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Lady Kristine      October 27, 2012

Beloved Lady Kristine
David Christopher Lewis
October 27, 2012  8:49–9:07 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

The World Requires Greater Grace, Tenderness and Loving Regard One for Another

An Opportunity to Be Reconfigured in Pure, Unadulterated Light

Precious Heartfriends across the World,
            I am with you, right within your heart this day as you embody the Word through your prayers, as you speak the Word, and as you have become that Word through focus upon the Christ light within you and through your emanation of the beauty of God adorning your soul and manifesting through your spirit.
            I AM Lady Kristine, and through the light of grace, God's grace, I come. And I shine that grace through your lives because, dearest ones, each one of you has attempted in this hour to be expressive of God's grace, to share God's grace through your prayers and your heart. Therefore, I come in answer to your hearts' call on behalf of others in this world, and I spread my wings around each one of you and fan the fires of the Holy Spirit's amour within your heart.
            What I see that this world requires is greater grace, tenderness and loving regard one for another. Imagine with me now, dearest ones, just how beautiful this planet would be in manifesting her destiny if each and every soul understood the dynamics of a spiritual life lived to the glory of God whereby grace is flowing betwixt each heart, every sentient being, and throughout nature itself as mankind engages the spiritual essences of the Lord and represents them through a virtuous life through which grace is born anew each day in some miraculous and glorious way.
            I see you, each one, as a saint of light. And in your saintliness your grace manifests, for you know that your grace is truly God's grace. Feel now the currents and the divine light welling up from within you as the Mother light ascends through your spinal column from the base to the crown and as my angels of grace tug upon that light and bring it to its fullest manifestation in your own sacred anointing and enlightenment in this hour. If you are sensitive, dearest ones, through your own soulfulness, you will feel this blessing as my grace, God's grace bestowed upon you. And if you can use this blessing, this bestowal, on behalf of others and simply raise your hands and shine forth that light throughout this world, then thousands and even millions will also be blessed through your experience, through your manifestation of the virtues that you hold dear right within your heart.
            You have been emboldened to speak the truth and to show a new way of divine evolution from the human to the divine, from the banal and the carnal to the sublime and the eternal. Yes, gracious ones, when you are gracious, one to another, God's grace is present. When you say grace before your meals, each morsel that you then consume consciously has imbedded within it the very light of God as grace, for you have called it forth, you have asked for it through your prayer, through your supplication, through your request to the universal.
            We are grateful for these international prayer sessions, for, dearest ones, many ascended masters are present with you, all those whom you call to, and there is a cosmic connectivity manifest whereby we extend all that you do individually to the collective of this planet and her people. In these two short hours of your time, moving together as one voice as you pray even in languages that you do not fully cognize or that you speak without completely understanding every word as it is said, there is an amazing alchemy manifest whereby the graces of God are broadcast, are truly heartstreamed throughout the world. And in this, a little bit more of heaven descends to Earth.
            Yes, gracious ones, I am here as your advocate. Use me by calling to me so that God's graces, truly his virtues and her spiritual essences, may become a reality within the lives of more upon Earth. You see, many have given up on religion because they have seen the ill effects of what they perceive as the control factors of hierarchy and the limitations of dogma and doctrine within today's isms across the globe. Yes, dearest ones, there yet remains within the core of the teachings of every religion the flames of divine love, wisdom and power manifest, whereby the virtuous ones may access all that is essential for them on their spiritual path if they know where to look for those keys, where to accept and utilize the highest truths, the most universal principles and values of light. This you all have done in your own Solar journey, and now you are ascending in consciousness day by day to access new and higher universal truths, more blessed and benign understandings of the divine world all around you.
            Now I take you all to a sacred space in the heaven world, yea, a retreat of the universal Great White Brotherhood. This is within the sacred environ of the retreat of the Goddess of Light that I, Lady Kristine, often travel to in my light body to access the finer divine particles and quintessences of pure white godly light. Even for a moment in time, precious ones, there is the opportunity for you to be reconfigured in pure, unadulterated light, for you to be transfixed, transformed, and yes, transfigured within this eternal light-energy field that the great goddess prepares for each soul who abides for a short time within her home of light in the etheric realms.
            Some of you have physical ailments, problems within your organs and bodily systems. Now you have the opportunity in this sacred environment to have the realignment of atoms, cells and electrons within you for your perfect health and well-being to manifest at a higher level than you had imagined heretofore. Breathe deeply the light provided. Accept the graces of God, the virtues and noble aspects of beingness that are present within this light-field of holy joy and transcendence. Know, in this meditative state of silence, your highest well-being, your purest Selfhood, your greatest achievement of your God-identity. It is here ever for you to re-experience, for, you see, it takes not time but attunement to know God, to be God where you are.
            The angels' work will continue throughout this day for each and every one of you who has been truthful to yourself, giving of your energies to God. Through a sacred blessing and anointing, your soul will continue to be succored and raised in light and in the effulgence of the Almighty so that you may truly know your highest Buddhic essence, your reality, and abide within this state as you are able throughout the remainder, truly the duration, of this lifetime upon Earth.
            O how great are the ascended masters, the hosts of the light, the cosmic beings, the archangels, the seraphim and cherubim, and the universal spirits of the One God! We glory in their divinity, in their universality and in the grace that each one bears on behalf of all life. I am with you as you attend to the details of your busy lives and yet retain that deep connection with your Source within your breathing, within your mind's musing and your heart's beautiful love emanations.
            I am your friend of light, the one whom some of you knew in my incarnation as Saint Teresa of Avila. I bring back the memory of our time of oneness and communion with the heart of God, and I bestow upon you new light, new glory, new beingness through God's grace. I thank you.

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