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Fortuna      December 12, 2012

Beloved Fortuna
David Christopher Lewis
December 12, 2012 10:04 – 10:20 am MST
Let There Be Light: 24-Hour Vigil for Freedom and Abundance

Livingston, Montana

The Allness of True Abundance Arises from the Inner Sanctum of Your Being

Beloved Ones,

            There is an abundance of outer noise within the world at large. Yet there is a greater abundance of stillness within the heart of those whose hearts are attuned to the Lord through love and who, in sacred moments of meditation and inner contemplation, access the wealth of light, of God, within the soul. This is where your true treasures lie, dearest ones. For within the sacred space of silence and inner stillness is born within you all that can be manifest of your God Reality within the eternal Now. You access it through stillness. And when you abide within your Presence, conforming to the inner law of your being, then all that you require is truly yours. All that is essential comes into being within your life. All that is true and beautiful, all that is God-glorified is truly, dearest ones, available from within you.

            Many look without for the source of abundance, money and supply. What I have to share with you this day is that the allness of true abundance first and foremost arises from the inner sanctum of your being. And when you, through attentiveness to your own spiritual Selfhood, comply with the higher laws of your own divine being, then it is God's great joy to give you the keys to the kingdom of your own God-consciousness while also providing for your every need.¹

            Some have attempted to storm heaven by force, willing that they will have what they deem as essential for their lives, with all of the trappings of materialism and its confining ways. The conscious ones, the truly spiritual, are those who first look within to see their own state of being, what may be improved within their outer lives. And then from a point of internal freedom from want and lack, they access that which is real because they have obeyed the injunction of the Master, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God...and all these things shall be added unto you."²

            Within this vigil, some have seen the purpose for freedom to first manifest within the soul and then, through that freedom, for the abundant life to manifest. If you are not free because of all that you do that entraps your own soul in a lesser way, then no matter how much outer abundance you may accumulate in your life, that state of bondage is your undoing, dearest ones. Therefore understand the exigencies of the hour, the requirements for your own acceleration on the path of true abundant living, and from a new framework of perfectionment through love, access the pool of wealth, the resources of light, the cornucopia of divinity that have always been available from within you, by God's grace.

            For those who have given at the request of Saint Germain through David, we offer love and support and the multiplication factor of your own inner givingness. For those who give joyously and abundantly because they see clearly the purpose of this activity and movement of light, the multiplication is greater and you will receive the bountiful fruits of the Spirit in many ways within your life.

            As I have held a sacred field of light, of abundance for and on behalf of the evolutions of this world, and as many have called to me to multiply their physical abundance, often the return has been somewhat in the physical and yet more so in the spiritual realms of blessings and bestowals of God's grace, God's virtues, God's divine quintessences. When, as Solomon, your request is for wise dominion over yourself and over your own world,3 there the angels are most hospitable to you and eager to provide you with that light of illumination that gives you truly what you require: divine knowledge, holy gnosis, inner understanding of the nature of life and of how you may play your role within it to glorify God and to magnify the Lord.

            Yes, dearest ones, to those who have given, much is returned. And to those who have withheld, well, let me say simply that the cosmos itself responds to their own lack of inner harmony and gratitude in its cyclic and karmic and somewhat inimitable ways, from the human perspective.

            The law of abundance is the law of love. Where there is a loving heart, there is a fountain of God's light-energy radiating and blessing all in its auric field. Where there is compassion and kindness, there we, the angels and beings of abundance, step in and accent and highlight all that you do to be a giving and loving individual and soul of light. Where there is harmony at the core of your being, there is a sacred space wherein we may step through the veil and, through a magnificent factor of God-magnification, bring all of God's light-essences into play through all manner of creative ways to provide you, dearest ones, with the joys of the abundant life that you so deserve because your hearts are pure.

            We pray that some of you, in addition to attempting to raise funds for this movement, have seen and felt the inner purpose of your prayers and time together to be for building a spirit of community and divine fellowship, one with another, thereby bringing into play within the world the harmonics of the song celestial of light. And through the buoyancy of joy and through your own inner receptivity to God's gifts of the Spirit, the boons that are yours will carry you forward on your path for many days, months and years to come as you revel in the light and continue in your own unique and personal way to expand the cosmos and to glorify God through your loving hearts.

            O Mary, Mother of love, we honor your presence as a sponsoring master of this movement, committed to those who call to you as the Mother of God, the mother of the Lord Jesus, and pray that you bring all that is essential into the lives of these, your devotees, in order that they may truly win the day for God and, through their own internal freedom, live as free and enlightened beings once again.

            I now bless you, each one, and multiply, by a factor of love from my heart, that which you have given and may still give during the final hours of this thirty-three-day vigil. Live the abundant life, and know yourself as God. I thank you.

1. Luke 12:32.
2. Matthew 6:33; Luke 12:31.
3. 1 Kings 3:5

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