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David Lewis      January 22, 2013

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
January 22, 2013   8:19–8:45 am MST   
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

                                                               Hilarion's Truffles of Truth

 Speaking of joy and humor, here are today's Truffles of Truth from Hilarion for January 22, received this morning from about 4:15–5:15 Mountain Standard Time.

      Invalidate the lie by valuing the truth.
      The moral truth and ideal is the golden rule.
3.    “To thine own Real Self be true” is a mighty ethic and commission.
      The polestar of being is your True Self, who is one with God.
      Every right use of energy invites Truth closer.
      Curtail misuse of the mind to intuit Truth's thoughts.
      Each day the sun catalyzes the flowering of truth within all life.
      Three true divine pleasantries are harmony, symmetry and beauty.
      The compassionate create a brave true world.
10. God's true servants are the angels in heaven and on earth.
11. Purity of thought draws Truth nigh.
12. Purity of sight quickens your vision of Truth.
13. Purity of motive maintains Truth's presence near.
14. Truth's secrets are revealed to the generous of heart.
15. Spiritual resilience is Truth's elasticity and flexibility.
16. Coherence is Truth's magnetic charm realized.
17. Truth's ideal is your virtuous self.
18. Be truthful to your heart to maintain inner peace.     
19. Travel with Truth and shine your light upon all paths.
20. Truth mollifies the harsh realities of life.
21. The pure in heart see Truth in action.
22. The truthful behold God's glory in all.
23. The gracious are Truth's handmaidens.
24. Intuiting Truth's voice within every paradox builds discernment.
25. Every precious child deserves to know Truth.
26. In stillness, know your true nature.
27. In silence, discover the truth of being.
28. Relish Truth as your exemplar and foundational ethic.
29. Design and model new truth mores.
30. Invoke a resurgence of Truth advocates.
31. Through your shining example, lovingly offer truth as the ideal.
32. Truth's speeches are carefully crafted and articulately aired.
33. Truth offers equality, efficiency and equanimity.
34. Master Truth's sense modalities of sight and sound.
35. Truth's endowments always bring solace and serenity.
36. Truth delivers her best through determined deists.
37. With Truth's guidance, the young and restless become the mature and creative.
38. Truth is our spokesperson for practical idealism.
39. Every relationship may be serviced, sanctified and sealed by Truth.
40. Divine ethics and godly mores are the guardians of Truth.
41. Truth listens carefully to see if your voice and heart are in sync.
42. To know Truth, enjoy a positive spiritual diet and regimen.
43. The true artisan creates beauty mindfully and lovingly.
44. Every determined truth seeker will find.
45. Yield to Truth, Justice and Freedom.
46. In sports, God's truth shines upon the juiced and the unjuiced alike. [David: I'll probably have to explain what that means. The juiced are those who take performance-enhancing drugs, PEDs. In other words, you can't get away with it.]
47. Study photovoltaics to discern one of Truth's modalities.
48. The impressions of Truth's disciplines are long and lasting.
49. Truth's annuities are backed, or vouched for, by cosmic councils.
50. Truth's nature and decisions are always just.

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