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Lady Kristine      December 30, 2011

Beloved Lady Kristine
David Christopher Lewis
December 30, 2011   5:36-5:53 pm MST
2012: The Year of Mankind's Awakening
A Spiritual Retreat for Those Who Would Lead Earth into a New Age of Enlightenment
Carefree, Arizona


The Amazing Grace of God's Virtues

Every Virtue Is Available to You within the Eternal Now of Your Presence

             Every virtue is a grace and a gift of God. Virtues are like springs of light [by which] you may drink in the fullness of God's PresenceVirtues are the colors that flow from God's heart as offerings of his Spirit, bestowals of his blessings, his highest intentions for you to be God in Self-realization.
            When you are in harmony with yourself, you can feel these virtues emanating through your being, expressive of your beauty, your grace, your beingness. The wonders of creation are seen and felt as these rivers of light flowing through you. Universes, galaxies, star systems are yours to share as your heart sings of divine things, as your mind muses on the ideations of the universal Mind of all that is, as your heart feels the impulses as the beatings of God's heart. These streams of consciousness are yours to experience and to benefit by on your spiritual journey.
            The flowering of your divinity is manifesting now, O soul, as you choose to be virtuous. And in this you accept your own state of wholeness, [which] allows your holiness to also shine forth.
            Do you think that you can truly be as virtuous as God? you may ask. In quality, yes. For it is God's great pleasure to give you the keys to his virtues daily.¹ These are yours free of charge. There is no price for them except the energy of your offering spirit as you accept them through your heart's fire-light and in turn breathe back to the One ampoules of appreciation and gratitude.
            Grace—amazing grace—is yours for the asking so long as that grace is shared endlessly, bountifully, graciously. There is grace at the onset of each new cycle. For at the moment of the inception of a new conceptualization of light, God's grace is the oil of gladness that moves the particles of beingness into motion. And grace is present at the completion of cycles as you breathe in [Master inhales] and breathe out [Master exhales] and feel the joy of accomplishment and fulfillment in the presence of peace.
            Every virtue is available to you within the eternal Now of your Presence, and it descends into the chalice of your heart, where it abides until you very carefully draw it forth and offer it to humanity through your bright eyes, through your gentle smile, through the gift of selfhood. Every givingness contains grace, as it is enfired with love. And angels come to tie ribbons of light upon that present of your Presence. And as souls unwrap those gifts, there is a flash of light, an inspiration, a beatification that manifests as the perfume of your soul, the aroma of your beingness is taken in and as your life essence manifests within your expression of your true nature.
            When you meditate upon light, grace is there within the light-energy that you feel deep within your Solar beingness. When you meditate on the Cosmic Void of the great Mother of all, you enter the source of virtue as a great ocean of unmanifest beingness. And from here you may abide in your own immortal Spirit as a drop within that great ocean, even as a teardrop from the heart of the Mother of all.
            Would you be a hummingbird, gently extracting virtue from the nectar of the flowers of light in the ethers of your worldly experience in time and space? If so, take my hand and walk through the gardens of light in the heaven world and feel as a child again, with cosmic expectancy, the awesomeness of seeing new colors, new forms for the first time and reveling in all that the great Creator has manifest[ed] through his holy ideations in form and formlessness.
            Your soul is a reservoir of virtue if through cleansing and purification you allow the graces of these virtues to be temporarily housed within the vessel of Self—but not for long, for they must be shared. They must emerge from the chrysalis of your being as a golden-crystal butterfly flying hither and yon, knowing the Spirit world and the airy heights of light.
            O water flow, O Mother glow, O brilliant manifestation of the web of all that is, I feel the currents of God's holiness now bestowed to these your servant sons and daughters as they choose to be virtuous ones each moment of their lives.
            Kuan Yin comes now to place a garland of mercy upon your crown. And her angel ministrants, having carefully fashioned these wreaths of light and love, bestow upon you the essence of your own attainments of God-qualities in this and past lives, that you, O holy ones, may continuously bless life through who you are as spirit-sparks of the One.
            You are worthy to be virtuous. Live in that light and know your Source, and be all good in God, God, God. I thank you.

1. Luke 12:32. “It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” 

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