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David Lewis      January 16, 2013

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
January 16, 2013   7:57–8:14 pm MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                               Hilarion's Testaments of Truth

            Early this morning I woke up and Hilarion came and gave me a series of little snippets of truth. I'm calling these Hilarion's Testaments of Truth. These are similar to Lady Kristine's Chrisms, El Morya's Quips, Lanello's Luminaries, the Missives of Kuan Yin, et cetera, that we've received in the past. So I'm going to read through them and not expound on them. Maybe later that will happen.

1.  Truth is only evasive to the forgetful.
2.  Trust beckons Truth to the table.
3.  Testify of your truthful Selfhood in and as godliness.
4.  The truthful have no need to justify themselves.
5.  Truth validates justice.
6.  Be bold in proclaiming God's truth within.
7.  No one escapes Truth's witness and testament.
8.  Akasha is Truth's secretary.
9.  Justice relies upon Truth's objectivity.
10. The biased ignore Truth's strong gaze.
11. Truth outwits and outlasts prejudice.
12. The truthful require no alias or alibi.
13. The way of Truth is life.
14. God's vintage truths are empowered by wisdom.
15. Nature's truthful ways yield life's joys.
16. The scholarly must employ Truth daily.
17. Jurisprudence is founded on Truth's eternal principles.
18. Validate your work through Truth's fiat.
19. The truthful hearken to Virtue's every calling.
20. The virtuous respond to Truth's declarations.
21. Let Truth be your eyewitness.
22. Truth is always self-evident.
23. Truth and Justice reign as co-equals.
24. Rise to Truth's occasion to verify verity.
25. Truth's revelations are consistent.
26. Perfect the science of truthfulness.
27. Constancy is Truth's benefactor.
28. Those who befriend Truth never want.
29. Truth is never lax and never lacks.
30. The truth is the Word's vehicle.
31. Every messiah is first a disciple of Truth.
32. Messengers of Truth are rare.
33. Alchemy bears witness to the science of Truth.
34. The authentic realize Truth.
35. Truth identifies the Self-realized.
36. The truthful easily maintain inner harmony.
37. The vigilant witness Truth's genius and industry.
38. Constancy plies Truth's abundant trades.
39. Before every lie, Truth attempts to intervene.
40. Speaking the truth always wins heaven's grace.
41. Seek Truth before you speak.
42. The honest have integrated Truth's lessons within.
43. The fulcrum of Truth is integrity.
44. The unprejudiced have assimilated Truth's syllabus.
45. The truthful absorb a higher frequency of freedom. 
46. Life is God's creative truth manifest. 
47. Truth is the way to perfection.
48. Wed your will to wisdom to perceive Truth.
49. The wise willingly speak, intuit and know Truth.
50. Truth is joyful in its cosmic and comic pursuits.
51. The best comedians obviate Truth's levity by exposing hypocrisy.
52. Be a solicitor of Truth within.
53. The spiritually fragrant wear Truth's oils.
54. Armageddon is Truth's final act.
55. Truth's fury swallows up injustice through the sacred Word.
56. The ego always fails Truth's pop quizzes.
57. Let your voice be heard; let the truth be shared.
58. Truth is invincible.
59. Truth be told, ye must be bold.
60. The engines of war rely on deception, Truth's enemy.
61. All divine revelation is sanctioned by the Lords of Truth.
62. Truth lives beyond all shadow, pretension and supposition.
63. Every seed embodies Truth's power unmanifest.
64. Truth is inviolate, though its traits ever evolve.
65. The faceless who skew the facts cannot hide from Truth.
66. Truth is reality.
67. The responsive awaken to Truth's surprises and delights.
68. Truth declares: There are no illegitimate children.
69. Angel wings provide solace to the truthful.
70. Deceivers invariably invoke Truth's bondsmen.
71. Truth conceives fruitfully and victoriously.
72. The valiant embody Truth's warrior spirit and ready reflexes.
73. Beatify your words with the truth.
74. Those who keep the flame also tend Truth's hearth.
75. Truth is unrehearsed and eloquent.
76. The law of the circle is the science of Truth's journey.
77. Eventually all witnesses are called to testify to the truth.
78. Truth showers upon the just mercy's accolades.
79. Freedom invokes the light of Truth; license invites the shadow of deception.
80. Patience serves Truth's resolute nature.
81. Let Truth reflect back your motives before you speak.
82. Truth stands virtuously between the way and the life.
83. Sire a truthful child through high integrity.
84. Truth is neither elusive nor intrusive, it is conclusive.
85. Be a troubadour of Truth by singing your song.
86. Truth is incisive, never derisive. [David: He's saying I could have said Truth is decisive— either one is correct.]
87. Your aura exudes the truth of your inner being.
88. The intrepid hearken to Truth's thrusts to reveal reality. 

            So these are Hilarion's Testaments of Truth for today, January 16, 2013. 

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