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David Lewis      October 24, 2011

David C. Lewis Discourse (with Cyclopea's overshining)
October 24, 2011   8:30-9:01 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

Visionary Co-Creation

            Good morning, everyone. We have entered the cycle of Scorpio in our solar calendar and year and we have an opportunity to create a beautiful world right here, right now through God-vision. God-vision is perfect vision; God-vision is immaculate vision. God-vision holds all in the highest esteem, in the brightest light, in the most dynamic means whereby that which we see with this higher perspective and crystal clarity—illumined by our essence through our minds, through our vision—is self-realized, manifest, complete.
            We know that Mother Mary is an immaculate visionary, an immaculate conceiver, perceiver and believer. We know that Cyclopea, as an Elohim with Virginia, also holds such a tremendous focus of this immaculate vision that worlds are created in this image and likeness that God permeates through the cosmos and [that] this visionary experience itself is what determines the destiny of all and brings all to life and energizes the creation with a momentum that carries it through to its completion, its full term, its birth and its destiny.
            We all have been created in the image and likeness of the Divine.¹ If we can truly grasp this, then we know that we are God in quality, though not in full quantity. We know that God's light dwells within us, that God's power, wisdom and love is at the core of our being, and we are energized to fulfill our godhood within our life, our highest purpose, our most noble mien through a life of meaning, value, virtue. Because we were created in the image and likeness of God, we have internally the resources that God has vouchsafed to us to fulfill our destiny.
            What are these gifts and resources? They are spiritual fire, they are will, a free mind that cognizes and conceives, thinks and muses, they are love; for at the core of all creation, all creativity, love is the animating force. The feeling nature of God provides the impetus, the lightwave whereby all may come to fruition. As co-creators, we simply must enter into this state of beingness and presence where we give birth first within ourselves [to] our true identity, we awaken and remember who we are as God-created beings, and after this awakening, we do the work that is essential to move us forward on our path.
            At every juncture of our lives, at every turn of the cycles of light and darkness, of day and night, of the ups and downs of the biorhythms of our being, we can enter into the Tai Chi of the Father-Mother energies of creation as we bear them within our being, as we ennoble God's energy within us by co-creating with the Divine One.
            An adept is a visionary. A master is one whose vision is raised to see as God sees, fulfilling all from a higher perspective, both objective and subjective when required, with a universality of understanding and yet with pinpoint accuracy when necessary to understand the nuances of the details of life. With this divine approach of being magnanimous through our vision, we capture all that is essential to know and experience within every moment of The Eternal Now. We are raised up and can conceive at every moment what is essential to know and experience, for God has put within the seconds, the minutes, the hours of time itself opportunity for us to broaden our horizons even as we attend to the necessary elements of our daily lives. God has provided a means through our vision whereby what we take in we process and assimilate, and what we send out and emit and emote and emanate can be beautiful and full of God's visionary love.
            The seven days of creation represent a model for our understanding of God's investment in the universe of his essences. And in the Bible and in other sacred scriptures that contain the creation story, we can feel and know in a deeper way what creation is when we enter into it and experience it within our beings even as we read of the Big Bang, "Let there be light!"²  If that wasn't a big bang, I don't know what is! And then an understanding of the dynamics of what occurred as form arose from formlessness as God's essences from the great void became apparent and visible in manifestation and as this form began to coalesce and the cosmos came into expression by the great vast oceans of substance that formed around nuclei of light as these sun-centers of galaxies and then solar systems: suns, planets, and other created forms.
            From the macrocosm to the microcosm, creation has manifest and we, living within our own microcosmic world, can attenuate our consciousness and expand our horizon and awareness to perceive something of this divine world in the expanded universe. And this gives us through an awe-inspiring experience a knowledge of just how awesome God is, how beautiful are the created worlds within our universe, and how glorious and magnanimous the Creator, the virtuous One truly is.
            Our lives are ours within our free will experience to give birth to every moment; and we can choose our reality, we can choose divinity now and not put it off to a future life, even to an ascended state. And this is the key for us today to realize that if we are conceiving of ourselves as only fully whole after our ascension, we've missed part of the equation. For in that equation, at the center of that equation is the equal sign. This equals this. This equals that. We equal, we are, God.
            To be bold enough for us to proclaim that we are sons and daughters of God, conceived, created in the image and likeness of the Divine, is one of the most liberating heartsets, mindsets that we can begin to live from because we enter that equation and we then enter into our becomingness, our beingness which is at the center of that equation. No matter where we are on the graph of our journey of our lifetimes in fulfilling our inner purpose, no matter how far we've ascended in consciousness or descended in unconsciousness, we can choose now to honor the Divine and to take hold through our free will experience of this mandate of heaven to go forth and multiply, to co-create, and to enter into the divine experience daily.
            It is a blessing to be God in manifestation through our conscious awareness of our Presence. It is a blessing to know the divine within all life, within every person, within every molecule of the vast heaven and earth planes. It is a blessing to feel God within us, tangibly, through the burning essence and fiery flame of that which animates us and gives us life—the Spirit, the Holy Spirit within us. It is a blessing to resonate with others who also know and are bold enough to believe that they, too, have the right to be God-Self-realized ones in this way and to merge our energies as one spirit in our co-creative work within our Hearts Center movement, and with all lightbearers in all truly sponsored movements who are doing the work of the Spirit at the level that they have mastered themselves, with the understanding through training, through truth, through divine education where they are on that spiritual journey. There is no more division, no schisms or isms; there is what is, which is God. And we no longer look outside of ourselves for completion, we realize that we are already complete in one sense—in the highest sense, in that when we accept this completeness, this wholeness, and live from that sacred space; that we are happy, [we] are joyous, and [we] are self-fulfilled.
            Our highest virtues become realities in our daily lives when we begin to see immaculately as God sees; because then we can secure these divine resources within our lives and co-create at a much more energetic level of holiness and beingness that which we conceive of in our work as highlighted by divine truth and beauty. And those around us feel energetically this change within us, this transformation. And they too, if they are open, if their hearts are truly open, may be blessed by our experience of our enlightenment, of our living from this freedom state of being.
            The greatest work that we can all do no matter what our vocation is, is to live in Presence and afford the universe a new outlook through our eyes and through the beauty that we shine forth brilliantly as we attune to the Sun, our Source, and extend the Sun's rays through our lifestreams. You see, we are antennas for God and we are distributors of God's energies. And the rays of the sun don't just stop when they enter our being; we must process those rays and then extend them within our world to all whose souls look to us for nourishment, nurturing, and love. If we stop our co-creative work, those rays from the Sun dissolve within us and none of us desires for this to occur. We desire to both assimilate that Solar joy and light, Solar health and wealth and then live in our full integrity, sharing God's energies widely, opportunistically in a positive way, in a synchronistic way with others.
            We are processors of God's light and we are God's experiment even as we experiment with God's Solar light and creativity. Yes, God is using us in one sense but not abusing us through coercion. God is using us to fulfill his need, divine need, for expression. And when we understand this, truly, in the highest sense, there is no blaming of anyone else, including God, for our affairs. No more blame game. We are God, we are responsible, we are accountable for every erg of energy that is vouchsafed to us through our crystal cord coming into the mind and the heart; every erg of energy is ours from the divine world to utilize. Now when we open wide the tap because we are available and ready for God, then we can utilize a greater wattage and flow. If we are trapped in human consciousness and the portal is not fully open, and we have not the full resources that are available to us from our own causal body and from the causal body of the entire Spirit of the Universal Great White Brotherhood and from the causal body of the Divine.
            So how do we open our tap wider? We pray, we love, we cherish each other. We exhort ourselves to live in our fullness. We challenge ourselves daily to expand our hearts, our minds, our wills through action. We put the hardest tasks before us first and we strain not with human momentum, but with a divine energy of effulgence to give birth within our lives [to] our highest gift and offering to the universe. This is striving, this is work, this is the impelling force of virya moving through us. And we are there as a chalice to allow it to manifest, not being indulgent in the little mind trips and games that at times play upon our carnal mind, that delude us, even those things that attempt to make us humanly seem great, which is the perversion of this acceptance of our divinity.
            The carnal mind, the not-self, attempts to puff itself up in our own beings and attempts to externalize and vivify itself, claiming its own divinity when it has no reality. We should put it in its rightful place. And if at times [we] engage from the carnal mind, from the human momentum, [we should] forgive ourselves, dust ourselves off and move on. And [we may] realize that yes, we are still in this world, and so long as we are in this world we will have to deal with the elements that are here and the shadow world that still, at times, clouds our beings. We accept our darkness and love it and move through it and use it for the divine purposes. Does it mean we engage in evil acts or disreputable things or interact with those who are ignorant of spiritual truth? We keep a keen mind trained to the light and trained with God's being and mind, and we move through our darkness as light finds the portals through the netherworlds for its return to its Source.
            Yes, we all have biorhythms and there are ups and downs. And at times we must know the cycles of our being through study of the cosmic clock so that we are prepared in those lunar and solar cycles when we are not at our highest peaks of performance [to] take time to re-energize, to rest, to recoup, to train, to breathe. And then when the cycles are active, [we then] thrust forth and fulfill our divine mandates through our work.
            There's no recrimination, no blame for any of us resting along our path when required. It is rejuvenation as recreation and it is important that we have those times to be still, to meditate, and to regroup and refocus. Before and after major initiatives, pilgrimages, conferences, there can be a slight letdown. Let this time be one where we go within and re-experience what we have known of the divine light together and savor it, feel it entering our being, reprocessing our cells in light. And then [we can] enter into our routine with a more heightened experience of our joy. This is the way that we move forward and upward and onward on our journey, on our spiritual path.
            Now I received from a heartfriend links to some videos about the true state of affairs in Libya and what actually has occurred within that nation. We do not always know the truth from our media, for it is controlled, and this perspective gave [a] diametrically opposite view of the leader, the former leader of that nation from what we in the West have been fed. It's amazing to note that a free people could be duped. And you can do your own research, go on the internet and study and attempt to discern what is true. The control factors are about us and yet our control as in our experiment is God, the law of our being. And let God's light, God's law be that which God controls us on that three o'clock line where we enter into that full self-mastery in Solar joy.
            God bless you.

1. Genesis 1:26-27
2. Genesis 1:3

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