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David Lewis      January 21, 2013

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
January 21, 2013   10:05–10:25 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Hilarion's Truffles of Truth

            Here are today's Truffles of Truth—not trifles, but truffles—for January 21, 2013.

1.      Truth is insight condensed.

2.      Muses are our fairies of truth and creativity.

3.      Truth's determination creates portals of inspiration.

4.      Let your life be a testament of truth.

5.      We prompt truth seekers to be much more than fact finders.

6.      We promote the enlargement of your vision of truth.

7.      Incessant and provocative prayers do not bring Truth's response.

8.      Trust Truth to find a way.

9.      The blessings of Truth do not lie anywhere; they abide everywhere.

10.  Truth's radiance runs deep green in the intrepid.

11.  The emerald matrix is Truth's prism.

12.  Relinquish thoughts of vanity to live in Truth's sanity.

13.  Heart-vision is Truth's purview.

14.  To ascertain another's truthfulness, learn to read the emotive reflexes within the eyes.

15.  Higher vision is truth witnessed and accepted.

16.  In truth, intuitive disciples soon become visionary leaders.

17.  The ancient question “What is truth?” was answered without words.

18.  Today's mores are not based on principles of eternal truth.

19.  Move from the investigation of Truth to her realization.

20.  Disease is Truth's internal message to rest, change and improve.

21.  Truth's nemeses lie in wait to consume your joy. Laugh!

22.  Within nature, Truth's colors are pervasive and persuasive.

23.  Warlords underestimate the Lords of Truth.

24.  Overcome your victim consciousness by averring only truth.

25.  Protect the optic nerve, Truth's sighter.

26.  With heaven's visionaries, become a true beholder.

27.  A messenger is simply a truther.

28.  We inspire truthers to tell it like it is.

29.  The faithful wise model truth beautifully.

30.  One great intuitive faculty that you may develop is to feel the truth.

31.  Life's lessons in truth begin before birth.

32.  Prepare for your tests of truth with mindful prayer.

33.  I AM the principle of truth.

34.  I AM the paragon of truth.

35.  Preview today's truth through solar gazing and solar vision.

36.  God delights in the truthful giver and in the trusting receiver.

37.  Emboss your true spirit upon every gift of self.

38.  Every star emanates its truth for eons.

39.  The truthful are both factual and sincere.

40.  The earnest model Truth's pure motives.

41.  Truth is Divine Reason.

42.  Truth quickens awareness through divine memory and thought.

43.  Intuitive reasoning is one truth-thought process.

44.  Those who proclaim “I am the truth” are required to behold perfection.

45.  Truth delivers the soul from every peril.

46.  Qualities of Truth: clarity, astuteness, alertness, insight.

47.  The legions of Truth behold every soul in its innate brilliance.

48.  Chlorophyll contains the sun's condensed truth particles.

49.  With Truth, move from evaluating to validating.

50.   Joyful spirits move Truth's agenda forward with ease.


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