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Maha Chohan      June 12, 2011

Blessed Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
June 12, 2011   8:19-8:28 am MDT
Anchorage, Alaska
Broadcast through Phoenix, Arizona


It Is the Way of the Intrepid Ones to Continue Moving and Climbing

I Will Goad You to Climb Higher to Know a New Energy of the Spirit

Beloved Ones,
           I, the Maha Chohan, am here with you personally this day, for you have let your heart's voice be heard within heaven as you have engaged in offering the word through you to the Word who is the All.
            Mindfully we move, we stream, we flash forth and we drive our sacred vessel of light into the domain of Spirit. Yes, you are all vessels of virtue, dearest ones, as you seek to model the Holy Spirit's flow through the flowering of your heart through love each day. I have spoken through the messenger of these sacred gifts, and you have received new understandings of how these gifts may find their way into your lives through conscious living and through the ennoblement of who you are as a God-realized one this day and every day.

            It is your choice what gift to express in the moment of the Now with each one with whom you interact, with whom you choose to work, cherish and love. And in an intimate conversation with me, I will be present, moving through your chakras, blessing life through your sacred work, originating new conceptual realities through your mind that bring awareness to a new crescendo, a new divine plateau of sacred experience.
            Yet, dearest hearts, do not, I ask, be complacent in living at a certain level too long. For I will again move you into higher planes and dimensions of experience by goading you to climb higher to see a new vista, to know a new energy of the Spirit. It is the way of the intrepid ones to continue moving and climbing, to know new mountain fastnesses, to experience new sunsets and new dawns from different mountaintops and experiences. Those of you who are the climbing ones, who have attended through each step and each breath to perceive what God-reality awaits you in the Now know who I am. For I have been there within every breath, every step carefully taken, mindfully modeled.
            Yes, dearest ones, the Master Omraam has spoken plainly, clearly to you today through David.¹ And all that I can express is here now within your heart for you to know as you choose to live in light, as you desire to accommodate God within the room of the inner temple of your being. You were fashioned in the image and likeness of the One—perfect, crystalline, glorious. Focus on this rather than something less. For when you are mindful of your true divine nature, the beauty of your soul and spirit, then God and God's Holy Spirit may sing and move and dance through you.
            Yes, blessed hearts, in this mindful state of union through co-mmunion, you build community, you increase the ratio of light amongst all light workers, and the sacred becomes the norm within your experience daily. The alleluia experience through your voice, through your laughter, through the levity that you experience when you sing and play with God is awesome to behold from our realms. For even we ascended beings revel in the “aha! ha-ha!” experiences that you know, dearest hearts.
            Through your lives of virtue, through the legends that you are leaving as a legacy of light of your path home to the heart of the One, I breathe now the breath, the fire of God, the higher fire that will inspire you unto your oneness. [The Maha Chohan inhales and exhales three times.]

            Breathe deeply and en-joy God. Enjoin God, through your joy, to your heart. For that is where you will always experience the Sun Presence of the One. I thank you.

1.  Before this HeartStream the Master Omraam gave a HeartStream that was also broadcast through Phoenix.

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