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Queen of Light      August 05, 2011

Beloved Queen of Light
David Christopher Lewis
August 5, 2011   8:06–8:12 p.m. local time
Solar Evolution through Divine Music
Bollnäs, Sweden

I Weave a Coil of Light around You

Simply Abide within Its Radiance to Feel the Impulse of Its Power

Dearest Hearts,

            I weave a coil of light around you. This coil is a focused application of your own light from your Source. It is an aspect of your own God consciousness that will keep you secure in your true noble nature as a light-being. In the realms of light in which we the ascended beings reside, there is no darkness—there is only light!
            As the Queen of Light, I invest you, through this coil, with a positronic flow of sacred fire distilled from the very throne of God that will keep you in the integrity of your Higher Selfhood always as you choose to walk the path of light. Because you have invoked my name and my fire, I am here. And the wave patterns emanating through this coil will suffuse you with a new glow—truly a new shower of perfection— as you choose purity, sanctity and all of the virtues of light that are yours to realize as you walk through life, as you abide in light. This coil is three feet in diameter and may be seen within your tube of light as this concentrated formula of perfection that is yours to live in all your days, all your years, all your moments with the Mother Light, having been raised from the base to the crown and flowing through each chakra of your spinal altar, giving you virya and Mother-power energy to fulfill your destiny.
            Yes, I come with the Great Divine Director. He has shown you the way; he has cleared your path. And now, my command to you is: Walk in the light! Live in the light! Be that light! And know the Source by being plugged in to the socket of your divinity always. Yes, dearest ones, this spiral, this coil, is there about you always. You must simply abide within its radiance to feel the impulse of its power to remagnetize you into your true Selfhood in Spirit. Narrow is the path, some have said. And in this hour this coil is somewhat narrow, dearest ones, and yet within it you are free.
            Light! Light! Light! Light! Light! Light! Light! How many ways can you shine forth your light? Have you discovered new possibilities of being that light this day? And will you discover new ways of being that light every moment for the rest of your light-life? Make it so. And let joy and the fun of the path be your daily affair with God.
            Dearest ones, I love you, I cherish you always in the light—as your queen, as your friend, as your beloved.

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