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David Lewis      September 15, 2012

Darshan with El Morya, Part 1
David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by El Morya)
September 15, 2012   10:32–10:42 am CST
Autumn Equinox Tour 2012
Chicago, Illinois

Darshan with El Morya, Part 1

El Morya's Message to Chicagoland Lightbearers:
Command the Elements within Your World to Come into Alignment

El Morya has a message for the lightbearers in the Chicagoland area:
            You have seen what has happened in this heart chakra of America recently with gang violence, murders and also with the teachers' strike.1 So Morya asks you: What is occurring in your world? What is manifesting within your consciousness that has accommodated this situation? And what, O lightbearers of the heartland, are you willing to sacrifice and give and do in order to resolve these crises? Has there been a groundswell of requests for prayers together, coming together and initiating your own vigil to overcome these problems? Do you always have to wait for a master to tell you what to do or what to pray about during a vigil? Or are you self-starters, are you initiates, are you masters to the point where you take the reins of divine authority and command the elements within your world to come into alignment for righteousness to reign, for the resolution of these issues?
            If there is murder, we must replace that with light and life, new life energy. Wherever there is murder, there is a scar on akasha. And we must understand the dynamic of what takes place upon Earth when a soul no longer has a physical temple and the life within that body is snuffed out prematurely, and especially the youth through gang violence. And we can determine that this will not occur, that we will educate the youth, we will do what it takes to pray and to provide such a resource of light in the city that murders will not ensue any longer.
            El Morya reminds us that disciples in New York, many years ago, engaged in a 24-hour vigil on the fourth of the month, and entering one particular cycle there were no murders in New York City during that time. Do the disciples in Chicago—both in The Summit Lighthouse and The Hearts Center and in any ascended master activity, the “I AM” Activity—do they have it within their hearts and within their power to effect change? Yes! Emphatically, he states. It's simply a matter of choice, a matter of consecration, a matter of dedication.
            This crisis in the heartland is the crisis of all of us. And so we can all go within our heart to understand what is at play and to call upon the Lord,2 to sacrifice, to fast if necessary, to pray without ceasing,3 and to engage in vigils until the teachers' strike is over and until these murders subside and there is safety once again within the environs of this great city.
            So, it is your challenge, those of you in Chicago, and it is the challenge of all of us. When any of us throughout the United States or the world see pain, suffering and problems erupting, such as those we are seeing in Chicago, we can do our spiritual work. And we can work on ourselves at a deeper and deeper level until we root out the causes of these issues and until we see, once we have done that work, the results in the physical world.
            Dick Gregory, some of you may have heard, years ago would engage in fasting, both as a protest and also as a spiritual practice to make change in the world of form. Mohandas Gandhi did the same; he fasted until the British backed down and ultimately gave India its independence. There is a type of fasting that one can engage in when sponsored by the Brotherhood, and when permission is granted, that will turn the stars and actually change the destiny and the course of civilization when one so consecrates one's being, through that fasting, to a higher cause and to God's will and to a shift that is essential to occur. Many of the saints East and West have used this science and this knowledge to transform their nations, their environments, the lives of many individuals. Intercession has occurred and souls have benefited by the saintliness of these great souls.
            It is up to us individually to determine just how much we are willing to give sacrificially on behalf of others, and to accent what heaven does with the stamp of our own beingness by determining that we will stand firm, resolute in our determination to be the one with El Morya, live in his fire, live in his flame until we see the effects in the world of form.
            When a soul is one with God and determined, no matter what comes, to be true to the first cause of light, heaven sees that determination and sends multitudes of heavenly hosts, angels and supporting beings to provide the impetus and give safety and safe haven to that soul to accomplish his or her ends. Anything is possible.
            We could have this crisis resolved within the next few days if we together pledge our beings to a shift and a change, demand of heaven, storm heaven by our prayers, not unrighteously but righteously.4 We can demand that the ascended masters and heavenly hosts move into action and use key individuals in the system to change what is occurring and to find those individuals who are at the root of the violence and the gangs and the murders and bring them to justice. And we can do this even while we simultaneously educate and nurture lives so that this unseemly violence doesn't continue and so that people have what they require without resorting to murder and mayhem. If we call ourselves initiates, we take responsibility for this world wherever we see pain, suffering, illness, lack and need.
            Thank you for listening to El Morya's plea and El Morya's heart on this matter, which is important for those of you who live here and for all of us.

1. On September 18, 2012, Chicago teachers voted to suspend their eight-day strike. Schools reopened the following day.
2. Psalm 18:3; Joel 2:32; Acts 2:21; Romans 10:13.
3. I Thessalonians 5:17.
4. James 5:16.

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