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Kuthumi      August 14, 2011


Beloved Kuthumi
David C. Lewis
August 14, 2011  8:45-8:59 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Phoenix, Arizona

The Presence of Peace is Where I AM and Where You Are!
Become Princes and Princesses of Peace with the World Teachers in This Age!

Beloved Ones,
            Truth be told, you are God! Truth be told, you are a Son, a Daughter of God! Truth be told, you have always been present where God is and God has always been present where you are. It is time to manifest these truths fully in your life.
            God manifests as an eternal presence of divine glory which shines everywhere. There is no darkness where God is, for God is light! God manifests as the presence of peace where I AM. And God may manifest as the presence of peace where you are!
            I have become the peace-commanding Presence through identification with the flame of cosmic Christ peace. You may also enter into this spirit of divine beingness through identification with the Christic essence of your own Selfhood, one with God. In this sacred space of beingness, peace flows, light grows and you may allow that same peace-commanding Presence to emanate as a blessing to life, as a grace empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring harmony and balance to life in your domain.
            Blessed ones, peace is not just the absence of agitation, anger and all of the perverted martian energies that manifest through a warring consciousness. Peace is an empowerment of divine beingness that cleanses the atmosphere, the auric field of awareness with a shower of light that harmonizes all by the afflatus of the spirit of oneness. Peace is the essence of godliness born of focus upon the reality of that oneness which arises from the Great Silence—infinite points of stillness that exist throughout the cosmos.
            If you would be the presence of peace where I AM, then experience the stilling of your mind and emotions, the stilling of your body temple and the stilling of the revolving of the memory records of your past through resolution of all through the nexus of your heart. Through a higher form of love that is Christic/Buddhic love-wisdom, an auric field is established round about you that invites and fully accommodates the presence of peace so beautifully manifest through the example of the Prince of Peace, Jesus, himself.
            Many desire world peace and yet they do not take the responsibility for sweeping clean the inner domains of their subconscious to allow the peace-commanding Presence to manifest where they are. I come this day to invest a portion of my own Selfhood as this presence of peace within our disciples to allow for new sowings of planetary peace to manifest throughout your world.
            Blessed ones, you may claim this light-energy on behalf of the work of the numerous princes and princesses of peace of our hierarchy of light so that many more may awaken to their own Selfhood in God and realize their true reality, their Christic/Buddhic essence. Through beloved Jesus' pure and shining example he has drawn many disciples to his heart who have also become advocates for a true brother/sisterhood of the spirit, lasting peace through the path of the sixth ray of service and selflessness, through their sacred ministry of peace. As they have entered their own sainthood and ascended in Spirit to abide in the light of cosmic Christ peace, these have also become princes and princesses of peace, serving with the World Teachers to bring divine truth through conscious awareness to souls of light across our Earth.
            The fields are still white for the harvest and yet the laborers who would first master themselves through the disciplines of the Spirit in order to be true servitors of fire are few.1 Jesus and I adjure you to consider a new level of inner discipline that will allow a higher coil of the resurrection and even the ascension currents of light to flow through you, blessed ones. And the Master Omraam also envisions for you, that as the light of your chakras and solar cells increases day by day, through your pure practice of the solar sciences, you will begin to understand what the full mastery of the solar plexus is—that sacred place of the sun within you.
            When the rays of the sun of your Presence flow through the place of the sun within your body temple, then the presence of peace abides where you are and you may also make that affirmation with me in the full knowledge that it is so! In this light you become a radiating center of divine comfort and joy and bring that flame of peace to life actively in your daily work and service.
            Peace is flowing everywhere I AM, O Lord! Peace is alive through me today in all I think and say and do! Peace is washing clean our Earth through the solar rays of divine light that are mine to employ because I AM one with you, O my Lord! Peace is manifesting through nature's splendor and glory because I live and move and have my being within my own Buddha nature, my own Solar Presence of perfect peace, perfect peace, perfect peace!
            O Lord, allow these, your sons and daughters of light to experience the peace-commanding presence of the Christ and the Buddha today, here and now. Let them rise to greet thee, to meet thee in the air2, in the cosmic mind of the One! O Lord, allow these blessed ones to know thee through a new solar awareness of Self-mastery of their emotions and of the flow of light through their feeling bodies today! O Lord, allow these holy ones to grow in spiritual awareness to become advocates, arbiters of peace and then princes and princesses of peace upon our Earth in this age. I thank thee, O Lord, for hearing my prayer and answering with your light and love and your eternal fire of cosmic Christ peace.
            May the blessings of the World Teachers shine forth upon and through you always, our holy ones. I thank you.

1. Matthew 9:37; Luke 10:2; John 4:35
2. 1 Thessalonians 4:17

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