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Lanello      February 26, 2013

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
February 26, 2013   9:00–9:21 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Come unto My Heart through The Hearts Center Movement!
Come unto This New Dispensation of Fire!

            The light of God always prevails, and your beloved Solar Presence is that light, light, light! Dearest hearts, I am privileged to be here in your midst on this anniversary of my natal ascension day. And I use this opportunity to speak to you, to emanate to you and to ray forth across the Earth divine light, light, light, raising the awareness of mankind. As we praise God, there is within earth and within heaven an effulgence of blessing, boon and benevolence bestowed upon thousands and millions through your hearts, one with mine.

            Dearest ones, we are invested in a sacred work, and this work is proceeding on target to the bull's-eye of eternality and the ascension of our Earth. We have in mind, within the mind of God, the clear and present reality of Earth free in the light! This is our motive for working day after day and praying so often that others at times think that we may be a little crazy in the head. Dearest ones, you are not crazy! For the word manifesting through you is the reality that you are choosing to co-create with many an ascended master. And as you co-create through that sacred voice that you have, one with God's, there is an amazing amount of fire delivered through your being, through your chakras, and this is causative of planetary change.

            First this change is occurring within you at deeper and deeper levels as your Solar cells are being energized, energized, energized by the Holy Spirit and then as you, purifying yourself through your awareness of your own God Presence, provide a pure and holy habitation for the Lord, becoming that crystal chalice of light for the delivery of sacred-fire energies throughout the planes and dimensions of Mater.

            O holy ones, it has been forty years since my ascent, and some of you may ask what I have been doing in heaven. I have been very busy through many of my disciples. I have been very busy with El Morya, my mentor, in accomplishing amazing divine alchemies of light in many realms. And Clare de Lis and I, as you know, have recently taken our place in the great throne room of light in the former retreat of the God and Goddess Meru over Lake Titicaca. And in this, we have stepped up the vibration of our beings to a new level. And therefore this day I am stepping up the vibration of light within you, O soul, if you choose to accept this energization, this new Self-realization within your Solar Selfhood.

            Yes, I AM the Sun King, though you may have forgotten to give that prayer this day. You may do so at the end of my message of light to you. For in this, dearest ones, I ray forth the Sun-essence of my cosmic sense of the incarnation of the Word within me, which I extend to you who also desire to incarnate upon Earth that light, that radiance, that Solar cosmic frequency of Buddhahood, of beinghood, of divine Motherhood within the center of the One.

            So much teaching has already gone forth, both through The Summit and through our Hearts Center movement of light. There is a plethora of that which you can compile into divine tomes of light, e-books and all manner of offerings to the world. And I encourage many more of you to get involved in some way to assist in bringing forth these divine messages of light.

            Dearest ones, every time you give of self in some way—through prayer, through emanation, through meditation and also through the coin of the realm that you offer into the divine coffers of the Universal Great White Brotherhood through this movement—there is born an opportunity for us to extend light to many more among mankind and to breathe the Spirit through those words unto the souls of those whom we would quicken, awaken unto their own Self-realization.

            Yes, dearest hearts, you are quickened each hour that you engage God through breathing in the sacred fire, through meditating upon your Presence and through contemplating divine things, holy thoughts and sacred virtues of light. When you put your trust in God, when you put your hand in the hand of any ascended master, conceptually and in reality, if you choose, you receive that uplift; you receive that boost of light whereby you can emerge from the chrysalis of your own lower selfhood as a new divine being, clothed with sacred fire, clothed with the Sun and your own Sun-essence. And then you can beam forth your own holy frequencies to many who are simply waiting for you to decide to be the true you—yea, the true-blue you with Morya El and me.

            I offer the gift of my heart to you this day. For I have accelerated the cosmic love fires of eternality within my heart chakra to a new level, here and there and everywhere that I move and breathe and sing that sacred song that I composed, which many of you love and which I give you permission to play also at the conclusion of this service.1 Yes, dearest ones, it is a day of holiness unto the Lord. It is a day of attunement with your own heart, one with the heart of God. I will facilitate your heart's vibrating at this new frequency that I raise up within you if you choose to expand your awareness, expand your auric field, expand opportunity to engage, engage, engage, as servitors of light with the Universal Great White Brotherhood, in sacred works of the Spirit and in labors of light with Hercules, Morya and many more astute and intrepid masters.

            I have seen Hercules face-to-face and I have felt the cosmic integrity and the power of his being energizing all that he seeks to accomplish on behalf of the Lord God and great Solar beings within this galaxy and beyond. Dearest ones, if you could reside for even one breath of time in the presence of an Elohim and feel the co-creative power energizing your soul and your spirit, you would know a new life. You could live at a new and higher level of presence, and all things would become possible, doable, realizable in your lives by your conscious choice to be God, gods in manifestation, as the Elohim are. It is your choice, your freewill option, to live the true life that you know you are capable of, invested in Spirit, energized by your own Solar Presence, inspired by the One to be a blessing to all life.

            Yes, the Holy Spirit is also here tangibly in your midst. And I encourage many more of you to come to Livingston this next month of March and to march to the tune, to the frequency of the great one, the Lord the Maha Chohan. If you truly knew what was at stake for you in desiring and in then sacrificing to be here physically for the opportunity to receive the initiation of fire again and again through what we have planned, dearest ones, you would make every effort to precipitate those funds and to be here with us as we overshine David.

            I can say that this one who sits before you this day has made the ultimate sacrifice for and on behalf of each and every one of you, giving again and again, day after day, his heart to you, offering the totality of his essence to heartfriends here and there. You have witnessed this. Why have some ignored the opportunities presented? Why have some hid their face from this dispensation, I ask you, within The Summit Lighthouse activity?

            Come unto my heart through The Hearts Center movement! Come unto this new dispensation of fire and feel the frequencies that we offer unto you by simply accepting the possibility that a new voice of God may be here for you through one who has so consecrated and so offered his life for decades on behalf of the ascended masters, as many of you also have. Yet you have not taken the leap into the fire! You have not accepted who I am in my new ascended-master light body, having balanced all of that karma and having now united with my Clare de Lis, my own beloved, to manifest the totality of our cosmic essence as one fiery flame-being in the heavenly octaves of light!

            This is my intense message this day, and I send it directly unto the leadership of The Summit. And I challenge you, I challenge you, I challenge you this day to listen, listen, listen to our hearts! For if you continue to ignore this light-essence, there will be the gradual draining away of that abundance that even you require to sustain the movement which I began with Morya El.

            Yes, dearest ones, this is a new time, a new frequency, a new dimension, and Earth requires the energies that we are delivering today for today's challenges across the world. Do you think that I somehow would rely on what I delivered years and decades ago to sustain the Earth at this time? Nay! I require new fiery hearts. I require new youth. I require those who are enfired by the Spirit, who have taken up the calling of the Maha Chohan and who accept that they will be servitors of light, empowered to deliver the same frequencies that Clare de Lis and I dared to deliver to the Earth.

            Yes, I speak with the fire of God! For I AM the Sun King, and I release everywhere where I have walked upon this Earth ampoules of light, light, light to raise the Earth in sacred fire. Dearest ones, you may not have heard a message such as this for quite some time. And the empowerment that I give unto you, each one, is here for a decade, I say, if you choose to listen to or watch this message again and again or to send it forth to friends of light to receive from my heart what I am manifesting now for all, regardless of what activity they resonate with.

            Do you feel my fire? I ask. It is the selfsame fire that I delivered day after day standing in your midst while embodied as your Marcus Lyle Prophet. And it is this fire that will sustain you, O soul, if you choose to receive and accept it for the duration of your lifetime, the fulfillment of your cycles, the erasing of your karma and the blessing of your spirit by the One God at the conclusion of your sacred mission upon this Earth.

            Some will listen. Some will hear. Some will feel. Some will come unto this true fount of light. Provide the opportunities, the waterways, the pathways to this source and you will earn the great good karma of enabling many to know themselves as God and to be delivered from all that assails their souls, that prevents them from a new life in Spirit, one with true love, one with the heart of God.

            I bless you. I have already charged you with new Solar fire, and now I seal this radiance within your auric field, never to be misapplied—only to be utilized for the highest God-good of all life. Be present with your Presence each morning; love your neighbor as yourself. Most importantly, love God with your entire being.2 This is the core message of light of every true master. Place your trust and faith and love in God, and by this you shall be victorious, blessed ones.

            I love you with a new love of great possibilities, of magnanimous expectations for a new, amazing planet Earth, sealed in light, ensconced in Spirit, charged with the holy radiance of the Lord's love for all. I thank you.

1. Come, Blessed Light, song #173 in the Summit Lighthouse Book of Songs.
2. See Matthew 22:36–40; Mark 12:28–31; Luke 10:26–27.

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