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Himalaya      June 16, 2013

Beloved Himalaya
David Christopher Lewis
June 16, 2013   9:30–9:54 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

The Soundless Sound of Silence
The Key to Your Freedom Is Inner Oneness with Your Source
Saint Germain to Offer a Course on Meditation

Gracious Advocates and Aspirants of God Consciousness,
            I am the soundless one who speaks from within you, from within your Source. For I am one with that Source, the initiator, the progenitor of you as a conscious being—one who was created and yet remains, even though incarnate in flesh, one with your Source.
            Through stillness, you may penetrate the causality of being. And in silence, you may access all that is divine, that which is true within you that has always been one with the All in all. For in that state of oneness, wherein you dwell in eternality, there God is, there the One resides and affirms, in the I AM statement and name, beingness, truth, wisdomthat which is and shall remain linked, yoked to that causal point of perfection.
             Many have attempted to scale the Himalayan heights. Why? What do they seek? Simply to conquer a peak for a name, fame or human glory? Others arrive within our abode in order to access something greater, something more divine and sublime—perfectionment within Self, truth from within the inner recesses of selfhood in God—and these we communicate with. To these we transfer light through the soundless sound in order that they may give birth within their realm of being to a new presence, divine in all its glory, wondrous in all its manifestation.
            Now I would speak of the Master Saint Germain. For, dearest ones, he came long ago to my abode to ascertain what could be done to save planet Earth and her evolutions from within the context of his mission, the matrix laid out by his Master and other divine beings. And he did meditate greatly before me and other Indian masters. He penetrated the depths and the heights, the breadth and many dimensions of being from within his heart, linked through his mind to the universal mind of God. And the gift was accessed of the violet light as a means to an end of perfectionment, of resolution and of planetary transmutation.
            You see, dearest ones, this great being could only access this level of reality through stillness, through inner silence, whereby he attained a knowledge of Self and mastery of all initiations upon the path and that which became self-evident from within his soul, one with the Divine.
            You may not have considered the Master Saint Germain as a magnificent man who had mastered meditation, and yet it is so. He could, if he would, give a class, a course on meditation himself, and you would gain from his perspective and from his self-mastery, dearest ones. For often we see in the lives of our disciples something less than that state of causality that is accessed within the silence through meditation.
            You see, there may be great transmutation from within during silence. What are you doing during your time in the lotus with God? Are you truly resolving worlds within worlds and gaining ground, higher ground, in knowing the sublime regions, even the Himalayan heights, within your own mind, heart and soul?
           Ah, yes, the Master has responded. It is his desire to hold a seminar next year, “Saint Germain on Meditation,” preferably in eastern CanadaMontreal, Quebec, or in Toronto. For, dearest ones, it is time that the knowledge of The Hearts Center movement go forth in this region and for many more of the Master Saint Germain's disciples, as well as those who would know Morya, Mother, Mark and me, to hear from one that they revere, who lived in France, the origin of a language which they speak in that Canadian province of Quebec. We ask that one who speaks fluently that French language, namely Claire, accompany the messenger to speak the words of the Master Saint Germain to a people prepared for the resolution of self.
            Why do I, Himalaya, convey this request of the Great White Brotherhood during my Father's Day discourse to you? you may ask. It is because, dearest ones, the Aquarian Master is the model father of the age, whom you may both revere and come to know with a deeper meditation practice of your own. And then as the higher teachings of alchemy—yes, those advanced  understandings of divine truth—come forth, you may, if you choose, model your life, your very being after this great soul, truly a star in the heavens on behalf of humanity for Aquarius.
            O precious hearts, my prayer this day is that you will feel your connection with your Source at a deeper and deeper level every day. Use that time in the early morning hours to fuse yourself with your Source. How? Brush up on the Master Saint Germain's own teaching, given to Godfre, to meditate and to visualize around, within and through your heart chakra a sun of light. Feel, know and love this God-energy within self, and expand that awareness to greater and greater orbits and fields of awareness through your life, lived to the glory of God.
            Long ago I initiated some within this movement to come and be my students, and I was there for a class on meditation in Bozeman. It would do you well, blessed ones, to consider having an annual course on meditation and invite various Buddhas, those of the East and the West, to come and to share with you keys to this spiritual practice; for there is such a dire need in the West for it to be understood, to be utilized, to be mastered.
            Now I increase the light-radiance from the Sun of my own being across the Earth, through your starry beings, dearest ones, and through many initiates in various ascended master and Buddhic activities. And there is a resonant field of God-oneness manifest on this Father's Day, wielded by the Lord of the World himself and Sanat Kumara, the Regent Lord of the World. And there is superimposed upon, within and around the Earth now a blue-fire sun, drawn forth from Sirius to realign this Earth in the full splendor of its magnificence as a sun of light within this solar system.
            O Helios and Vesta, O God and Goddess Meru, shine forth your light now through this blue-fire sun! O legions from Sirius, the God Star, Surya and Cuzco, expand that light now and resolve all conflict, war and the intent to conquer, to subjugate through human control, and to manipulate using mind techniques and that which is not divine persuasion.
            Yes, O holy ones of God, the key to your freedom is inner oneness with your Source. For in this sacred space nothing can conquer you, dissuade you from your truth or move you from that state of inner eternality, oneness with the Creator.
            [Master chants the OM three times.]
            Recently a thousand Buddhas appeared around the Earth on that day you celebrated Wesak. This day, on which you celebrate Father's Day in America, numberless numbers of heavenly Fathers, many of whom respond to that prayer you call the Lord's Prayer, ring the Earth with light and suffuse the radiance of God's glory—as the Alpha spark, the ray of masculine and Atmic light—to call all to Spirit, oneness, Father.
            Now Lord Maitreya comes and anoints each one at the point of the brow, the third eye, with a holy oil. For some this may signify the beginning of the gradual opening of that Ajna, or third eye, center of light. As you see perfection within self and others; as you see others as one with self; and as you hold the resonant field of beauty, of God-glory, of unity for all within the All-Seeing Eye through immaculate vision, clear seeing—yes, dearest ones, when you are clear because you have cleared yourself from a state of fear, anxiety, diffidence and trepidationthen and only then, through love, will your vision be refined, your mind be sparkling and radiant, and your meditation, contemplation and focus be trued to the one point of light who is God.
            I am Himalaya. I am Him who allays all fear through the light of mercy-love.

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