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Atlan      February 15, 2013

Beloved Atlan
David Christopher Lewis
February 15, 2013   7:00-7:21 pm MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

  Atlan, Regent of the Isle of Victros on Sirius Lends the Momentum of His Being to Souls of Light Upon Earth

I am Atlan, regent of the isle of Victros on Sirius. And I am here, called by Astrea to lend the momentum of my being unto you, O souls of light upon Earth, for the victory of the blue fire/white fire sun within your being and your Earth.

Some of you hail from the great God Star in your original essence. And many of you look to our star for the eternal light of being in order to attune to that divine reality from which, within this sector of your universe, the light stepped down from Alpha and Omega is manifest. Therefore, O souls of light, rise higher and aspire to know your Source, your own great God Presence. For in this, you may be able to access the blue fire/white fire light of Sirius; and in this intensity of solar beingness also fulfill your divine destiny as the true you attuned to the true blue.

You see, blessed ones, even the ancient continent of Atlantis was named after my father, for I am in alignment with that reality from which the highest technologies ever manifest on Earth were inspired and delivered by great solar beings who held the balance upon Earth tens of thousands of years ago. And if you, O mankind, choose to again manifest a golden crystal age civilization, it behooves you—yea, it is incumbent upon you—to traverse a new awareness of the heights and depths and understandings of your God Presence and of a new solar awareness; to accommodate that which the Lord God would provide unto you for a higher form of civilization and life to manifest upon Earth.

I come. And through a very subtle manifestation of the release of a divine current of sacred energy from Sirius I adjust cycles here so mankind en masse may begin to feel, intuit and eventually know deep within that which is of God and purely of the light and thereby win their freedom, their enlightenment in a new solar reality of beingness within the heart of God.

When you meditate upon the pure stream of godly beingness that is your true essence, you can tap into this higher resource and begin to model, on behalf of many among mankind, a new way, a new identity through this spiritual awakening that is beginning anew by my coming and by the attending Buddhic beings and Atmic realities that we perfuse around the Earth. Yes, dearest ones, if you can imagine your own self as fully Self-realized and then begin to understand just what it will mean for you to accommodate this new reality in your daily life through conscious awareness, then there may just be that shift that you require for the new you to be born—that which you have sought for lifetimes and even for eons of your human time, in terms of your true essence of divine love and purity. All things are possible to those who sublimate the egoic will to the divine and who enter into this real state of being by identifying with their God-Source and then applying the pressures of their own soul essences into the work of the Spirit that is essential for this Self-realization process.

You think, dearest ones, that you can somehow magically reach a state of eternal freedom without putting in the daily work of contact and focus upon your Presence. Well, I am here to tell you that it is not so and you may only earn your true spiritual stripes by a new attitude of grace, of holiness, of consecration and complete dedication to the cause of your soul liberation. You have read many books. Some of you have even sat at the feet of various masters, East and West. And you have seen the release of light through their higher mindfulness and you have felt the emerging presence, at times, of your own divinity. Yet, there still remains to be seen how, why, when and where you will access that holiest stream of pure beingness and accept once and for all that you are God, that you are real within that eternal Presence of light; and then to move forward, day by day, with this cosmic knowing manifesting through your actions, words, your thoughts and feelings.

O holy ones of God, I see the real you of each one manifesting at a higher vibratory frequency within your greater auric field and within your causal body. I highlight what is true-blue within you now and I stretch it and raise it into a new realm of possibilities for you to both access and to fully become. Yes, it takes one such as Atlan to be able to draw up thousands and even millions upon Earth into this fire of godly beingness and to assist them in sustaining it for greater periods of your human time until you are fully free in the light. Therefore, by cosmic decree and because of your magnanimous calls, I will absent myself from Sirius for a certain quotient of Earth time in order to assist this cosmic adjustment within this new reality. And if you call to me, meditate upon and with me, then you may just begin to feel more intensely that which you  intellectually have accepted and yet have not heretofore accommodated within your actualized life.

Yes, during these Purity Services various cosmic masters have come and woven strands of a new God-identity within your higher being. And some of these have been suffused down into your auric field in time and space. Yet, there must be more sacred work accomplished and truly fulfilled, so that these strands of a higher cosmic DNA may truly integrate themselves within your daily life, lived to the glory of God.

Therefore, O angels of purity, angels of sacred fire from the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood around this Earth deliver now unto each soul here and to those who will participate in this alchemical experiment in future replays, both audio and video, of this release, the energies of cosmic consciousness into the higher minds and the Oversoul of these, your servant-sons. Blaze through! Burn through! I accept your darkness, your impurities into the fire of my heart! And I burn them up now by cosmic intent and the blue fire/white fire sun of my being. Yea, O soul, send to me that which you know is unreal within you. I, Atlan, will transmute it by God's grace. Release! Release! Release the untoward energies of your not-self permanently, for I have the fire that is equal to the task that God has sent me to fulfill. And this opportunity is presented to every soul of light of all ascended master movements and all true lineages of light across the Earth.

Therefore, during this time period, this fire, this fire, this fire shall grow as a cosmic furnace until the action is complete, until the sons and daughters of God are purified and made whole and saintly as those dressed in white, mentioned in the Book of Revelation. For you see, dearest ones, in one sense, these are the end times. These are the times of the end of your human creation; a time of a new reality of the onset of your divinity, your true beingness in God.

            Why, O, why wait another day to know your Source? Your Source is within your heart, beating each moment with pure love. For what is in pure light as a reflection of that original fiat of the Word,” Let there be Light”? So this action for tonight begins. And in your prayers, songs, devotions feel the energization within your cells and all the molecules of Selfhood of this higher reality, for it just may be that some of you, having accepted the new you, as I have seen you with my steely white fire eyes, will accommodate this reality within your being and begin to live as you truly ought to live, as God-conscious ones, as fiery spirits.

            I take you now, all of you, within my aura, so that you may feel the essence of what it will be like for you to know God as a solar being from Sirius. You may swoon, you may even feel dizzy or out of kilter with your normal reality. And yet, through this adjustment of awareness, you may also begin to feel the momentum that we carry, the energy that we bear, the light that we manifest and the cosmic awareness that those who are true-blue to the Source know and have become and may model for those, who at times, are simply abiding, abiding, abiding until the Divine One comes to love them, to caress them in virtue, to bless them with all that is essential for their victory and freedom.

            Again I say, Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light within the cells of these future God-men and women within the Eternal Now. Raise them up, O Lord and recreate them in the original image of divinity and that higher reality that they may now accept and realize by their choice, by their free will in Thee.

            I am Atlan, the Atmic One from the Land of Love upon Sirius.

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