collective, it is even more effective. So, yes, the answer is yes, yes, yes.

Participant 1:  And just to also mention, we are, after all, in the Sanctuary of the Heart in Livingston, so there's already a nice flowfield momentum built here. I have actually had occasions where I've had an easier sense of meditating in this focus, this sanctuary, because there is this flowfield here.

David:  You're also sitting right between two lovely ladies who hold a balance and a flowfield themselves and are great meditators. It helps to have conscious people on either side of you and behind you.

Participant 2:  There's also proximity with the retreat above this sanctuary, the retreat of the Crystal-Diamond Buddha. I think it's very connected. I feel it. When we decree, it's a straight shot into that and out through that.

David:  I'd love to hear from __________ because this is his first conference. Let me just ask this, you felt the radiation, right?

Participant 3:  Yes, I was dancing with my twin flame in the meditation. That never even occurred to me.

David:  Waltzing with his twin flame.

Participant 3:  That never even occurred to me, to do that on my own. That was all that you just said.

David:  It was Saint Germain helping him with his meditation.

            __________ shared with me a question that __________ had in Mount Shasta regarding whether there is a retreat forming over Mount Shasta as a result of the work of the lightbearers there. I'm seeing in the atmosphere above Mount Shasta a beautiful etheric violet. It is composed of all of the work of the conscious ones there. It is formed as a result of the work of ­­__________ and __________ and their constancy in holding services at their home on a weekly basis, two to three times a week, with study groups and other prayers. And there's also the work of __________ and __________ and their beautiful store, Soul Connections. And then there's the work of those who pray in the “I AM” movement and the work of those who are truly attuned to the Master on the inner as well as the outer.

            Many people have an acceptance of Saint Germain that is based on fantasy, on almost an unreality. It's a fantasy born of their desire, and yet in practicality many of them are not really initiates or moving in the full stream of the power and holiness of the Master. Yet simply by their acceptance of him as a being of light, there is the love of his heart extended to them. Those who do the deep inner spiritual work are the ones most true to his heart, those who stay true to themselves and are purposeful in their work.

Now, you may desire to know where this retreat is. It's generally over the heart of Mount Shasta. The radiance of this beautiful violet extends out to encompass the area above the home of __________ and __________, above the Masonic building, where we have met many, many times, because a lot of light has been anchored there. It extends out over the I AM Temple, a beautiful focus of the Great White Brotherhood where people still come and pray and have wonderful sessions. Essences are, of course, over the homes of those individuals who are true to the heart of Saint Germain and the Great White Brotherhood.

            The formation of this etheric outpost, as I would call it, is continuing based on the ongoingness of the prayers, meetings and support of the local people there. However, the primary movers and shakers that have precipitated this are the devotees who participate in the ongoing weekly work through their prayers, as well as the __________ family and all the sharing they have done in their beautiful store.

            There are many beautiful groups there. Some are involved in things that are not fully sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood. There is a lot of marijuana, unfortunately, promulgated there and there are some stores that sell it. And of course anybody who engages in smoking marijuana is not fully connected to the Source in the highest way. There is a compromise of the light in their auric field, especially around the crown chakra and around the lungs. Those who claim to know Saint Germain or to work with him and yet engage in some lower activities are not really fully manifesting that higher reality.

            What will the presence of this outpost result in on an ongoing basis? It's up to the lightbearers there. As some individuals choose to move there and continue engage in the work, there can be a greater growth and flowering of this outpost. It's not a full-on retreat; it's not an etheric city; it's an outpost. Sometimes these outposts, like the early Western towns, become full-fledged cities. They may start with one store or one individual who has a dream or a vision, and eventually they grow into something larger.

            When people do engage and there is constancy, they can be relied on by the angels, the masters, divine spirits to hold that light, to blaze forth that light. Many people have moved there and yet they haven't sustained the light, at least through The Hearts Center movement, in the way that the Great White Brotherhood would desire it. They leave off of their devotions or get embroiled in various situations, personal problems or health challenges and then unfortunately they are not really engaged at the highest level. God bless them. They are still lovely people. It's just that for the greater work of the Great White Brotherhood, it takes consistency, constancy, dedication, showing up, being there, doing the work. This is what we have done in The Hearts Center since the very beginning. We started broadcasting through audio at the Wellspring Retreat and we haven't missed a beat since then.

            Anybody who sees our true motive knows that we mean business, because we've been here day after day after day. I bless and Saint Germain blesses all of you who have been constant in this way. You have made great strides because of your constancy, and this counts for a lot. It counts for and toward your ascension. It counts for the holding of the balance of the Earth, the Western Hemisphere, California, the West Coast of the United States. When lightbearers are so consecrated and dedicated in this way, miracles do ensue, blessings occur. You will see the effect of what you have done at the close of your embodiment when you have your life review. I can assure you, those of you who have been constant, that you will smile and you will feel the love that you have expressed in your devotions. You will feel the full-gathered momentum of what you have invoked and blessed life with because it returns to you in the sacred circle as a blessing to you.

            I hope this is an encouragement for those who are there, those who may desire to move or be there or at least come for certain events to promote the work and to support the work. Every time we have an event there, it helps to build that outpost in a greater measure. And the flowering of that beautiful violet auric field of etheric, divine energy and substance is a blessing to the entire region, to all of Northern California and the entire West Coast.

            I think that some of you have literally held up California and the West Coast through your prayers and decrees. Why is this? There's work done by conscious ones in other cities. All of this counts and all of this is a blessing and a boon for our civilization. The difference between what some other groups do and what we do is that we are connected to the Great White Brotherhood by our conscious choice. We are invested in their work. They often dictate what they desire us to do and give us assignments. We are obedient to them. Therefore through that engagement and through our obedience, there is a greater action. And through the HeartStreams—the dictations, the discourses and darshans—there is the dynamism of the flow from the ascended-master realms that is literally charging the Earth on a continuous basis.

            This charging of the Earth through the dictations is essential, as it was in the “I AM” movement during World War II. It was absolutely crucial that the lightbearers in the “I AM movement,” the Saint Germain Foundation, prayed and decreed and received those dictations from Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director, Mighty Victory, Jesus, Mary and other masters. It was crucial to the holding of the balance for the Western Hemisphere and the world. So the same dynamic is occurring. When you have a live, sponsored messenger in embodiment, much can be done through the work of the collective of all of us, those who support, in very direct and in indirect ways, the masters' work. So thank you, all of you, for being involved.

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