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David Lewis      July 06, 2013

David Christopher Lewis
July 6, 2013   9:10–9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

I AM An Eternal Youth
Affirmations for Youthfulness

Good morning, everyone! 

                  I AM an eternal youth.
                  I AM the spirit of youthfulness and usefulness.
                  I AM youthful in my consciousness 24/7.
                  I AM fulfilled in my being through my youthful spirit.
                  I AM living in the vital rays of my youthful God-consciousness.
                  I AM experiencing the solar reality of my youthful state of purity.
                  As I AM youthful today, I AM also useful to God through a spirit of spontaneity, joy and divine happiness.
                  I AM ever-present in the Holy Spirit's cosmic beatitude of God-gratitude through which my youthful spirit shines brightly.
                  I AM benevolence and beauty in the brightness of the shining star of my youthful reality now.
                  I AM ever-present in God's love because through my youthful spirit I AM love in action.
                  I AM shining brightly because in my youthful state of eternal happiness I AM one with God.
                  I AM free to be who I AM in God because I have tapped into God's own youthful spirit, which permeates the cosmos.
                  I AM aging beautifully in my youthful spirit as joy is present within my heart and love sings through my active life of beingness.
                  God in me is youthful and so I AM also.
                  The Holy Spirit speaks through my youthful sense to people young and old alike of love, of happiness, of freedom.
                  I AM tending the fires of my youthful selfhood in God daily.
                  I AM acting youthfully on behalf of all life to bring the freshness of the Holy Spirit's presence into play in the world of form harmoniously, wondrously, beautifully.
                  I AM gracing the cosmos with my essence of youthfulness and harmonizing all through my own godly attitude that is cheery, bright and radiant.
                  I AM healed through my own youthful sense of perfect wellness and wholeness within God's presence.
                  I AM one with the spirit of the Eternal Youth, Sanat Kumara, and all the Venusian masters and divine spirits of perfect love.
                  Within the radiant stream of God's eternal youthfulness, I live and move and have my being in an ecstatic state of divine bliss, perfect happiness and joy.
                  Every cell of my being vibrates within the pure stream of God's eternal youthfulness, and I AM living radiantly within my Mother's heart and my Father's will.
                  I AM present in the joy of the Holy Spirit through my youthful attitude whereby the Holy Spirit moves through me with freedom and an ever-present joyful attitude of grace and harmony.
                  Because I AM that I AM in God's eternal presence, my youthful state exists everywhere I AM that I AM.
                  I AM perfect sight, perfect hearing, perfect feeling, perfect knowing, perfect understanding because I am youthful in my approach to all life, accepting and validating each one in the joy of the Holy Spirit's presence.
                  I AM perfuming the cosmos with my unique sense of youthfulness, which brings my virtues into play radiantly in all that I think, see, feel, hear and do.
                  I AM dynamic and charismatic through my youthful sense. And in this, God experiences the cosmos through my heart, pulsating with loveliness and joy.
                  I AM expressing my youthfulness and drawing every lifestream into the hallowed circle of the Great White Brotherhood's presence whereby God is honored and the Spirit speaks through each one with loving intention, holiness and reverence.
                  O God, I AM youthful within your heart, and I live to serve to set life free always to remain ever-present in your love.

             Beloved heartfriends, thank you for listening to these I AM affirmations, with a capital “I” and a capital “A” and a capital “M,” whereby I have expressed certain divine concepts that work for me and I hope when transcribed and made available, will work for you in bringing us all a youthful spirit throughout our daily lives.

When I look upon the faces of the youth of today, I see their vitality, their uniqueness and the freshness of their spirit, which has not yet been stifled through what the world offers in terms of its burdens, transgressing their souls and dis-enlivening them to be something less than their childlike state of wonder and grace. And from many of them there oozes this joy through their laughter, their carefree attitude, their creativity and their desire to experience life to the fullest.

My prayer is that they will find their way on their own path of light without being overly burdened by a sense of the world's suffering, pains and anxieties. And I pray that all of us who may have temporarily accepted some of these vibrations into our lives, into our physical body temples, into our minds and emotional bodies, can receive today surcease from strain, stress and distress and that we may once again experience the lightness, the levity of what it means to be childlike, youthful and free to live as conscious, sentient beings of divine love.

We are focusing on the youth. Why? Not that we desire to manipulate or coerce them to come into proximity with us or understand our path. We are offering our heart's love, our positive intentions so that what we've experienced of God may be lovingly expressed in order that others, including the youth, may find their way home to the heart of God in the way that works for them. And we offer a way of devotion and praise, thanksgiving and of service to the light through what the ascended masters are offering through their sponsorship of this Hearts Center movement and community.

And in this, we live and move and have our being in our own youthful state. And in this, we also express who we are and gently magnetize those who will resonate with our message, our means and our way and hopefully join us in experiencing God's presence, the great I AM THAT I AM. We can choose to develop programs for our youth that bring the ascended master's teachings into their sense of reality, their world, their language, their consciousness. And so, we must become youthful again and see through the eyes of the youth in order to do this wonderfully and consciously.

There are so many beautiful things about our youth. And if we focus on those that are mindfully co-creating a beautiful world, we can highlight these young people and bring them to the attention of our community and show just how important the youth are to the world.

A little child shall lead them. How does that little child lead? Through its fresh spirit and attitude of grace, humility and peace. When gently guided by the Spirit and through proper education and nurturing, children naturally express themselves creatively. And we can encourage this, rather than focus on this rather than on the ills of society and the problems of today. Yes, we are aware of them and we choose consciously to spiritually counteract them by what we are offering and positing within the hearts, minds and lives of all people, including the beautiful children.

This education starts before conception, continues after conception within the womb and especially in the first seven years of children's lives and even afterwards in order to provide the proper framework, foundation and flowfield for them to experience God within their hearts and to lead them within for them to self-discover the eternal truths that are already resident within their hearts.

So, as we move forward, as we choose to give these affirmations, which I would suggest be in the pink section of our prayer book, the thirties section. We can begin to emanate this solar radiance through our hearts. These affirmations will work their perfect work. And as we develop our teams, including the young people in our processes, we will formulate a plan. We will conceive of those ways and means that our message will meet them where they are and bring them higher, bring them hope while also allowing them to share their gifts, their spirits with us, to inspire us, because they will.

So, our broadcasters can play a replay of their choosing. My prayer today is that everyone of us will receive from on high and from within those youthful elements of our true Selfhood in God that will bring joy, happiness and perfect love into play into our lives, lived to the glory of God.

            Thank you so much. God bless you. Thank you Helen and Estelle Marie for your loving service today from Detroit on behalf of our Hearts Center Community.

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