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David Lewis      February 10, 2012

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 10, 2012   7:54-8:15 pm MST  
Paradise Valley, Montana


Shining the Light of the Divine Mother

            The Divine Mother spreads her light across the cosmos and every son of the cosmos is a cell of her being, every solar system a conglomerate of cells and every galaxy like an organ or a center of light. When we sing to the Divine Mother in any of her manifestations and raise the Kundalini we actually assist in the elevation of life throughout the cosmos because the Divine Mother is present within us, within every life form. And where there is the ennoblement of that light in one part of life, through the law of correspondence, there is the same raising of that light in all.
            What effect are we having on distant planetary homes, solar systems, galaxies when we sing bhajans? It's really up to us how much love we can hold in our being, and yet not hold it in the sense that we grasp. We simply allow it to flow and then grow and expand, move and bless everything in its path. The light is intelligent, it brings harmony wherever it moves. It brings presence, conscious awareness, holy wisdom of the Mother as Theosophia. It brings the power of presence in its ability to transform, transmute and conceptualize in all manner of new ways the universe itself.
            The Mother is purity embodied. True womanhood consists of the feminine light within every woman that is raised and becomes grace as a beautiful manifestation of one or more aspects of the Divine Mother's being. And even in men through the raised Kundalini there is the ennoblement of the light in creativity manifest. Virtue expands and in balance the male and female energies within any being allows that one to become whole. Without the raised Kundalini we can't truly be whole. When it is raised there is the blending, the merging of the masculine and feminine principles of light and life and there is born within us new conscious awareness, a new vitality, a new beingness. We truly become a new being.
            The key for all of us is to sustain this state of presence and purity even amidst the temporary grind of the human life that many of us have to live in the world. It doesn't have to be grinding, it can be enlightening, illumining and very classy if we desire that. The choice is up to us just how much we will ennoble God's energy within everyone by having it first raised within ourselves so that we can interact with others in a way that is mindful, respectful, reverent.
            I believe that reverence for life is one of the key virtues that we as a holy people evolving between these ages of Pisces and Aquarius can really begin to know at a deeper level so that we bring that reverence into the equation of every relationship, every interaction, every point or nexus wherein there is communication or the conveyance of words, glances, handshakes, embraces, kisses or any comingling of aspects of ourselves with loved ones, friends, coworkers, family.
            The Mother brings harmony to the home, ennobles her children with the way made plain by her example of purity. And those of you who are mothers, have been mothers, and even those of us in male form who have been embodied in female forms in past lives can access this level of purity within our souls in order to help to transform the earth and everything in our greater auric field by love.
            When we were in Mt. Shasta and we sang bhajans with Saha Dev, one of the masters inspired me to share that it's beautiful to give our devotions to the Eastern deities and to invoke their names and their light. Once we are there in that spirit, then it is incumbent upon us to share that light in service to others. If we only do our bhajans in order to bliss out, then we're missing a part of the equation. It's wonderful to feel the light flowing through our chakras, expanding through our crown and gracing the earth in this beautiful, measured way that we together are invoking. Once we have that raised Kundalini, then it becomes our responsibility to use that light intelligently, reverently and beautifully to serve to set life free in many domains through our sacred work, whether it be computer work, nursing, teaching, washing windows, gardening, swimming, whatever it is, cooking meals for our loved ones, simply communicating with others on the phone and sharing in the intimacies of their lives in a respectful way to feel who they are through our hearts, our minds, our beings and to add something to the equation of this interaction of our beings with others by that raised Kundalini energy.
            People will feel the integrity of who we are as we communicate, even more so when we have the raised Mother Light within us that very gently and kindly and in an unobtrusive way helps them by our Presence, by our love. Our words can heal, our hearts singing and soaring within our beings can offer to others a very gentle and mindful way, not in a coercive way, but in a very harmonious and kindly way opportunities for their elevation, their success, their inspiration.
            I believe many of the greatest masters are simply those meditators who embrace the entire world through the intelligence of their hearts and dote on every soul, even for a microsecond of time and space, by pouring out love to every sentient being and offering their Selfhood in a very non-complex way as they release ampoules of spiritual fire and energy though their chakras, through their hearts, as a blessing.
            We can pause in microseconds of time to re-establish our connection with our Source if at any time we feel burdened, heavy, in any pain at all or we are going through some dregs of our own karma through some situation, communication or aberration that may, in spite of our best efforts, seem to come our way. The key to our victory is harmony, is maintaining a state of listening grace and loving everyone in our environment with dispassionate and yet passionate compassion. What do I mean by dispassionate? I mean universal in its application, in its consistency of delivery through our hearts, even uninvited by others. And yet the passion, the power of compassion through that passion, manifests in such a way that we don't even need to speak, we simply are; and through our heart's fire, our love we raise that light within others, even if they are not aware of it. By our vision of them as beautiful, as perfect, as already glorified in God there is the energy transfer between our Higher Self and their Higher Self that allows the beautiful recreative fires of the Holy Spirit to work their perfect work in their lives.
            The Holy Spirit is beautiful in its ways, in its miraculous abilities to transform all of us. And as we are extending our hearts to others, we are even more transformed in the process as we give fully without reserve, without hiding or pulling back from our responsibilities to bare our souls, our hearts to another soul's Higher Self. Then we are recreated again and again in that divine image in that moment of utter and helpless selflessness. When we empty ourselves through the full manifestation of our highest givingness, God graces us with a magnanimous return current of fire, and we have all that we require to move on, to progress, to do more, to learn more, to be more of who we are.
            I think we all reach states of stasis where we kind of glide for awhile on our spiritual path—we're happy with where we are, who we are and we don't feel challenged to make further progress. So the Holy Spirit will come and trip us up or interrupt our seemingly perfect world in ways that will allow us to go beyond who we've been and to really egress into a new heaven world, a new vibration of purity and possibility.
            The higher we go, the more deeply we search within and find ourselves, the more we realize the new possibilities for self-purification and for the blessings of God to be ours through our lives lived to the glory of God. At times all of us feel ill at ease and maybe not up to the task of being our True Self, of fulfilling the mandates of our own internal vows that we have made eons ago. And yet God within us is able and capable of fulfilling all through love and kindness.
            I believe that love is the key to every aspect of our victory in this and in all future lives. And we can even transmute the past and raise ourselves by erasing the memory, the locus of past failures in our minds so that we no longer retain within our memory the angst, the knotty issue that keeps cropping up. And then we flagellate ourselves, we blame ourselves. And we constantly dig deeper holes in our consciousness and our subconscious by re-implicating ourselves as the blamed one.
            Sometimes it requires a very perceptive spiritual mate to remind us that we at times do this to ourselves, such as Mona did with me yesterday, reminding me, "You don't have to tell people that so-and-so doesn't like you or doesn't believe in you. What good does that do?" It was a wake-up call for me. I wasn't even aware that I was doing this, and yet she saw it. So, if you have a conscious mate, ask them to give you at times an honest assessment of where you are and what are those sticky little issues that keep cropping up that do you no good; those that, if transmuted and overcome, will really lend you a great momentum of power because the energy that you were putting into accusing yourself, blaming yourself or denigrating yourself is now released for you to have that power to transform your entire world. The more we transmute of our past negative karma, the more energy we have to create beautiful, new, divine karma, works of grace, harmony, beauty. And after a certain point we don't even worry about what karma we have, we're not focused on positive or negative at all, we're simply in the Now and we're constantly in a co-creative spirit of being a blessing and one who bears grace to the world.
            So the mother, the Divine Mother, is the bearer of the divine man-child, woman-child and the bearer of grace. I love the Divine Mother in all Divine Mothers in heaven and in myself as that Mother Light. And each of us can do the same.
            Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us children of love now and ever as we shine with virtue, health and life.

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