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Hercules      July 05, 2011

Beloved Hercules Discourse and Darshan
David C. Lewis
July 5, 2011   7:35-8:15 am MDT
2011 World Freedom Conference
A New Alchemy of Divine Love for Aquarius:
A Celebration of Spirit with Drama, Song and Dance

Fontenac, Minnesota

Hercules' Labor of Love

Protect All Waterways in America and the World:
Saving Our Water, Saving Our Planet

Our Assignment Is to First Master Our Emotional Body
Using the Aqua-Teal Ray Affords Us Greater Mastery of Water

            Before we began our session this morning, we had accomplished 79 percent of what we came here to do, and that includes the Meru course. Now it's up to 83 percent with the giving of these prayers and songs. The masters would like us to do Astreas, and if you have notebooks and pens, please feel free to take them out and write because I'll be sharing some instruction.
            We're in the solar cycle of Cancer right now and the moon is in Leo and enters Virgo here in central daylight time at 8:16 p.m. tonight. Virgo is in the water quadrant, along with Cancer, and the assignment we have is to protect all waterways in America and the world. We know that the Mississippi is a very important waterway for the United States. We've seen the effects of the flooding recently and flooding also on the Yellowstone River and other tributaries along the way throughout the United States, causing destruction, the requirement to relocate for many people, turning their worlds upside down, et cetera.  
            The summertime is an important time, and we will not be having Meru University courses during the remainder of July and August after today and tomorrow's course with Brian Sweeney. Why is this? It's a time for us to have a little bit of a respite from the intense study that we've been involved in and to work on our emotional bodies. [We can begin to fully work on mastering] everything dealing with water. We can meditate upon, pray for and [use] the aqua-teal ray during this cycle. This affords us greater mastery of water—the aqua-teal ray. It's one of the crystal rays. And because of the issues with water around the earth—the Gulf of Mexico being completely compromised and virtually destroyed as a result of the oil spill and this affecting the jet stream, or the currents going into the Atlantic, and then in turn polluting vast areas of the Atlantic and even reaching the shores of Great Britain and other nations—it's time for us to really work on everything regarding water.
            We can work on the purification of water around the world and within our own body temple. Our blood is our life essence and contains water. Our lymphatic system is another waterway within us. It's imperative that we continually work on purifying our blood and our lymphatic system in order to have the most vital heath and well-being [so that we may] be resonators for God. Because our Christic consciousness flows through our bloodstream, when our blood is compromised through all manner of toxins, we are not the full crystalline resonators for the higher frequencies of our Holy Christ/Buddha Self that we could be.
            As we work on purifying ourselves at all levels, including our emotional body and the water within us, we have the ability to hold greater light, to oscillate light within our chakras and sacred centers and our higher chakras and the higher crystalline circulatory system of our electronic body. And we can resonate with the Divine Mother, who holds a field of great mastery of the emotional body for the cosmos. Think of that. Prana itself and what we call the crystal-diamond liquid light [comprises] the entire cosmos, is in the great yolk and the egg of the cosmos. So the Divine Mother holds this field of blessedness as a cosmic resonator, impregnating her energies throughout the cosmos. When we have the mastery of our own water body, our water being, we, in alignment with the Cosmic Mother, can be greater receptors for and distributors of her great radiance and joy.
            Now, some of you may have had experience with water retention in your body, especially in the summer, especially when it's hot. What is this all about? Well, it occurs when there is an internal imbalance in our water system and our emotional body. So if you find this happening, look at yourself. See where your emotions may be a little bit out of whack, where you may have had a tendency to eat too much [and may have] possibly [caused] this imbalance in the  saline solution within you, [which] then manifests as [water retention].
            So what is salt? Salt, as a crystalline substance, is important for balance within us. Salt is a purifier. Salt is also a substance that helps to preserve things, as we know. Too much salt and we can have issues. Too little salt and we can have an electrolytic imbalance within us that is detrimental to the vitality of our Solar beingness.
            So what is the cosmic electrolyte of our being? Here's a question for you. What is the spiritual electrolyte that we can all imbibe? Anybody?

Student:  Prana.


Student: [inaudible].

David: It's more than that.

Audience: [inaudible responses]

David:  Crystal ray. Did you say crystal ray, the crystal rays? Yeah.

Student: [inaudible response]

David:  Sunshine? Well, _______ actually is the closest. It is the crystallization of the crystal rays that come when we are focused on our Buddhic essence, on our Buddhic body. This is a very important thing for us to know. When there is this balance of the crystal ray flowing through [the crystal-ray chakras,] what we used to call the secret-ray chakras, we have the flow through our hands and feet and the center chakra of the five secret rays, or crystal rays, [and] then we can actually be balanced throughout our being. [If] you look at the Leonardo da Vinci man, with his arms extended [and] his legs extended in a wide stance, he is demonstrating the mastery of the crystal rays. It's interesting to really focus on that thoughtform and the pentagram, the sacred pentagram, and realize how important it is for us as adepts, aspiring adepts, to master these cosmic electrolytic energies, which are the crystal rays.
            So it begins in the emotional body. If we desire greater self-mastery of our Buddha nature, we have to master the Mother. Remember, the Buddha is always in meditation upon the Mother. What is the Buddha really meditating upon when he's focusing on the Mother? Anybody? Is he just in love with the Mother or is there more to it?

Student:  [inaudible response]

David:  Energy flow. He is meditating on the entire cosmos and the Mother's body as the cosmos and his place in it, in the very center of it, as a cosmic portal for the mind of God to permeate the entire cosmos, because the Mother is the cosmos.
            So first we master water within our being, and then we move into the greater mastery of spiritual water in the higher realms through the crystal rays to participate with Gautama and all of the magnificent Buddhas of light in sustaining the cosmos—the balance of the cosmos, the flow of Mother energy throughout the entire cosmic web. In so doing, we assist our earth in its glorification and [its] balance. We can assist at this level magnificently in helping to purify the oceans, the lakes, the waters, the seas. They are stressed right now. They are greatly burdened by the pollution that mankind, through great unconsciousness, has simply dumped into them, thinking that somehow the water was going to carry away all of these toxins and they would just be dispersed and wouldn't be there any longer. However, what happens to them? The currents take them to specific places. They don't just go away. Yes, they're diffused somewhat. They're not right in our immediate environment, but ultimately everything is recycled and it does come back to us and it haunts us. It gets down into the aquifers and it comes back into our water that we drink, and the toxins are there.
            Now, we saw that film on all of the nuclear explosions throughout the world since the '40s. What has this done to the aquifers beneath the earth? This intense nuclear radiation for sixty and more years has literally destroyed the balance under the earth and within the earth in these regions. And I would not be drinking water, I can tell you, in certain parts of Nevada or where these explosions have occurred, or on the atolls in the Pacific, where they just exploded one after another after another—Bikini Island, et cetera.
            So we are sent on this mission with Sanat Kumara to save the earth. We can use the genius of our Holy Christ/Buddha Self in many, many ways in our meditation practice, in our decrees to focus greater light so long as we have the mastery within us to be able to use our chakras as these heavenly resources for the distribution of cosmic energies. You may be sitting here giving the decrees, giving the words that the masters have inspired upon me, and that's all well and good. However, you are all aspiring adepts and masters in the making, and you can use the genius of your own inspiration to do cosmic work where it's required as you see fit to invest the divine resource of your Holy Christ/Buddha Self and your causal body and the stream coming through your crystal cord through your heart, through your mind, et cetera. And you should do this. This is part of our work.
            So even though we have our broadcast sessions and we focus on certain things at times, through your own attainment and your own divine guidance, direct the stream, the laser light-energies of your higher Christic Self and Buddhic nature into these arenas and believe and know that they are effective. It is [through] your acceptance and belief [that you are one with God and] that you have the ability as a God being to effect change on a planetary scale that this occurs. If you think you're just some puny little peon down here, then you won't be as effective as if you are in the reality of your higher nature and you know that God is the doer and that God is doing great spiritual work through you.
            So we have to really ramp up the energy of our acceptance of who we are as God-realized ones in order for this level of cosmic work to occur. This is the type of work that the devotees of
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and Peter Deunov did. They were taught day after day after day in these communities and they learned, through sensitivity, to attune to the higher frequencies of Buddhic mindfulness. [The master,] through the directed currents of [his] gaze and laserlike focus, was able to take, as a conductor, all of these energies and with pinpoint accuracy deal with major issues in Europe and the world at large.
            Now, unbeknownst to many of you, this is what happens during the sessions when I lead them. The masters are using my higher chakras as well as yours to effect planetary change. I'm not here just [to] feel good during these sessions. That is not my purpose and not our purpose. It's not just to feel good about our spiritual lives so we can look good to others. This is cosmic work that we're involved in. And part of being an adept is taking that responsibility seriously, with joy, and being so joyous in the acceleration of light within us that we now know without a shadow of a doubt, with the full fire of our beings that we are being effective in this way.
            If you're new on the path and you've only been praying for a few months, you might not quite have the experience that I'm sharing. And yet I believe that many of you are ready and willing and able to bear this level of personal acceptance of your Christ nature and your Buddhic beingness and [have] the ability to deliver these energies.
            So this time when we're not focused on Meru University is a time for us to master our emotional bodies. Meditate on water. Use Dr. Emoto's alchemy to purify the entire water system of the earth. Look at the water in the area in which you live. Do study, do research, and with specificity, with the knowledge of certain imbalances in those areas, ask your Holy Christ/Buddha Self to be the arbiter for the directing of sacred currents of light into the water systems, et cetera, to bring back balance.
            This is Hercules' labor of love for us. This is actually his message today. This is his labor. We just prayed to him. It's not so much of a dictation where he's going to be booming [his] voice and delivering it to the world. This is his message: to save our Mother Earth by saving our water.
            [The earth is] 70 to 80 percent water. If we lose the water on our planet, we lose everything; we lose life itself. So Hercules today is crying out to us and assigning us to first master our emotional body, because then we can be the conductors of greater cosmic energies to assist Mother Earth herself. We can do a study on ourselves during this time. Watch our emotions, especially during Cancer, Leo and Virgo. We know that there will be opportunities presented for self-mastery [of our] emotional reaction [in] potential issues that arise in our interactions with others, our loved ones, our spouses, our lovers, et cetera. It's a time to remain guarded in our heart-set, not just our mind-set but our heart-set, so that everything that's flowing through our emotional body and the solar plexus area is sent forth with divine intention, the right motive and blessedness and harmony.
            So what is the God-quality on the six o'clock line of Cancer? God-harmony and supply. We have to be harmonious during this cycle. It is our greatest work, spiritual work, to carry harmony everywhere we go and to be that focal point of harmony for the blessing of life. If we are inharmonious, if we have any agitation or interruptions in the flow of the currents from our Holy Christ/Buddha Self through us, this can be catastrophic to those who are looking to us and [to those] we are tied to, who can be affected.
            Have you noticed, those of you who are sensitive, [that] when there is an interruption in your auric field or something traumatic happens, others who are either loosely or closely tied to you seem to have issues and problems? I know that many of you have noticed this. People fall under the weight that you're carrying for them [when] somehow you've been compromised or you've been lax or had a major problem.
            So we are here for life. We are here to serve. We are here for others as well as ourselves, and when we have the full integration of the Mother fire within us, then we help to sustain this harmonic balance everywhere upon earth. It's a daunting sense of responsibility. And yet in great joy we carry that divine burden graciously, lovingly, because we know that's why we're here: we're here as bodhisattvas of mercy and love and kindness for our earth.
            The aqua-teal ray is a powerful crystal ray. When we begin to really work with it and focalize it into the water of the earth—in the oceans, seas, lakes, streams, rivers and the underground aquifers and underground oceans that exist—we will see amazing things happen. First we must love ourselves fully. I would even say adore yourself. Get to the level where you adore your holy Christ/Buddha Self and its emanations through you [and] have so much of a sense of self-worth, of your value in the eyes of God that no one can take away that level of the spark of your divinity and somehow compromise you. No one has the power to take from you the authority of your Godhood, your blessedness.

            So let us have a very short discussion now about the aqua-teal ray, and we'll have the traveling mic. What comes to mind and heart when you visualize this beautiful aqua or teal color? We know it's composed of blue and green. That's the very simple answer. And blue and green combine to make this color. Go deeper now. What is the aqua-teal ray and how and why is it effective in transforming the water of the world?

Student:  I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii this year, connected, I believe, with the aqua-teal ray in the form of the Mother, in the form of the oceans, the aqua-teal color of the waters off of Hawaii and the great deep peace that you experience when you're in Hawaii, thanks to the Elohim of the sixth ray.

David:  So aqua-teal brings peace, you feel. Okay, good.

Student:  We have learned that working with the blue-green combination eliminates swelling. It will take down swelling to work with that light of the blue-green—very effective. We did not realize that it is used in science today. There are scientists who project the aqua-teal light through the eye into the brain, and it changes the inflammation in the body.

David:  Great. You know, the aqua-teal chakra—the thymus is right here, right? The what? Thyroid. Thyroid, thymus. Okay, well tap your sternum a little bit. And those of you [who] may have water retention, try this and visualize a distribution of peace through your whole system and harmony and balance, and feel the strengthening of your blood. We know that EFT is very effective, [which] involve[s] tapping.

Student: The aqua-teal represents sort of this massaging, soothing energy for me.

David:  Okay.

Student:  Agreeing with all the others, I want to add that it has a softness that penetrates my whole body and it has a kind of power, a soft power to it. It's a watery, soft wavy feeling in my whole body. I used to live in Huntington Beach. I'd often go to the beach and just want to do Tai Chi or Chi Kung. It's the same feeling of the power of the soft water.

David:  Exactly. And you know that Native Americans have used turquoise. Turquoise is another aspect of the aqua-teal ray in [a] gemstone. Who has studied gemstones and knows what turquoise does for the body temple? Anybody? There are books out there dealing with crystals and stuff. I believe it is for healing and specifically bringing balance to the thymus, the thyroid and what they do.
            So what do the thyroid and the thymus do for us internally? They maintain what? [Audience response: “Metabolism”] Metabolism. Right. So what is metabolism? [Audience response: “Use of energy.”] Use of energy, the harmonization of— [Audience response: “Hormones”] Hormones. And what are hormones? [Audience response: “Catalysts”] Catalysts. They're the secretions that help the various systems, the organ systems to function properly, right? And when the proper amount of hormones are released, then we can have homeostasis. We can have balance and harmony and peace and calm. If we're riled up, what happens? We have more adrenaline, and somehow there's an imbalance in our system temporarily to bring us, hopefully, back to homeostasis and balance.
            So the aqua-teal and the aquamarine and these colors really are for bringing peace and harmony and spiritual homeostasis back to us, as I see it. Any other concepts or ideas?

 I have one, if I could. The green element in that speaks to me as—the green contains within itself, the fifth ray contains within itself and imparts the perfect and highest geometry and configuration to anything it interacts with, and then that—in this case, with the blue—seems like something that would heal liquids.

David:  We will become more sensitive to everything when we use the aqua-teal ray, We will walk on the earth aware of the water beneath the earth like cosmic dowsers. You will become more sensitive when you work with that.  People that can dowse have a sensitivity, and they use those two [rods that] dip when there's water underneath. Well, you will be a dowser, because you will be so sensitive to flows and currents and ley lines under the earth that you will know where to be, when to be, and how to be so that you can help to maintain balance.           , you're wearing teal and so is           . So you guys tuned right in this morning. Must have gone to the right retreat. [laughter]

Student:  I'm thinking of an essential oil called Valor, [which] is the color of aqua-teal, and it provides peace and strength to the body and it's also been known as a chiropractor in a bottle. So it is a beautiful color. If you drop it, you can see the aqua-teal color of Valor.

David:  Valor, right. We almost named my daughter Valorie—V-a-l-o-r-i-e—because I felt she had a lot of energy, like valor. We decided to leave it e. Okay, anyone else?           .            is also wearing—and            too—all right!

Student: I wanted to say two things—one about the thymus. There were studies of people who had been hung in the old days. The cadavers that they looked at were especially people who died being hung, and their thymus was very small, very shrunken. And scientists used to think that a thymus didn't do anything because all these people had tiny little ones. And then they realized that that was because these were traumatized people that they had looked at. So I'm just saying that the thymus is very affected by trauma. So it shrinks real tiny when it's traumatized.
            And then thinking about the aqua-teal ray, the first time I heard about it was when Mother Mary spoke about it on the mission tour.  I don't know if you remember. We were—was it in Carmel?—we were up in the hotel room and she spoke about it, and we were overlooking the ocean and she talked about waves of aqua-teal, and I could just almost visualize it. And I think Lisette saw it and told us about how beautiful they were—just oceans, waves of aqua-teal.

 Okay, why don't you get the book and find that quote. We're going to give the aqua-teal prayers in our prayer book now and feel the energy, because we have these prayers for a purpose. We don't give them very often. They're in the green section, 50.019 and 20. They really should have their own section because it is a crystal ray. However, we put it here.
            So let's give 50.019, “Aqua-Teal Waters,” and we'll begin the labor of Hercules. This is at least a six-month labor. And as I'm seeing it, it could end up being eighteen months, thirty months, et cetera. We'll see how we do. “Aqua-Teal Waters,” 50.019, together: [David and audience give decree together.]

Aqua-Teal Waters

            In the name I AM THAT I AM, I call to the Five Dhyani Buddhas and the Buddha of the Aqua-Teal Ray to manifest your living strength, your light, your wholeness and your ever-flowing consciousness within and around me. Send your angels to be with me, to walk with me, talk with me and stay with me. Let aqua-teal waters stream into the depths of my being, permeating all layers of my consciousness. Fill me through and through as I pray:

O living waters of aqua-teal light,
Stream forth through my being so bright.

O living waters of sacred fire,
Purge me now and raise me higher.

O living waters, O musical stream,
Caress my being; now through me gleam. 

            Beloved Buddha of aqua-teal light, seal me in your everlasting flow of God-consciousness. Seal me in your life-giving and life-sustaining waters at all times as you are with me always.

            I thank you, O beloved heavenly brother and benefactor.

OM Buddha     OM Ma Ray

            And we'll give 50.020, just the two stanzas there. We'll give them a number of times. [David and audience give decree 50.020 together.]

Aqua-Teal Blessing
(For the blessing of water and other beverages)

             In the name of my Real Self and the Buddha of the Aqua-Teal Ray, I pray: 

O living waters of aqua-teal light,
Stream forth through this beverage bright.
O living waters of sacred fire,
Purge me now and raise me higher.

Wash me now in aqua-teal fire.
Cleanse me now in aqua-teal fire.
Raise me now in aqua-teal fire.
Seal me now in aqua-teal fire. (given 8x) 

            Beloved Buddha, I am drinking your aqua-teal light daily and enjoying your presence within each sip. I am aware that in every conscious act and in silent meditation upon the All within, I am drinking in your essence—God's essential oil of gladness, healing, grace and love. Amen

            Now, to augment what Hercules shared, he's also asking us to consider avoiding all beverages with sugar, period, during this cycle. That includes any sugar whatsoever in any form. Sugar within water is debilitating to every system in our body temple, especially our muscular system, our skeletal system, and especially our blood. If you drink sugary drinks, then don't expect to have your highest health and vitality. This includes, especially now, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, which is diabolical in its effect on your inner spiritual bodies. Coffee is really not the best thing to drink. Some of you may feel you have to have it to get going in the morning. If you have to have it, drink organic coffee without sugar, without cream. If you really would like to wake up well in the morning, I've heard and read that apples, organic apples, actually have substances in them that will help you to awake[n] and be alert, more [so] than coffee. So I encourage us to replace coffee with organic apples.
            If we as a whole make this commitment to avoid sugary drinks for eighteen months, think of what will happen—to ourselves and our ability to hold light, to radiate light, and to our earth, because we are all one. So if you really love your body temple, try this alchemy of avoiding energy drinks that have pep in them, but [which] also have sugar or high levels of caffeine. Avoid things that really do affect your inner circulatory system and affect your ability to maintain emotional stability.
            It's diabolical that they have these vending machines in our schools. If there's one thing you as a chela can do to help the children in your area, it's to go to the school boards and mandate that they get rid of these vending machines in the school systems. This is a total plot [against] the health and well-being of our children. If you have a victory in this area, please let us know in The Hearts Center. I would personally like to hear about it. To me, this is a crime of the highest magnitude, that we feed our children with this junk and then we expect them to have good grades and to compete worldwide. It's so easy—what you take in, you become. Yet because of the funding from Pepsi and Coca-Cola and these giant industries, the schools feel that they have to have the money. They pay for scoreboards in the gyms and all these things. It's just a travesty, and we as lightbearers have to go after this.
            So there is much we can do to help our children, to help our planet. And I believe some of the young people in our audience are the ones who can cry out and go to the administrators of these schools and mandate that things change. If they hear from you, maybe they'll do something. I think you have to go to the school boards. You have to have a way to come up with better funding that replaces [the] funding that the schools get because they sell so many of these drinks. So when you go and say “No more vending machines with these lousy drinks,” think of [creative] ways that you can help the school systems so that they can have what they require to maintain the money for their budgets.
            Are there any questions or comments on these subjects before we launch into our rosary? Yes. I would like us to start a campaign as a Hearts Center movement to do this, to really change the school systems. I know grades will go up. I know it will happen. So go ahead.

Student:  In reference to the salts, I believe if we look at the ancient salts, such as the Himalayan salt crystals, that will amplify the original blueprint of the planet and therefore our original biological process that we're trying to restore. And by passing the aqua-teal ray through that pink crystal, we are coming up with an alchemy that will revitalize the thymus and therefore feed the entire system.
            I've been experiencing the fact that the thymus, at least for me, is my physical aspect of the energy of my heart and that it actually educates the immune system so that it can stand up and identify that which is not pure and whole and is able to then bring an enhanced intelligence, or divine intelligence, into the biochemical world. So again, salts. Also Real Salt, I understand, is another product. I am thinking and seeing that if we even had images of these salt crystals, we could then pass our consciousness through [them]. And so there are various forms. These are uniquely different crystal forms than what is available in regular salt, for instance, even regular sea salt. So Real Salt is another product and perhaps Celtic salt. [Those] are the three. And also there is a book that's been recently released that talks about over 100 or 150 different forms of salt, and I think that there's a language in that, a biological language that perhaps we could learn from.
            And finally, one way of assimilating salt biologically is to take the crystal salt and put it into a cup of water, a pint of water, and it will dissolve down if you put enough salt into that pure 28-percent level of sea salt. That's where our blood is supposed to be. And then you take a tablespoon of that a day and just eat it, just this liquid, this water, the salt that's dissolved into the liquid. It's called Sole, s-o-l-e. And I found the formula for that on the Swanson vitamin website. They import the Himalayan salt, and they will tell you how to do this.

David:  Great, great. Mona and I use Himalayan salt every day. It's pink. It's pinkish in color. Many of you have used it. It's absolutely awesome. You can get these little grinders and you grind it and put it on your food. It's healthful. It's not like bad salt, the salt that's been compromised. They add sugar to [that]. They add de-caking agents so it flows easier. Himalayan salt is the way to go. And you're absolutely right. Everything you said was right on. And the Himalayan salt, when we take it, carries the consciousness of the lamas and those in the Himalayas and we imbibe that, and it does help to restabilize the earth, the catalytic energy of the earth, [which] is essential for the golden age to come. When we have this proper salt balance and saline solution within us—look at what they feed people in IVs. It's a saline solution. You have to have the right salt in order to survive. Okay,           .

Student:  I just wanted to clarify regarding the Sole. Not everybody could take a tablespoon. Not everybody could even take a teaspoon. I would start with half a teaspoon of Sole and build up to what you feel comfortable with. A big person handles more; a smaller person handles less than a teaspoon.

David:  Okay, good. It's wise to gradually do it and not overdo it initially.           .

Student:  [inaudible]

David:             is passing around a little Valor so you can test it. And somebody over here had—           would like to say something. I'm glad we have very conscious and wise health practitioners here.

Student:  I would just like to say that we've had many, many mothers of children come into our store that were beside themselves. The children were running the house, and these were four-year-olds, because of the sugar. And I remember one situation where we had a four-year-old child that was climbing the walls and putting everything down the toilet and flushing it and screaming and hollering if she didn't get her way and just continual movement, couldn't  go to bed at night, couldn't sleep couldn't take a nap. And I challenged the parents just to go for one week without anything with sugar in it and they were to call me every day to make sure that the item didn't have sugar in it. And at the end of that one week this child was so different that the kids next door finally came out and peered around the corner and thought maybe they would talk to her. But the whole family calmed down just getting that child off of sugar for one week. And this is so common. If people [that you're talking to] are ever overwhelmed, just say, “Just try it for seven days, that's all.” And help them know, because people don't realize sugar is in everything, especially the fructose. It's a cheap preservative.

David: Thank you,           . So the sugar that we have processed on this earth is a plot to compromise our Christhood. You can write that down. The processed sugar on this earth is a substance that the dark ones have purposefully engineered to destabilize, debilitate us as lightbearers and to compromise our integrity and our ability to a carry and hold and distribute light. That's what the sugar is. And if you consider yourself a disciple, a chela par excellence, you will gain the mastery of yourself by avoiding too many sweets, and eventually all sweets except for natural sugars and fruits and things like that. It's a major test for lightbearers, because we're angels, most of us, and we like sweet things. [laughter.] Right? Okay.

Student:  I would like to report a victory. [I didn't] really [have any] involvement in it, but is was a victory at a Montessori school in McAllen, Texas, that has gotten rid of all their soda machines, got[ten] rid of all their sugar, got[ten] rid of the coffees, everything in there. [applause] What they have started using is the Himalayan salt. They've also been using honey for a little bit of sweetener and all that. [They] have now been rated the number-one day care and preschool in the county. And a lot of the children have come there. They've gotten calm because of how they're feeding them, and it seems like the children are becoming healthier through that.

David: Absolutely. It's common sense. And if we did this universally, we would see a dramatic change in the educational system as a whole and our society as a whole. Okay, one more comment and then we have to do our prayers.            ? It's important to us for us to have this discussion. We pray a lot and yet sometimes these discussions are really important.

Student:  I'm in that 25 percent of the population that's sugar sensitive. So for us fruit is not good. It's almost straight sugar, even though it's some nice fiber and some phytonutrients. So really laying low on fruits is ideal for us or having it with some other food, a little bit.

David:  Yes, some fruits, especially if they're not organic and if they're too sweet, can also impact you. So you have to see what you can handle. And typically the diet of the adepts is really more of a macrobiotic type of diet, not strictly macrobiotic necessarily, but primarily live food and not too many fruits either. And fruit juices can be really intense for some people.           .

Student:  When I went to Hippocrates in about 2000, they used—this is regarding salt—they used Bragg's proteins for salt.            and I have used it since then, and it's been great, so I think that also works.

David:  Bragg's protein. Yeah, we use that too.

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