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Vajrasattva      September 19, 2013

Beloved Vajrasattva
David Christopher Lewis
September 19, 2013   9:00–9:13 am MDT
2013 Autumn Equinox Lecture and Book Tour: Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—
Developing a Radiant Aura

Tucson, Arizona
I Come with Diamond-Fire Talismans of Light
for the Conscious Ones
Who Are Moving into Their Buddhahood

Diamond Ones Who Would Become More Radiant in the Effulgent Light of the Divine One,

            Feel the impulses from the sun today as they play upon your heart, dance within your mind and free electrons and cosmic quintessences within you to be most sublimely manifest through your glorious life, lived in honor of all that is beautiful, true and holy.

            I, Vajrasattva, come with many diamond-fire talismans of light for the conscious ones upon Earth who are moving into their Buddhahood, awakening to the divine Spirit within and most nobly providing the Earth with the cosmic resource of love and light to restore harmony, peace and equanimity within the soul of all.

O spiritual fire, embed within these now the glories of your oneness, your light, your emanation of joy and divine happiness. O Buddhas of all multiverses, shine forth your wisdom fires and illumine the crowns of each one on this day in order that they may abide more deeply within—yes, rest within their Buddha nature.

            As you imbibe those spiritual diamond-light virtues within your auric field and breathe in and out in conscious awareness of your sacred connection with your Source, there is infused first within you and then within the world that you are co-creating now the most wondrous and multifaceted crystalline joy fields, electronic precipitated substance born of the fruit of your awareness of the Divine within, most holy ones.

You see, you may objectify within your world all that is of God by your freewill choice to be all-Buddha. And this objectification comes by the conscious application of your virtuous selfhood, the gnosis of your reality brought to bear within the eternal Now of the present moment and no other.

            As you seek oneness, relax and realize that oneness has always been yours to claim and accept with a gentility of spirit, through your own childlike nature of spontaneity and gratitude to simply be alive and present in nature with your Creator. Is there any other purpose in life more wondrous than to be alive in the Spirit, glorying within the Sun Presence of your Buddha nature, breathing and manifesting light?

            We the Buddhas crystallize within the spiritual realms ideations born and originating from the Source, which we have received through our meditation practice as that glad-free gift from the heart of God, from the shining light of the Source. These essences pass through us, for we would not capture them in some matrix outside of the greater circle of God-identity. We would simply extend them, offer them as nature offers the most holy and sublime to all each day.

Precious hearts, you are valued more than you know as a God-being. And when you can feel deeply and reverently that which is already perfected as compassion, kindness and love within your hearts, then it will be easy for you to remain and rest within your Buddha nature each moment, each hour and every day of your lives.

            [Vajrasattva sings in a Buddhic tongue.]

            A melody of light in a Buddhic tongue of another sphere—so far and yet so dear to the evolutions of the Buddhas—I have sung to your soul. For the sweetness of the nectar of the Divine One is now yours to ingest as you live reverently, coherently, graciously in your new spirit form within the greater God-essence of your diamond Self. Vajrasattva blesses you in crystal light.

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