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St Therese of Lisieux      August 06, 2011

Beloved Saint Thérèse of Lisieux
David Christopher Lewis
August 6, 2011  5:40–5:47 pm local time
Solar Evolution through Divine Music
Bollnäs, Sweden

A Bouquet of Flowers to Remind You of How Much God Loves You

Dearest Ones,
            I am the Little Flower, your Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. In Kuthumi's presence I have knelt and prayed along with my beloved Jesus. And I bring you this day an offering from my heart of flowers picked from the gardens of the matrons of heaven as an offering for you in your sacred journey of light. These flowers contain a distillation of spiritual graces that you may inhale and that you may know as an inner blessing of your soul.
            Each of you now receives from an angel standing before you a bouquet of flowers, for you have earned this gift through your prayers, your songs and your gentle spirit this weekend. You may arrange these flowers either on your altar at home, consciously, and/or you may simply decide to take them within your heart and arrange them within your being as an offering to your own soul of love for yourself. You see, often lightbearers have not understood the equation of loving themselves truly as God loves them. So I urge you, dearest ones, if you have ever had an issue of seeking to understand yourself as God understands you, to graciously receive these flowers unto your heart and to know how much you are loved of God. Seek ways to cherish yourself in those moments of time when at some level of your being you may not feel valued, appreciated or loved by another. When the energies of condemnation or indifference, of hate or spite, or words that hurt your very being come your way, remember this gift from my heart and go within to again reestablish a sense of peace about yourself and within yourself so that you may be nurtured by your own God-love of self, your true Self, dearest ones.
            You see, even as I offered my heart to Jesus and gave fully of my entire being during my life, the Divine Mother the Blessed Mary came to me and taught me this little lesson during the time of my preparation for my ascension—because at times within the Catholic tradition and the lives of even the best of saints, there can be a sense of self-deprecation and self-condemnation that must be transmuted before the final resurrection and ascension. So I share this simple teaching and gentle offering to you today on the heels of the coming of the great and noble lord Kuthumi so that this level of cherishment of self may be present within our saints upon Earth who are moving higher and higher in light into their own adeptship and purity's fires.
            I thank you, each one, for your gentle spirit, the integrity of your soul and your desire to serve your God and the God within one another so beautifully, O so beautifully, each day. [15-second pause] I love you. I love you. I love you, my friends.

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