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David Lewis      May 26, 2011

David C. Lewis Discourse  (Inspired by the Holy Spirit)
May 26, 2011   7:34-8:01am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Gift of Knowledge

“Know Thy Self”
To Know God Is to Know Our Self as God
Accessing the Keys to the Kingdom through Meditation, Silence and Stillness

            Lately I have been sharing some discourses on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And one that I would like to speak of today is the gift of knowledge. We think of knowledge as somewhat of a mental activity that we engage in. We also know that gnosis is true knowledge, which is experiential, which allows us to enter into the mind of God and our own higher mind, our  Christic mind, our Buddhic mind, in order to truly grok, or know, God, ourselves, anything.
            You may have heard of the Crystal Children and those who are incarnating now who have a natural disposition to know deep things because their minds are unfettered. They have a crystal clarity about their consciousness, which allows them to attune to any vibration that is required in order to cognize, or know, the answer to anything.
           As ascended beings, when you desire to know anything, simply by mentally asking, the answer is instantaneous and comes to you from the universal mind of God. It is God's great pleasure to give you the kingdom¹ and the answer—the keys of the kingdom.² The kingdom is the dominion of the king; and the king holds the key to the incarnation of God. And so if it is God's great desire and pleasure to give us the kingdom, dominion within his kinship, then God, of course, will provide answers to us.
            In the spontaneity of our youthfulness and zest for life, we can learn and discern anything by asking. Yet many people fail to ask, or they do not know how to ask, or they ask somewhat peevishly from a viewpoint and a vantage point that they won't really receive the answer because they think that God will not give it to them—it is too mysterious; it is too awesome; it is too deep; it is unfathomable. In reality, the answers to everything are simple when they come through the heart and the heart-mind connection that we make with the Divine when we are in our true Selfhood and our Presence.
            How do we develop the gift of knowledge? By listening and being still and attuning to the universal mind. What happens in meditation? This is exactly what may occur if you are focused and if you can still your breathing, can still the mental processes—the lower mind processes, or the brain processes of the monkey mind—and allow the higher mind to then resonate through your being and provide you with that resource, that holy, divine energy field that allows you to be able to cognize at a higher frequency and know anything within that framework of the mind of God. 
            Now, it talks in the Nag Hammadi text the Apocalypse of Paul about how Paul went up into the seventh heaven. What really transpired then? He was taken up in a whoosh, in a spiritual experience that was nirvanic, into a higher domain where he had access to higher knowing, higher gnosis, within this Presence of the mind of God. From that vantage point, he could see, cognize, feel, hear, taste and touch the higher domains of beingness within the etheric plane and higher etheric planes in order to know things which he then could bring back to humanity and teach about, preach about. 
            Had he not had the experience of being blinded in the presence of the great light of the causal body and the emanations of the Christ from the heart of Jesus, who had already made his resurrection, he would not have had the ability to transcend into those higher dimensions and planes and speak with, commune with, communicate with the Christ of Jesus and his higher ascended master light body. And yet this he did and became, really, the preeminent disciple, even though he had not physically met Jesus or interacted with him as the other apostles had. He became one through him, and a vast amount of teaching came forth. And though there is some teaching that some consider somewhat Piscean to this day, but which has been possibly misinterpreted, Paul had access to that mind of Christ which was beautiful. And now as Hilarion, of course, he has the pure vision of a chohan, which is this beautiful access to higher thoughtforms, higher mindfulness.
            To know God is to really know our Self as God, our Self with a capital S. Developing the gift of knowledge requires that we first go within and know our Self at the deepest levels. We do this through meditation. We do this through contemplation, through a time of silence and reflection. What is reflection? It is stilling the pool, the water within our emotional body, so that the divine reflection of who we are as God beings can be brought to bear through our time of stillness and silence and we can see clearly. When a pool of water is still, it creates a perfect mirror in which we can see the sky and things that are reflected in it. If it is troubled—the water is troubled because our emotional body is not still—then we cannot really cognize, feel, see and know the true reflection of Spirit, because there is that inharmony manifesting within the pool and we can't see the reflection.
            The I AM THAT I AM is the perfect reflection, as Above, so below. I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM, and I AM THAT I AM. And so to know ourselves and to enter into our Presence, we feel both aspects of that divine statement, that cosmic affirmation I AM THAT I AM: I know God and God knows me, and in this knowingness we are complete. The mystical aspects of this ancient maxim, “as Above, so below”, are perfectly incorporated within the name of God I AM THAT I AM. And yet how often do we reflect on that, muse on that and accept our divine nature, the permanent atom of our true being right here within our reference point of life? We constantly think of ourselves as less than God. And yet when we have the true knowingness of our Selfhood, when we know our Self—“Man, know thy Self,” with a capital S,  know thy God Self—then we know the answer to any question that comes up, that arises, and we have full access to that beautiful, beautiful mind of God.
            I am always amazed when I read the words of El Morya through any true dispensation, because I feel his mindfulness. I understand the depth of his perception, his cognition, his true knowingness of that mind of God, which he has been so invested in communicating with, knowing and entering into, that that effulgence of the mind of God oozes through his Presence. The same with Lord Maitreya, with Jesus, with Gautama, with any true Buddha, because in their higher mindfulness, in that Buddhic awareness they have tapped into that holy resource of light that allows for the most sublime, beautiful cosmic renderings of divine thought and cosmic ideation to occur.
            So the gift of knowledge is ours if we accept it. We can know anything instantaneously by being still and having enough of that sublime stillness that through the divine reflection of the reflecting pool of our awareness, the answer from the Divine arises instantaneously within our higher mind. We, then, can feel and know and see and hear and taste and touch through our higher senses when we have developed our ability to use those senses to perceive as our God Self perceives. Most people have a cloud of unknowing that separates their human consciousness from the divine consciousness such that that they cannot understand the higher emanations that are constantly flowing to them from their God Presence, because they have not allowed that divine mindfulness to be theirs. The key to accessing it is silence and stillness.
            What was Gautama doing under the Bo tree, the Bodhi tree? In the stillness of his holy meditation upon the One, he penetrated beyond the veil and then was awakened to a new divine nature of holy Buddhic thought and beingness. He then brought this teaching back and facilitated the instruction of humanity through the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path and later the Ten Perfections of the Law.
            What was Jesus doing in the wilderness for forty days? Very much the same thing. He was cognizing through his Christic mind what God had as the plan for his lifestream and fasting in such a way that he allowed that higher mindfulness to alight upon him—within his heart, within his being—so that he could bring to humanity a great teaching on compassion, kindness and forgiveness and move the model of the Arian Age law of karma, “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,”³ to a new, transcendent way of loving compassion of the Piscean Age.
            What is God saying, communicating to us right now today? It is for us to discern through this beautiful gift of knowledge. This gift of knowledge allows us to be aware of what is occurring around us at all times. We create the sacred space around us through our auric field, through which we can be very mindful of the needs of others with whom we interact. We can be mindful of where people are in consciousness so that we can communicate lovingly with them at the level that they are comfortable with. We can know what we are required to know in any given situation in order to be that comfort flame of the Holy Spirit. It takes a great listening skill to do this.
            Listening and stillness are key in developing each and every one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. We can develop the gift of faith by listening to the will of God and discerning that will of God. We can develop the gift of wisdom by being still and allowing that higher mindfulness through that gift to be ours. We can develop the gift of discernment through stillness; the gift of tongues by listening to the voice of angels and of the higher tongues of the Spirit; the gift of the interpretation of tongues by listening carefully to what we hear so that we can righteously interpret what we are hearing from that higher mindfulness. We can develop the gift of prophecy and healing through stillness as we attend to the cosmic cycles through which prophecy speaks to us, which is the return of karma. And we can see with crystal clarity what may occur, based on the cycles of time and space outpictured as the return of karma, in what we would call the future within the great eternal Now. And, of course, healing always requires us to listen to what is occurring within, and within others for whom we may be the instrument of healing. Any true physician—one who understands the maxim “Know thyself”—knows his God Self in order to be attuned to what is essential to help others with their healing, with their greater wholeness.
            The gift of knowledge may seem to be a lesser gift to some, when you consider prophecy, tongues, healing, interpretation of tongues and these seemingly higher gifts that require the development of the crystal rays and of the higher quintessences of the Spirit, the siddhis of the East, the Buddhic higher faculties. And yet, when we really discern what this gift of knowledge is, we understand that it is present, at one level, within all of the gifts, I believe; because when we first know what is transpiring in life—through our true knowing, our true knowledge—we then can move into the other gifts easily.
            Whenever, by the grace of God, I have been the instrument for the release of teaching through darshans, what I have seen and felt and known is that only through silence and simply listening to what God will convey and speak does the most beautiful teaching come forth. If I have my mental mind engaged in any way—David's brain and mental activity—that becomes an imposition on God. It becomes a distraction to what could manifest. It becomes something that thwarts the divine experience of holy revelation.
            The gift of knowing and of knowledge is truly one whereby God reveals what is essential to be revealed to us through this beautiful connectivity of God's heart and mind with ours. I think it would be great for all of us to have a little reminder on our mirrors, or on our refrigerators, or wherever, that simply says “Know thy Self.” And make that s a capital S. Really reflect on what this means, to know our Self.
            Yes, we know our human propensities. We know our human faults, habit patterns, predilections, idiosyncrasies, all of these things about ourselves that we at times despair of. And in our commiseration with our ego center, our lower self, our not-self, we realize the despair that comes when we are not in our Presence, because we feel disempowered within our human nature. It is when we are connected, when we are free to truly know our Self that we feel the vitality, the empowerment, the true beingness of our God Self and of who we truly are. It is important for us to know who we are, because from this state of Self-realization, we move into our true adeptship, our Godhood, our mastery of everything. 
            Every ascended master reached the point of beingness where he or she knew himself, herself as God. This may have occurred through great humility, through great self-sacrifice and givingness. And yet in that self-sacrifice and givingness, there was the point that came of Self-realization because the lesser self was surrendered, the not-self let go of, the human ego sublimated, and the divine ego took its perfect place within the life of the being so that that one transcended all human limitations and entered into a state of divine perfectionment and true God-glory.
            We can develop a certain amount of our higher mindfulness by clearing away our karma using the violet light and giving these prayers and decrees and invocations. But it is not complete simply by decreeing. There must be time of reflection, silence, meditation and stillness in order to allow that divine process of the connection of our mind with the higher mind of God to occur. Many people have mastered the science of invocation, or they think they have, because they can say words and decree fast; they feel the radiation; they feel the empowerment that comes through the Word. Yet how many have truly mastered themselves, overcome everything of their lower nature to the point where they are true masters?
            Within this movement of The Hearts Center, I believe that we are given keys to our true adeptship and self-mastery. When we utilize them—through thoughtfulness, heart-centeredness, a new level of kindness that allows us to be in kinship with the Divine—we can develop and receive, by the grace of God, many of these gifts of the Holy Spirit, by which and through which we can then move forward to serve life, to set life free, all life.
            The purpose of having the gifts of the Holy Spirit is not so that we can be thought well of or pump up our own pride. They are all there in order for us to be of service and to love others compassionately and give these gifts freely from the heart of God. If we utilize any of these gifts in any way selfishly, they will recede and we will have to learn the lesson of humility once again. Humility originally facilitated the bestowal of the gifts. To maintain any gift of the Holy Spirit, one must have true humility.

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