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Gabriel      July 24, 2012

Beloved Archangels Michael and Gabriel
David Christopher Lewis
July 28, 2012   6:46–6:51 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Archangels Michael and Gabriel Bless and Ensoul Two Ornate Russian Glass Eggs

I, Archangel Michael, am here, and I, Archangel Gabriel, am here now in this sacred space and place. And together, in the name I AM THAT I AM, we choose to ensoul, through the living reality of the light of God within us, these precious focuses of light.¹

Charge forth the light of the great I AM within them now, O Lord God. Charge forth the light of eternality, divine beingness and holy Presence. Charge forth the light, charge forth the light of the blue ray here. Charge forth the light, charge forth the light of the white ray here.

There is now the penetration within the very atoms and molecules of this substance, the very living essence of our beings, as a tangible manifestation of divine alchemy. These are living replicas of our Presence, of our causal bodies and of the reality who we are beyond time and space. And yet through them, within your dimension, the scintillating rays of sacred-fire light manifesting through them may be for the blessing, the blessing, the blessing and for the protection and the sealing of every lifestream who comes within the flowfield of their physical presence. Each time you step into this sanctuary you may feel, if you are sensitive to the cosmic light rays, our tangible reality in your midst, O souls of light.

Some have been called. Those of you who are here receive the blessing of our Presence within your hearts, within your lives, within your missions this day. And there is a manifestation of God-glory upon your soul that shines forth now because one has seen the light, has come, has received his blessing from above and has extended his heart to this messenger, to this community and to every heartfriend who invests love, divine love, within their lives through their sacred work.

O Lord God, we stand in the living Presence of your light. We live in the eternality of your Spirit. Our mission continues throughout the cosmos as we accept your Word, O Lord, and deliver your light to the sons and daughters of God, to the holy ones upon Earth, to those who use the I AM name and who call to us as your emissaries, as your messengers of light.

Therefore these focuses are now activated fully. And the light goes forth, from this day forward, upon and from this altar for the victory of every soul of light, for the anointing thereof of their beings in the effulgence of the Almighty and for a cosmic manifestation of God-glory within them. So be it. It is done, it is finished and it is sealed for the victory of love forevermore.

1. A devotee donated two ornate Russian glass eggs with images of Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel on them.

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