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Goddess of Liberty      September 21, 2012

Beloved Goddess of Liberty
David Christopher Lewis
September 21, 2012   10:41–10:54am EDT
Autumn Equinox Tour 2012
Heartstreaming for Soul Freedom with the Ascended Masters
New York, New York

The Torch of Illumination Is Yours to Claim!

Dearest Ones,

I give you a torch this day, a replica of my torch. Yet the torch that I proffer to each one of you is specific, based on your evolution, your mission, your life calling. Yours is also a torch of illumination that may assist you in your teaching and in that which you share, through your lives, of the eternal truths of the virtuous ones of heaven and of the wisdom that is essential to be promulgated throughout your world. Take this torch, dearest ones, and light the world around you with your joy, with your spirit, with your fire. Within this torch is the eternal flame of God. It must not go out and it will not go out for those who understand their own eternal nature and the eternal flame within themselves, within their hearts.

Many of you are studious representatives of truth. You have studied long and well, and some will continue to study what they feel is essential in order to have the credentials to accomplish their greater mission. Dearest ones, whatever you study and read, allow the lamp of illumination to shine forth through the words conveyed by others so that you may truly access within those words what is essential to illumine your path, light your way and bring holy Theosophia into play within your dimensional world, within your active life of love.

            There are teachers who understand the dynamics of conveying more than simple knowledge of facts. We appreciate those who convey the essence of themselves through what they teach, who convey practical wisdom as well as book knowledge. And we revere those who, having become that which they teach, reach into the very beings of their students to draw forth from them their wisdom, their understanding, their knowledge so that what is conveyed, in effect, becomes eternalized, integrated and a part of the essence of their students.

            Many of you have had the experience of taking tests, of cramming to remember, even to memorize, facts, figures, charts, et cetera. What have you truly internalized of this later, dearest ones? Much of this type of learning is never fully integrated within one's being. What is, is experience. What is, is what you know through what you have become through your life, your conscious life.

            Some of you are ready to share with the world new knowledge, new wisdom, new understanding that you have gleaned by taking what you have learned from others and then dynamically playing with it, experimenting with it and perceiving through the eyes of the new cosmic field of energy that which God is revealing to you right here, right now. When you do this, dearest hearts, there is the co-creative spark of your true being blending with the resources of heaven to fulfill, with the muses divine, something bright and holy that has never yet upon Earth been brought into existence. 

            O holy ones of God, the true teachers of mankind are those who cherish the hearts and the minds of their students and bring them to the eternal fount of all truth by leading the way through an example of light. Be that light of this torch, which you may now hold and retain. Be that light in all that you do, in what you share and in what you also accept and receive from others—from their own torch, from their own inner walk with God.

            One has shared this day that what he has received from others has become a part of him through that understanding, through listening carefully, perceiving, seeking first to understand. When you experience life from this realm of a higher perception, a more refined vision and a crystal-clear clarity of consciousness, then true learning manifests.

            I allow you to peek now into my retreat, into a classroom where devotees ascended are helping those whose souls are unascended and yet who have earned the right to attend these classes through their devotion and through their attainment and love. See how these divine beings are there as guides, guardians and advocates of truth, coaching these disciples of the Spirit in very gentle and appropriate ways to usher them to the fount of truth, illumination and inner understanding, which comes from the God-flame within.

            Let this be your example. Let this be the way, the truth and the life for you and many, dearest ones, so that together we will illumine the world, enlighten mankind and bring forth an age whereby the golden lamp may be known and all that is vital and free and real will be experienced.

            I now increase the concentration of light within your torch. So long as you fan this fire daily through time of silence, through time of intimate communion with your Source, it shall continue to shine forth, to illumine a world, to bless life and to grace the Earth with your own essential oil of beauty, kindness and hope.

            Bless you, bless you, bless you, O souls of the light and eternal love. I thank you.

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