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David Lewis      November 15, 2011

David Christopher Lewis  (Inspired by Beloved El Morya)
November 15, 2011   8:25-8:46 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

We Are Integers of God

hen We Return to the One, We Know Who We Are

            El Morya has said that we are integers, and those who study mathematics can remind us of exactly what an integer is.¹ I see this word as indicative that we are identities moving through the cosmos. We are, and have, consciousness. We are conscious beings who have conscious awareness. We have the ability as integers to integrate all that God is providing to the universe as a stream of his beingness within ourselves, to co-create.
            The mathematics of the universe are beautiful. We see this through the Fibonacci relationship, or ratio, or spiral, in our own body temple as we understand the relationships of these numbers. We are truly numbered ourselves. The hairs on our head are numbered. We are a number. We have a particular frequency as an integer. We have a numerical value. That value is based on what we have integrated of God's light and the resonant field of energy that we carry in our aura, in our being.
            There's a lot of understanding within the science of numerology. And according to the Julian calendar in the West, we recently experienced 11-11-11, and there was a lot of hype about it. And it's fitting that we should look at these dates as indicators of what we can integrate of God's being within ourselves, as the numbers relate to various aspects of God's being.
            Our days are numbered on Earth based on our karma and our dharma. The number that we are, the integer that we are, is very specific based on our created identity. It's as if God in the very beginning ideated all life, all individual monads and creatures within the Big Bang, and he saw consciousness expanding, being diffused out; and particles of himself, shards, if you will, according to the esoteric tradition of the Cabbalah, were sent throughout the cosmos. And we are each an identity capable of experiencing, from our particular vantage point of life, the universe.
            The science of mathematics is exact, in one sense, as it is taught in the world today. And yet we have the beautiful newer understanding of the relationships that exist through an even higher form of math, through an understanding of fractals, which is more difficult to discern by the rational mind. Maybe we are a fractal, because we are ever changing. Our auric field is definitely more like a fractal than a solid volume in geometry, which is exact. We're constantly changing, morphing and utilizing the spiritual waves that come to us as we're conscious of them and defining our lives through our experience.
            The mathematics of the mind of God are amazing, for God has placed within the universe the spirals of his consciousness. When we understand the science of the spiral itself we begin to understand more of the science of life and of creation, because much in our world evolves through the spiral, the golden-ratio spiral, and you see it in nature everywhere. If you could see the unfoldment of the cells within your own being, of how you were created from a single cell—the merging of an ovum and a sperm—you'd be amazed to see how the unwinding of life manifests through this coil of beingness that is us.
            When we consider higher math and the science of the fractal, we begin to see that there is order within chaos, there is beingness within what seems to be disorder to the outer human mind. For God has placed within the movement of energy through fractals the power of the Holy Spirit, which through these very refined currents allows for the creative energies of Spirit to continue to manifest through our worlds and through our beings. When we get stuck in a rigid sense of our own identity or even use previous spiritual teachings to classify and identify ourselves within a particular matrix, I believe that we limit ourselves. To truly free ourselves from the identities that others have placed upon us as their perception of who we are, we return to the spirit-spark of our own identity and understand ourselves as an integer of God, numbered and yet numberless in the way that we express that number of our beingness.
            So people classify each other, and even in this world we use numbers to classify ourselves, such as our Social Security numbers and all the various numbers that we have to attend to—our phone numbers, our street numbers, our P.O. boxes, et cetera. These are, in one sense, useful tools for life, though they're not really any part of our true identity. To attune to the number who we are in the eyes of God, we have to go within and understand beyond human math, human science and go into the omni-science of beingness, where we are integrated in our true identity, we are one with God. And we focus on that number “one” with a greater understanding and concentration and beingness, because when we return to the One, we then know who we are; we understand our numbering system, our internal beingness.
            When we say with El Morya “I am the One,”² we are aligning our being with Morya's being, who in turn aligns his being with his gurus; and they in turn, with the Almighty. So in one sense, by returning to this concept of the One, we become undivided. We are no longer a part of something else separate from God; we are integrated within God.
            Now, the dichotomy, or the seeming anomaly, is that we can still experience our identity while being a part of and one with the Almighty. And this is the fruit of God's creation and the joy of God's beingness, to allow parts of himself /herself to be Self-realized within the All and yet have individual identification and consciousness. It's like the cells of our being each having an identity and a certain job and a certain responsibility, and yet they are still part of the whole and they can't really exist outside of our being. If we flake off one of our cells, a skin cell, it will eventually die, but when it's a part of us it lives, it moves, it has its being within us. The same is true of us as a part of God. So we always desire to remain integrated within the One, even as we have our own individual conscious awareness.
            We have a numerology based on our identity, based on when we were born, the alignment of all of the stars in the heavens. And this numerology is partly understood through the study of astrology and astronomy, and then it goes beyond what most understand, where we can fathom beingness in its true oneness.
            What I see as the ultimate resolution of all of our psychological foibles and all of our astrological aspects is going into the very center of the cosmos, around which the constellations turn, wherein we are so masterful of all the energies as we move through the constellations and the sun signs that we are not beholden to either the negative or the positive aspects of each. We have assimilated all within ourselves, and we go to the very center of all of these constellations, the center of our galaxy, and, in turn, our galaxy exists within the center of the universe.
So how do we resolve our issues of feeling a sense of separateness? We remember that we are an integer, that we are integrated already in our higher Selfhood, and we feel, we know, we see, we hear, we taste, we touch from within as our God-identities experience life. All of these outer senses are here for us to cognize and express ourselves, and yet the ultimate expression of Selfhood is beyond the human senses, when we integrate all of them back into the center of being, and all feeling, sensing, smelling, touching, tasting dissolves into beingness.
            Do ascended masters taste the delights of heaven? Well, yes, from a certain perspective, but they experience it through a higher form of emotion, of sense that is beyond this world; it is an aspect of beingness. Do the ascended masters hear? Yes, but beyond what we hear. The frequencies that they are able to cognize through a higher form of hearing are much subtler—below our range, above our range and even between the ranges that we can hear at very subtle levels of the crystalline frequencies through which sound travels and through which the soundless sound travels, or doesn't travel.
            So I may be speaking somewhat in a Zen way today, but this is to bring us to an understanding of our nature as a being, in that even though we've had a number that we've in some way accommodated in our lives—and we number this being David or Boyd or Mona or Jerome or John or another—and we classify ourselves by a name, which is really a number, ultimately even our name dissolves and we become a part of the One. And then a higher name is given, which is our spiritual integrative name by which we are known of God, by God, through God, and all know us as God within that identity.
            In the retreats of the Universal Great White Brotherhood higher mathematics are studied, are taught. Relationships are a big part of the higher mathematics, even as we see relationships in algebra, trigonometry and calculus. An understanding of the dynamism of relationships is very important for us. Each relationship that we have upon Earth with one another is a mathematical formula, in one sense. And the dynamism of this formula changes based on our interactions, based on how much light and love we carry and share and how much we expound the truth.
            So the mathematical formula becomes more sublime and beautiful when we do resolve our issues and we're not bound by our psychological traits. And when we perceive the divine formulas that are at the core of life itself, then all of our relationships become more beautiful, resonant, holy. Our friendships become deeper with one another at a soul level. We understand each other very deeply because we work from the within out and don't dwell on the outer personality and its temporary issues, lapses and problems.
            El Morya is sending a stream of integrative fire now to each one of us to allow us to feel the integrity of ourselves as integers of God in a new and powerful way. Within this stream that he sends is a formula for us to discern, to discover. This formula is specific for us to assist us in moving wonderfully, joyously within to discern all truth, beingness. Some of you may actually see this formula as a divine mathematical equation and as a number of equations that come and go and morph into the Spirit.
            So, thank you, El Morya, for touching our hearts today, for blessing Australia as we have sent forth the light there. Thank all of you who have been listening and participating. God bless you. Have an awesome, wonderful day.

1.  One definition of integer is "a complete entity."
2.  This is a reference to prayer number 10.010, “I Am the One!” by beloved El Morya.

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