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John the Beloved      April 05, 2012

Beloved John the Beloved
David Christopher Lewis
April 5, 2012   8:28-8:40 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Paradise Valley, Montana

All Are Loveable and Ideal in the Eyes and the Heart of God

Accept Yourself through God's Love and Know Yourself as Beloved Always

Meditate on Love with Me Daily

            I, John the Beloved, am also here with you, blessing you, caressing you and modeling for you a true heart, one with the Beloved.
            I am love. I know love. And when at times love is not extended by others and you feel bereft, seek not that outer representation of your own acceptance from others, but find a new self-appreciation that comes through the virtues of God, which already reside within you at your core. Know love and feel the resurgence of your own heart fires, which will bathe you in that spiritual quintessence and will allow you to always feel valued, appreciated, validated in this sacred love experience.
            The forces of darkness that would continue to demean you or to debase your own self-image of your Self recreate through the mindless meanderings of the human brain and negative thought processes these ideations that no longer should serve you, blessed ones. You are created in the image and likeness of God.¹ When you accept this statement as real, nothing can take from you the sense of your own self-identity in God, your own blessedness, your own belovedness in the eyes and the heart of your Creator.
            Jesus was the perfect example of pure love, and I abided within his aura and both felt and enumerated within my life every aspect of love, upon which I meditated day and night as I gave myself fully to that light of love within God and within all. You too may know love as I have known it, felt it, seen it, witnessed it. It begins within you as a field of energy, of appreciation and gratitude for all that you have, all that you are. Expand this and daily feel, through the light of the sun, that selfsame appreciation that God has for you as his son or daughter, as her beloved one.
            Those of you who are parents and have looked upon your infants know what it is to feel your Godhood as a co-creator of this little being of light. If you can have this same feeling of your own pure state of divinity as you have felt for your children upon holding them in your arms in their infancy, then, dearest ones, you will always know your blessedness, your belovedness to God and to your Higher Self.
            The world casts all manner of images of human bodily perfection or what they project as being loveable or the ideal. Well, I say that all are loveable and all are ideal in the eyes and the heart of God. And if this is true, and I acclaim that it is so, then whoever you are, whatever you look like, accept yourself through God's love and know yourself as beloved always. When you can feel this level of holy self-love, then you are able to love others more, and all manner of situations that had previously caused you pain, suffering and a sense of separateness dissolve as you see all others and love all others as you love yourself.
            We have said this message in many ways through many HeartStreams and through other messengers of light, dearest ones. When you finally get it and accept this word fully within your being, your new life begins, your holiness radiates from you and love pouring through you can truly change the world. Jesus understood it; Maitreya, his teacher, taught it; and Gautama and Sanat Kumara and other great masters of light beyond your worlds were the shining example of it long before even this world was created by Elohim.
            When you say, “I love you,” God enters your heart fully and that love is expressed with a sense of eternality within the science of presence to bring every virtue into play, into bearing through that love.
            Meditate on love with me daily, if you choose, and I will inspire you both to be virtuous within your highest calling and to know new opportunities for service, for surrender and for love's bestowal through your heart to all.
            By the grace of God, I have come. I pray that my message is clear and that you have received it as I have felt it, finding its way deep within you to grow as a new tree of life and light forever. I thank you.

1.  Genesis 1:26

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