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John the Beloved      November 03, 2012

Beloved John the Beloved
David Christopher Lewis
November 3, 2012   8:31–8:55 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Keys to the Initiatic Path Are Hidden within the Book of Revelation

Most Gracious Heartfriends,

            In the flame of living love, I come. Love, in this hour, is so essential for every soul to embrace, for in that light of God's eternal nature manifesting through your heart one with your Source, there is the flowering of your divinity, of the effulgence of your God Presence. In this miraculous manifestation you exhibit something of God's virtuous being right where you live. And in this, God lives and moves and has her being within you.

            I AM John the Beloved. I was privileged to receive, from the very mind of Jesus the Christ, the Revelation that you now have within your Bible. In this release, enigmatic to many, in which are hidden a panoply of metaphors of the spiritual life juxtaposed against planetary change and transformation, you have keys to the initiatic path. When you penetrate, through the symbology provided, the inner world of the adept through the lens of the vision of this noble Lord of Light who came to Earth to save souls, dearest ones, there may be for you an uplift, a surge of beingness whereby you can access your true identity within the realms of light of your own God Presence while understanding the nature of change within the world at large.

            In my retreat I teach a class to souls that have come for higher instruction on the laws of divine love, where I interpret the meaning of all that was placed within that revelatory teaching. It is specific for each soul to understand, through the dynamics of the visuals presented and the scriptures released, what is outplaying in her world; and it is also universal in bringing the collective souls of mankind to a greater understanding of the dynamics of planetary transformation whereby a new civilization of God-glory and light may emerge through the conscious efforts of their spiritual practices of their attunement with God and through the intercession of those whom God sends to Earth to bring light, love and understanding.

            When you truly attune to the heart of Jesus, you too may access new-world thought and feeling through the power of the love of his compassionate, merciful and beloved heart. When you understand the symbology of the Woman Clothed with the Sun with the moon under her feet as emblematic of your own soul raised to the light of its perfected state within the Christ consciousness, then you, beloved one, may shine forth your light even as she does and give birth from within you to the Manchild, the Womanchild of that Christic Presence that will bring you to the very Source of all that is real within.

            Yes, you see, dearest ones, though many interpret the Revelation very physically, there is oh so much more that can be cognized and understood from a higher level of awareness when the symbology is understood in the context of the greater equation of the soul's journey and of mankind's collective journey to the Source of all God-beingness. Even the pain and the travail that you may experience within yourself as you give birth to the new you—the reality of who you are becoming fully in this age—allow you to understand that God is ever-present within the dynamics of this self-transformational experience. When love is at the core of your heart's motive and there is true God-desire welling up from within you to know and to be your Real Self, then the conquering spirit of victory is yours to claim. And with the Lamb of God, you too may sit upon the right hand of the One, enthroned by love to reign within the realm that you have created as your new world of light, levity and peace.

            The Christian mystics of the early era after the coming of the Lord Jesus understood many of these metaphors in the greater context of their mission and the purpose of their soul's journey and ascent. There was much discussion, and the Holy Spirit was present to assist in the true interpretation of these somewhat clouded mysteries. Yet, dearest ones, for those who truly work to find the inner meaning behind the parables and the eternal truths within this vision and this revelation, there is always opportunity for self-growth, Solar development and the natural unfoldment of the light-essence of Godly beingness within when one, in that aha experience, truly understands what the Lord was conveying through the emissary of his angel who opened the Book of Life and read from this revelation to mankind.¹

            Yes, dearest hearts, within our sacred retreats we reveal what you require before you may experience your initiations physically upon the Earth. We do this so that you will have a resource of inner knowledge and understanding to deal with the equations and the dynamics of your challenges, your testings and trials so that you may master yourself, resolve all issues, dissolve your karma and release yourself from the grip of an identity outside of the circle of God's being.

            When you embrace our teachings and then, through heart-centeredness, attempt to apply these truths consciously in your lives through diligence, through persistence, through constancy and through love, then the angels come to your aid. Many ascended masters overshine and often prompt you in the highest ways to move, to act and to be. The joyful initiatic path may be yours even as I experienced it so close to the beating heart of my Lord Jesus in those hours where, through resonance and through our oneness, there was deep and clear understanding betwixt us and a transfer of great light, great love and great joy in the process.

            O dearest ones, it is your right to experience God each hour and each moment in the simplicity of your lives so long as you maintain an aura of peace, a presence of blessedness, a graceful attitude toward all and an understanding heart so that you may be empathic toward those who are going through the travails of their final initiations on their path, so that you may not interfere with their testings and yet you may support them in loving and kind ways even while they at times may also support and be understanding toward you.

            The community of light that we are building worldwide through the dispensations released and through the accumulation of great heavenly pools of cosmic energy through your devotions, prayers and services of light will provide for future generations, dearest ones, much in the way of teaching, of example of this path of light for the victory of many souls. Your constancy daily in delivering the Word through these heartstreaming sessions is felt at the soul level throughout the Earth by millions and even billions of souls. Therefore, keep on keeping on and loving life free through your holy efforts and shining forth your radiance through the brilliance of your beings as your minds are always attuned to the Sun, as you sing your songs with great joy and harmony, and as you bless all through your compassionate hearts, loving one another with a radiance that is glorious to behold even from our realms of light in the heavens.

            O precious ones, I give you peace. I give you an aroma of light with the Holy Spirit now as the sacred winds that accompany his presence blow upon you into the deepest resources of your spiritual selves so that you may be refreshed with God's love and buoyed up in the presence of so great an essence of Cosmic Christ harmony and peace. [The master breathes deeply.] Allow your pain to flow into the All-Encompassing One's heart so that the transmutative fires of perfect joy blaze through that pain and consume it on contact. Allow that which has burdened you in any way mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically to be an opportunity for greater transmutation which leads to greater understanding and ultimately to a more virtuous life lived to the glory of God.

            Jesus' example of weathering the storms of mankind's untoward emotional outbursts and even the very acrimony of those who misunderstood who he was, what he represented, and on whose behalf he came to Earth demonstrated the mastery of this Piscean conqueror over all through love, through forgiveness, through kindness and mercy. If you would, live by his example and enter his heart to experience life as he did, as I have. Know through the light of compassion and the presence of peace that you, too, may weather all and still emerge from your travail victoriously as the roses of God's heart provide you the oils, yes, those essential oils of God's virtues, to see you through the most difficult times in this age.

            I AM John. I love you, each one, as God loves you—for who you truly already are as well as who you are becoming in your beloved state of beingness within God's heart. Peace. Peace. Peace be with you, each one. God bless you. I thank you.

1. Revelation 1:1, 2.

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