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Maha Chohan      October 02, 2012

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
October 2, 2012   6:30–6:46 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

I Come to Facilitate Greater Abundance through a Greater God-Determination to Be Love

I AM the gift of love, and that gift is yours to claim and to use for the victory of light, the victory of your life lived in God. Blessed ones, I extend to you my heart of fire. For as you aspire, through God-desire, to live in that fire, I am there and my light burns within your heart as an eternal flame that can move you into the true reality of your Selfhood as a God being, as a Solar one, one with God.

Through the very living presence of light and shining through your own God Presence, I come in order to facilitate within this movement greater abundance through a greater God-determination to be, yes, to be love. For through love, dearest ones, every desire comes into manifestation. Through divine love, God is present within your heart and is able to allow all that is essential for you to manifest to flow and to flower in the full fruition of divine beingness, Solar awareness and great joy.

I AM the Maha Chohan, and I come with an investment of energy from the sun of this system of worlds, yea, from Helios and Vesta themselves. And I encourage every heartfriend within this movement to make the pledge within, yea, the vow to self, to become that Sun, to align yourself with your Solar Presence fully, to accept the divine fires of your own cosmic Presence and Solar awareness, to burn out from within you all that is no longer essential for your life lived in God. And through this divine alchemy, there will be resident within you that which unlocks your divinity fully and brings to you the all-abundance of God in multifold ways, in beautiful manifestations of creativity and God-glory. In this awareness, miracles ensue and the miraculous precipitation of your abundance and that which this movement requires is a reality.

There has been many a discussion and an internal conversation within the hearts and minds of some as to how this movement will expand and fulfill its mission. Beloved ones, when you take responsibility for the all-abundance of God within you and extend the currents, the power of love out and express them through the Law of the One with great God-gratitude for what you already have as life's abundance, a type of divine angelic intercession begins to wrap you in the love fires of God. And from that point of pure beingness, there is a cosmic connection with the all-abundance of God, with the cornucopia of pure light. And from this sacred space of God-identity, you magnetize, you co-create that abundance which is essential, that life which is even opulent in its manifestation and beauty.

Some think that it is not holy to have greater abundance. I say, look at God. If God were to think this way, would the universe exist as it does? God is the all-encompassing one. And if you would emulate the Source, then expect the miraculous; believe in your highest dreams and conceptions as already manifest in reality. And through this greater acceptance of the gift of love in your heart and midst, that which you already feel and see is. It is, blessed ones. Do not grasp at it. Do not attempt to deceive the Divine through some untoward manifestation of magic. Accept the magic of God's love now and, through this, all of God's light is yours to claim and use within the spherical beingness of your life.

I send currents of God-love unto every heartfriend within this movement this morning. I extend those currents to the deepest portion of your heart where your threefold flame resides. And I expand your ability to magnetize and to accept greater God-abundance, to give effulgently to life itself and to allow God to sing through you, to soar to new heights through your awareness and to bless all through your loving heart, on fire with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Yes, I came to those six cities and I baptized with the fire of God those present who were willing and able to receive that fire. Though these sessions were not broadcast unto you through the resource of the videocam, I say that we recreated worlds within the lives of those who came. And if you would truly internalize this anointing of the Spirit fully and accept each day the fire of God's love within your heart, then nothing can prevent the outpicturing of your true mission manifest, your divine plan realized, your dharma dutifully accepted and employed in time and space for the victory of your life lived for the glory of God.

As you breathe deeply each day the love fires of heaven, expand them through your lungs, your bloodstream, your very lifestream, these miracles that I speak of will occur. And the divine blessings of many a master, many a saint within the heaven world and numberless numbers of angelic beings whose love fires will grace your life will be there for you instantaneously for the highest manifestation of divinity and of the light of God within your worlds.

O dearest ones, the light of God always prevails, and the beloved Solar Presence is that light manifest in you, each one, I say, whom I see this morning. For those who arise early, I am come. For those who breathe with me, in me and who would have me breathe within them, I am here. As you accept the very alchemy of the fire breath and the Solar breath of God, your life, recreated day by day, will truly morph into that new reality of pure beingness. And through this, the alchemy of love, victorious in every possible way, is realized.

 [The Maha Chohan hums a divine melody.]

On a wing and a prayer and through the breath of God, the gift of love is now yours to use for the victory of life—your life, God's life—now.

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