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David Lewis      September 09, 2012

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
September 9, 2012   7:55–8:15 am MDT
Sunday Morning Family Service
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

On Signs, Metaphors, Omens and Signatures

 Within Nature and All around Us, God Is Speaking to Us

            I would like to talk a little bit about signs, metaphors, omens and signatures. We're studying a book called The Art of Soaring¹ as a part of our Meru University course on divine magic.² And in it there are some very interesting teachings and examples of being aware of what nature is speaking to us and of interpreting the symbology and the message that heaven is giving us through nature—nature being really a larger type of Bible or sacred scripture embedded within our natural world—and what that symbology, that message provides for us as information, leading us to what we can access of the divine nature within ourselves and within the natural world and leading us to our inner self and guiding us to a higher state of consciousness.
            My wife has a book called Animal-Speak, by Ted Andrews,³ and this author has searched through many native cultural teachings to present his interpretation of what each animal represents, based on that one's character, its traits, and what I would actually say are its virtues. We know that certain animals are very industrious, like the beaver building dams. It's just amazing when you see what they can do. My family saw this recently when we floated down the Yellowstone River on a raft and we saw a tree that had been gnawed at the base by beavers. And right where I live there's a little creek that runs through the property, on the outskirts of it, and a few years ago the beavers actually built a dam there. Of course, our neighbor didn't like that, because he accesses that water for his crops, so he stripped it away. I felt a little bad for the beaver, and yet that is the way life is here in a valley with ranching.
            So, oftentimes we have experiences with different animals. Birds may appear to us, come within our vicinity. Other animals may come within our point of reference in time and space. And I believe that everything happens for a reason and that sometimes we can read what these divine creatures are saying to us if we are sensitive and if we are willing to look within and to gain access to their wisdom. I believe that every creature has an internal point of reference that is one with God and that there is divine knowledge and understanding and wisdom that flow through all.
            Recently I captured two mice in one trap. Now, we desire to save the lives of any mice we might catch rather than killing them, so I had secured traps that would save their lives, where they just go into the trap to eat the peanut butter or cheese inside it and they get trapped. And in the morning I find them and can take them somewhere outside of our home and let them go. So, I set the trap and to my amazement I caught two little black mice inside it. I don't know if they were twin flame mice or what [David laughs], but they were alive. And so I brought them to a public dumpster about a mile from our home, where they would have plenty of food scraps to enjoy in the trash that other people had left.
            So, I honored the mice and they also honored me, in one sense, by accessing this trap. And yet I wondered, what were they also speaking to me? So, Mona looked up what the mice-speak was, and it was interesting. And we assessed ourselves and looked at our lives and saw that we could make improvements, we could become more conscious, we could really know ourselves better in order to learn the lesson of the mice and of all creatures.
            We also have bunnies that find their way into our garden and give us a little distress, and yet they have lives and they desire to eat and they have a right to eat. So we gently talk to them and say, well, “This is our garden. There is plenty of food in other places, and we would really appreciate it if you would abide in another realm and leave our beautiful garden to us.”
            Just a few weeks ago a hawk flew right over our garden while I was outside, and it circled around three times. An amazing experience. What did that say? A heartfriend recently chatted with me and shared some wonderful experiences with a white dove, a hummingbird and a hawk. And it was amazing—the hawk was looking directly inside this person's home. This just exemplifies what I'm speaking about—that within nature and all around us, God is speaking to us. There are signs. There are metaphors that we can learn from. And when we are sensitive and when we desire to learn the message of life through nature, through what the Holy Spirit is speaking—and remember that the Holy Spirit is a feminine aspect of the Divine—then we can make better progress.
            I believe a lot of ancient cultures took a lot of stock in omens and in signs and signatures. And of course the native peoples considered these very carefully and would even adorn their bodies with various parts of nature, whether with shells or beads or feathers or paints that they created themselves from flowers and various elements within the earth. They were very attuned to the natural world and actually accessed much more wisdom, I believe, than what modern man does, since we are kind of disenfranchised from the natural world, living as we do in our “boxes”—our homes, traveling in our cars, not touching the ground with our bare feet, etcetera.
            So am I advocating a natural life? Of course. And yet, we live in a society, and we can learn even through the symbology that we experience in what we call modern civilization, which to me is not always fully civilized, and yet this is what we chose to embody within to master ourselves.
            I believe that within nature there is a strength of character, and I mentioned that I believe that animals actually exemplify virtues. And one of the most important virtues, really, is this virya, or strength of inner resolve, to be who we truly are—not to try to be something else or something that someone else desires us to be, but to be who we are and to involve ourselves in our own Divine Presence's loving affairs, to give to life through our talents and gifts, to use our resources wisely. And the greatest resources flow from our Presence, from our causal body, from our Higher Self through our crystal cord into our heart and our chakras, and we can give effulgently in this way. So if we have this inner strength of character, then we can overcome obstacles. We can move through life serenely, beautifully.
            I was recently watching an old film clip from David Carradine's example of being, really, a master in one of the kung fu arts. There was a TV program back when I was growing up in the early 1970s to mid-1970s called Kung Fu.4 It was a beautiful series and a lot of teaching came forth through it—Taoist teaching, some Zen and even Buddhist and eastern teachings. And at the very beginning of the series, it shows the main character as a young boy in a monastery, the Shaolin monastery in China, and then he grows older and learns the arts. And then eventually he has to walk on rice paper and not make any tears in it. And once he has mastered that, he is able to move on.
            Well, I think it's similar with us. We master ourselves through all manner of initiations, opportunities, challenges and whatever the Lord puts in our pathway—which we really have created ourselves by our own choice; it's our doing, really. And when we are sensitive, when we are exemplifying loving-kindness as in the prayer that we just gave a few minutes ago with Maitreya, we can move through everything serenely, tranquilly, with great peace, heart-centeredness and tender loving care in order to bring our virtue into play and to work with nature and with all the creatures around us to really fulfill our collective divine plan. When we understand the nature of every life form and we work with them to co-create a beautiful world, then we are living as conscious, divine beings.
            And so, to understand the character, the inner character and the nature of every person, of every lightbearer, of every life form is essential for us. And so we have to study them. We have to get to know people and their divine characteristics—not focus on what we see as impediments or issues or problems but focus on the true inner character of the soul. And by doing this we draw that forth, we become conscious creators and we can live life fully, to the max, to our highest potential.

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