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Buddhas from the Pleiades      July 17, 2012

Beloved Buddhas from the Pleiades
David Christopher Lewis
July 17, 2012   8:15–8:26 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Buddhas from the Pleiades Bring Us a Gift of New Light Patterns

We are Buddhas from out the Pleiades, and we come this morning; for you have called us forth by the magnanimity of your heart's fire, by the radiance emanating from your crown and by your deep connection with the sun-fire essence of your true Selfhood. We alight here to increase the light upon Earth for a very specific purpose. And that purpose is to ennoble within the minds and hearts of all of mankind the sense of victorious peace and presence, whereby the past may be released and the present embraced; whereby darkness may be transmuted and replaced by the light of the Buddhic and Atmic presence of perfection; whereby purity may flow forth in undulating waves, light patterns and divine matrices for the blessing and healing of all.

Many of you have an ancient tie, through your Higher Self and your own Buddha bodies, to the worlds from which we have come. And there is a streaming forth directly from many divine sentient beings from our star system to Earth and to your entire solar system and galaxy in this hour so that you may understand what is at stake through every decision that you make, through every movement of your being. And then, through holy intention and a new reference point of your own divinity, you may take part in the great drama of the transition from one age to another and the rebirthing of Earth in golden, liquid light.

Yes, we emanate that light of illumination and wisdom, of freedom and benevolence to all beings, through all beings by our presence here. And those who are sensitive may feel a certain uplift from within themselves, stirred by these cosmic emanations and holy wave patterns that we employ. Be mindful, O mankind, of who you are. Rise in consciousness to embrace your true Selfhood in light. Look to the Sun. Merge with the sun-fire radiance of your Buddhic beingness, and grace all life with the magnanimity of your own holy quintessences of eternal fire.

There is now brought to bear within a certain sphere of awareness of the evolutions upon Earth a new patterning that each one may embrace, which will raise them into a new Godhood, a divine mind-set and heart-field of pure beingness in light. Each one of you may assist in the employment of these divine streams of God-beingness as each day you meditate upon the Sun and the sun-fire energy field of your own God Presence and Buddha nature. You may feel and employ these currents, which we deposit deep within the Earth, within the etheric body of this planetary home and within the Sun itself, who is an effulgent star-being who cares so much for all life entrusted to her. Yes, dearest ones, accept your divinity, know the sublimity of your Solar source and live fully in the God-light of true beingness.

This realignment process will continue to manifest for a fortnight and a week. We will remain within Earth's atmosphere for twenty-one days in order to allow you to embrace these new patternings of perfection and joyful currents of divine happiness.

Now we place engrams of beauty within your soul, seeds of light that may grow within you as, through your own creativity, O soul, you blend with the great Divine Artist of all-that-is in offering your highest to the universe through the gifts and talents that the Lord of All has vouchsafed to you from the beginning and within the initiatic fires of your conception in pure light.

As you chant the OM and the AUM, we will continue to pervade beingness, consciousness, divine presence through the hearts of the prescient ones, those who are moving with the stream of the Buddhas to grace this Earth with a new light of the Sun. Feel your perfection; know a new intuition; accept your new attainment of holy virtue. Rise on wings of light and believe in yourself, your God Self, throughout your days and nights, O blessed hearts whom we love.

One P. S. for you all: when you give this ritual, the Jewel Tree of Tibet, we will come again into your auric field to perform a type of cosmic surgery that will be of great benefit to your cosmic evolution, your illumination, truly your divine enlightenment and eternal freedom. Accept this, our gift, and know that through one heart and many hearts, new dispensations may arise and divine gifts may be employed because of your pure intent to bring about a new world of beauty and perfection with the words of the Buddhas.


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