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David Lewis      June 18, 2011

David C. Lewis Discourse
June 18, 2011   8:00-8:28 am  MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Sacramento, California

The Heart

The heart—a holy chamber housing sacred fleur-de-lis,
Conductor of our Presence' most effulgent energy,
  A living altar upon which eternal deeds are won,
A ruby vortex replica of Alpha's blazing sun,
Where mysteries of creation of our lives are held in store,
Where secrets of our Higher Selves abide forevermore,
Roseate spear where Eros' angels posit crystal flows,
Where unfed flame's rekindling light of love expands and glows.

Pulse out. Pulse in. Expand. Contract. A cosmic dance is sung
Intelling essence streaming forth does balance yin and yang.
Love's power, trained by wisdom, fans the formula we need,
For only when in harmony may one of these succeed.
And when our lives are governed by that wee small voice within,
Every failure turns to vict'ry, every hardship spells a win.
Though surgeons seek to know the secret of this puzzling prize,
No instrument can probe its mystery, hid from human eyes.

But could all men's attention turn within, the light to see,
All outer strife and senseless struggle would forever flee.
And in a child's sweet loving face its meaning is revealed,
Its signature—a carefree smile—has sullen souls repealed.
And those who've now ascended to the greatest heights above
Have ope'd this holy chamber and expressed the power of love.
“The kingdom is within!” he cried. “Look not for outer sign,
But enter now your own bless'd heart, which truly is divine.”

            I penned this poem titled "The Heart" on July 21st, 1988, almost 23 years ago. And I love this poem, I believe it was prophetic of what I would be engaged in with the Brotherhood in these days. I found the teachings of the ascended masters through The Summit Lighthouse in 1974. So this was fourteen years after that time. Look where we have come in our focus on the heart through our Hearts Center movement.
            We speak of heartfriends. We speak of heart-centeredness. We speak of the heart-mind connection and now the heart-soul connection. The heart, through all of its wisdom, is the key to experiencing our divinity within ourselves. Truly the heart is a holy chamber. And that secret chamber within us is a place, a sacred space we can enter any time that we desire inspiration, we desire to give devotion to God, we desire to learn the secrets of our own beingness as sentient, conscious Solar Beings.
            The Hearts Center movement and our Hearts Center community worldwide is an experiment of the hierarchy, the Brotherhood of Light, whereby we, as disciples of the ascended masters, can learn, through the application of the divine sciences of light, how we can transform ourselves and our Earth so that all can experience a golden-crystal age.
            The Age of Aquarius is upon us; it is an age of the heart. We are returning to first principles and divine values that incorporate the heart's wisdom into daily life. We are becoming more emotionally intelligent, which means that we are learning to use the resource of our heart in ways that ennoble all life, that bring Christic and prismatic consciousness into play in the world, that allow all of the divine virtues, the qualities of the Godhead, to flow through us in a natural expression of beauty, comfort, peace.
            The heart, our heart, is always connected to God's heart so long as we remember our Source and enter into co-creation with the Great One, the Creator of all. An inner knowingness of who we are comes when we are heart-centered. Our true divine knowledge of God flows to us when we enter our heart and seek to commune with our great Beloved I AM God Presence.
            The heart is a living altar, and the place of the altar is a place where we alter, or change, our lives and all that is, through divine experimentation, which is alchemy. The heart is a conductor of our Presence' energy. It is at the center of our being and all life flows through it. It is a ruby vortex, a portal to Alpha and Omega's blazing sun. Secrets of our Higher Selves are hid within our heart, just as Mother Mary kept all these things, all these divine secrets communicated to her by her angel friends, within her heart. Our hearts are roseate spheres where angels can come and deposit crystal flowers and flows, seed patterns of light from higher octaves.
            The unfed flame within us is rekindled each day as we enter into our prayer and meditation services. And love, the light of love, expands and glows and grows ever within us as we offer ourselves, day by day, to the Divine One. There is a pulsing action of light as a cosmic dance that manifests through our chakras and especially through our heart when we are engaged in the science of divine living. And this intelling essence of our God nature, of our Godhood, streams forth into and through and around us, balancing the Alpha and Omega, the yin and the yang, the Father/Mother principles, the masculine/feminine nature of our own Selfhood in God.
            The sacred formula of love, wisdom and power balanced is the key through harmony to our success. And when our lives are governed by the Christic voice, conscience, the still small voice within us, then we are always victorious; and our challenges are simply a means for our overcoming. Our initiations are learning lessons, opportunities for growth.
Humanly, through materialistic science, surgeons of today will never truly discover the inner mysteries of how our higher heart—the chakra that works through our human heart—really works. Yet those who probe the divine mysteries through higher vision and understanding do discover the secrets of the heart and unlock those mysteries of divine grace.
            All outer strife and struggle ceases when we turn our attention within, gaze upon our own God Presence and the heart of our great Beloved and learn how to live in presence, magnanimously, virtuously, with great blessedness whereby we bless life because we are living in our divine nature. We discover the secrets of our own hearts through our childlike nature, and we remember the carefree attitude that we have had as children—playing, singing, laughing and being in the Now—not concerned about the morrow and the burdens and cares of the world but living in the reality of our true nature, knowing our own soul as a signature of the Divine.
            Every ascended master who has ascended to the greatest heights of perfection has opened and quickened this holy chamber and learned how to express the highest form of love—love of humanity, love through service, love through selfless action and a stupendous fire of sacrifice that is not really one that disinvests ourselves but invests ourselves in our highest potential to be.
            Jesus gave the key when he said, "The kingdom of God is within you."
1 And how people have forgotten and look outside for their Source, for appreciation, sensory titillation, fulfillment. All the secrets of life and all that we require are within us. And whether we are locked up in a jail cell or walking alone somewhere, we still have the ability through our hearts to experience God because no one can take away from us the inner secret work that we do in the silence of our soul's reality.
            Our hearts are the sacred vessels through which we experience true love—God love, Aquarian love, masterful love, magnanimous, heart-fired, expressive love. Our creativity flows through our hearts, which then blends with our minds, our vision, our imagination to bring about a higher order of divine blessedness.
            When we smile, our hearts are opened, and we in turn help others to open their hearts. There is a massaging of our hearts when we smile. And when we engage in the lifting up of our voices in song, that smile expands and the angels enter into our auric field because whenever a soul sings something beautiful, expressive of the Divine, the choirs of heaven listen and hear. And they smile and they come to see, to witness what is manifesting through these sons and daughters of God on Earth. And just by their very attention and presence upon us when we sing songs of mindful beauty and grace, the angels augment what we share through our voices with their divine resources.
            As I hear the voices of different heartfriends, I can tell when people are speaking through their hearts. And likewise you have discerned when people are simply mouthing things, words through their brains. What a difference. We know the truth when the truth is spoken through the real stream of beingness that emanates through the heart. We feel that truth. We feel the pulse and the pulsation of the virtue and the reality of the words, the Word through the words, when that word is spoken with grace, intention and a depth of feeling and holy emotion to behold God and to express God.
            Our Hearts Center community is expanding and will continue to expand as many catch the wave of celestial, sacred fire, heart-centered love that we all share. We've coined the term "heartsharing." What a beautiful concept. We may say many words or few words. What's important is the heart-action that is expressed through our sharing. When that expression is radiant because it is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, then it has the élan to change, to transform, to transmute anything less than perfection into the glorious reality of God's eternal light. We are all ministering servants of the Most High when we live through our hearts. We are all sacred servitors of the holy will of God when that will is tempered by the streaming action of heart love. We've coined the term "heartstreams" and "heartstreaming"—another beautiful concept. For truly when we are co-creative, when we are giving, a stream of light can be seen by clairvoyants flowing through our hearts and auric fields.
            When a child prays spontaneously from the heart, a strong connection is made between that heart and the heart of the Great Central Sun because there is no chaff  between the energy of the intention and the simplicity and the beauty of that heart-fire light coming from the child that clouds or distorts or in any way diverts the gaze, the attention of the great beloved God to that child's being. When we are child-like and we fan the flame of living love within us, we make a stronger connection between our hearts and the heart of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun.
            If you desire greater power, siddhis, spiritual energy, spend more time communing with God's heart and doing so from within the center of your being. You will feel God's fire, you will know God's reality, you will sense God's instructive wisdom and gnosis coming to you from within that secret chamber of beingness. When we are in the praise mode whereby Spirit moves us rather than [it being] we attempting to do the work, then we learn the secret of cosmic change, true alchemy through flow.
            We move with that Spirit, we surf with the celestial streams of light that come to our planet and to ourselves and we are engulfed in the Aha! Voilà! experiences of life by our quickened and awakened selfhood. Our eyes are open; our chakras are cleared. We become those holy vessels of light that we have decided long ago to be by our inner vows, by our commitments, by our promises as keepers of the light and of the lightning.
            Every grace of the Spirit may be and is ours when we live through our hearts, when we are heart-centered, when we are heart-mindful. We have formed a beautiful community, though virtual. We are moving into a new era, even now, of preparing for the investment of our energies in a collectivity, in a community—tangible, physical communities. It may start with one and two or three. When the seed of love and heart-centeredness is there, that will be the key to the crystallization of a true Community of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we may have our guidelines of behavior and our processes formed for conflict resolution and, hopefully, beyond that, simply for the divine solution to solve puzzling questions as we grow. When the Holy Spirit through love is present, then the community will have a divine resource to expand. And only when there is love and God-love present in the center, at the core of these communities will they be successful and expand.
            I look forward to being with all of you at our World Freedom Conference 2011 in Frontenac. I can feel already the building by the precious elementals of their own sacred flowfield. And the angels are already working because of our prayers for that event to surround that land in light and to bring about every opportunity for every heartfriend who will be present to receive the God-glory and the resources that they require for this next phase, this next cycle of light of their beings.
            God bless you, each one. Have a most wonderful day and weekend. And I look forward also to being with you tomorrow for our Kuthumi class on Kindness.

1. Luke 17:21

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