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Vairochana      September 17, 2013

Beloved Vairochana
David Christopher Lewis
September 17, 2013   4:33–4:44 pm MDT
2013 Autumn Equinox Lecture and Book Tour: Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—
Developing a Radiant Aura

Patagonia, Arizona

I Impress a New Light Pattern within Your Auric Fields

            The glory of the sun be with you. The glory of every star within the heavens be with you. The radiance of the Great Central Sun is now here, shining brightly in this sacred space prepared, the Temple Beautiful—the edifice, living and effulgent in light, prepared by the hands of conscious ones—and also within your temple, the sacred vessel of your spirit, the I AM within you.

The Five Dhyani Buddhas greet you and share, from within crystalline spheres of being, the essence of their Buddha nature. And I, Vairochana, impress within your auric fields a certain new light pattern, if you choose to accept it, that will allow for greater resonance to flow within your life from this day forward, allowing you to access the supernal, to know the eternal, to intuit with greater clarity and fidelity within your life the essentials that may transport you to a new Pure Land of the Buddhas, prepared for each one lovingly, compassionately, with great reverence for who you are as a God-realized one in your core.

            At our appearing, there is stillness within the Earth, for we emanate wave patterns of light substance that give birth to a fresh new outlook, progressive teaching that our own require upon their journey of love through life. And if you would be touched by the cosmic devas and receive the miracle manifestation of holy wisdom within your brow, within your crown and within the center of every chakra of light, then, dearest ones, it is yours for the asking and the receiving; and the simple equation manifest right where you are allows for perfect harmony and balance to ensue within you.

            Study Vaastu, for you will discern eternal truth within the architecture, the numerology and the cosmology embedded within this science—the matrix of the mind of God embedded within form when accessed by the conscious ones upon Earth. Yes, dearest ones, this lineage hearkens back to the Ancient of Days and the Great Central Sun, and the transfer of this knowledge of divine mathematics and sacred geometry is available to those whose eyes are quickened, whose minds are infused with the star-fire radiance of Surya and of the starry beings who hold the cosmos together.

            Would you be one of these eternal Sun beings? Then make the decision this day, no matter what has transpired previously in this and past incarnations, to set your course unto the Divine and realize your Sunship through the path prepared, the way revealed, in light, to the Source.

            Now the Buddhas refresh you with spiritual prana. For those who require a greater level of physical healing, as you sit within your temple, as you gaze deep within the reflecting pool of your soul to access the divine us, we will breathe light, we will breathe celestial fire and we will assist you in all your endeavors to fulfill your purpose within the antahkarana of light, the sacred mandala of the cosmic Mother, who yet breathes love from the cosmic void to her children everywhere.

            O Ishvara, O Durga, O Radha, Lakshmi and Sarasvati, dance and sing to these your melody of harmony, your symphony of love. For in this they will know themselves within your heart. OM, OM, OM.

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