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David Lewis      May 16, 2011

David C. Lewis Discourse
May 16, 2011   8:40-9:01 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Gift of Healing

Healing Is a Science of the Holy Spirit
Natural Healing Processes Must Return to Mankind
The Science of the Sun Is Essential for Modern Medicine to Utilize

            Good morning, everyone. May the blessings of Christ and Buddhic peace, the power of your Presence flow through your lifestream today as you engage in the alchemy of the Spirit through your life lived to the glory of God.
            A few days ago I spoke of one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, discernment, a very, very important gift. I would like to speak today on the gift of healing, for we have begun a new cycle within our Hearts Center movement of wholeness services and have [been speaking] of [healing] from a new light, a new perspective.
           The gift of healing involves [using] the gift[s] of perception, attunement and wisdom [so] that when we are engaged in assisting other lifestreams, we take into consideration the laws of cause and effect, what is possible within our domain to bring forth so that the laws of the universe are not abrogated—the law of karma—and we are working toward the highest outcome for a soul, [in addition to] that soul's body temple and experience in time and space.
           There are all manner of healing technologies now. The Holy Spirit, as the Comforter, desires us to have a life experience that is blessed, that is bountiful and that is wrapped in God's love and light and abundance. [Therefore] when any methodology is used with the right motive to ease pain, to assuage suffering, and when love is present at the core of the offering of the particular mode of the transfer of energy or of healing light, then that methodology can be used by God, by the Holy Spirit to bring forth wholeness, healing, presence, peace, the restoration of a framework through which the soul can evolve and manifest its highest potential.
            Regardless of the methodology, if the motive, the intention, is pure and the practitionerhaving studied and made him[self] or herself acceptable in the eyes and in the heart of God through self-sacrifice and through givingness and through humilitybecomes that conduit for the transfer of energy, then miracle manifestations may occur, instantaneous healing can be had, and a greater level of wholeness may be bestowed upon an individual than heretofore had manifested because love, through that power of the Holy Spirit, is present.
            Now, in some of the newer Aquarian technologies of healing, there is no longer so much a reliance upon and a focus upon symptoms and the specifics of why or where a pain, an anomaly is occurring. The practitioner and the Holy Christ/Buddha Self of the patient or the individual, in alignment with [that one's] God Presence and the God Presence of the practitioner, can focus an aura of wholeness that allows for this blessing to occur, that brings about peace, harmony, understanding and compassion at the highest Buddhic and Atmic levels.
           Many of the current technologies utilized in the healing field, especially in materia medica, involve diagnosis [to] ascertain exactly what is occurring within [the various systems of the body of] an individual, energetically [and] microscopically, in order to know what is causing the issue, the pain, the problem, the disease. And by discerning the specificity of [the problem,] measures can be taken, substances [can be] introduced [and] changes [can be made] [to]  bring about restoration of wholeness. Now, in many cases, this is still essential.  Yet the highest spiritual aspects of healing take into account the total person, the energy field of the aura, the four lower bodies and the higher bodies, [and the] focusing [up]on light, especially solar radiation, [and] can cut to the chase and have such a transformative and transmutative effect upon the entire being that the etheric blueprint is again manifest within that person's life [and] radiating through [that one]. The natural processes of healing from within and from above [that] ensue [may be such] that the individual [either] moves gradually or a great shift occur[s] [almost] instantaneously whereby all the pain and the suffering is relieved and [the person is] again happy, whole, expressive of great joy and in [his] full integrity.
            The ascended masters know all that is occurring within our lifestreams. They see karmically why conditions are as they are, why disease is manifesting. Of course, in each and every situation it is because of our choices; and every choice really is a conscious choice, whether we are in ignorance or not. We choose by our diet—by what we take in and assimilate day after day over many weeks, months, years and even lifetimes—those energies and substances that result in either health and well-being or something less. We can choose to change, to shift our awareness, our consciousness and introduce into our system, into our sacred body temple energies, substances, through our food and diet, that are [conducive] to perfect health and well-being. Or we can choose something less. And then by our choices, we see the results, the karma, or the effect, of those choices.
            No one else is to blame for our health or vitality but us—not our parents, not the doctor or the practitioner, not our environment and [not] even our DNA, because our DNA, really, is a result of our past choices and past lives. We choose our parents because of the propensities that they have within the framework of their life [that will help] us to work out our salvation, our self-elevation, through our life. There may be weaknesses within our body temple, as a result of our DNA, that we have chosen purposefully in order to grow, to overcome and to manifest beingness by striving in certain ways [to] learn our lessons.
            Healing is an important science of the Holy Spirit. The righteous and judicious use of energies and [the employment of] the gifts of the Spirit within the context of a particular lifestream's current state can make the difference [as to whether healing occurs.] [Yet the improper use of energies and a disregard for the workings of the Holy Spirit can,] in some cases, block the fulfillment of [someone's] karma and dharma. Therefore a practitioner must always ask for the highest and holiest will, wisdom and love of God to manifest through what is spoken, what is shared, what is offered to a particular lifestream within [the practioner's] mode of healing, technology [and]  methodology.
            I love it when practitioners pray before a session and always ask for God's will to be done and [that] there to be no transfer of human energies from [themselves] to the patient through touch or through the unconscious, but that [only] the highest light-energies of Source be bestowed. [These] practitioner[s] [understand that they are] the instrument of the Spirit, simply a vessel through which the light of healing may flow. If this one particular teaching could be conveyed in every institute of higher learning where healing medicine is taught, it would avoid a heap of troubles. [With this understanding,] doctors, physicians, practitioners would take more time to really get to know their patients. They would ask questions. They would discern, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the deeper causes behind what is transpiring and seek ways and means of assisting the soul, the lifestream in its entirety, to move into higher consciousness, higher choices and options that will bring to [that one] vitality—spiritual vitality as well as physical, emotional [and] mental vitality.
            We must all be careful what we offer as advice to others, for we do not humanly know all that is acting within  [people's] [lives] and experience and the interplay of karma and all of the dynamics of the relationships that are involved. It would be better that we hold a space of wholeness and perfection and peace and beauty and God-glory for an individual, seeing the light flowing through [the person] and through us, rather than offering some new system [or] multilevel opportunity that we think, because of our excitement, will change that person or [bring] wholeness.
            All of these [modalities], in certain contexts, will work when there is faith, belief and acceptance within the lifestream[s] that a particular substance, a concentrated essence will work for them. Their own belief and acceptance is powerful. We know [of] the placebo effect and how people [taking] even sugar pills will return to wholeness because of their own belief [that] what is in that pill can help them. Well, if this is true, why not look to the source? Let us, of course, look to our God Presence as the source of everything.
             We, [our bodies], can distill directly from sunlight within our being, when we know how to do it, the specific substances that will counteract diseases, even cancers and major debilitating diseases. The science of the sun is so essential for modern medicine, and future medicine, to understand, accept and utilize that when it does, this entire earth will be changed and the health and vitality of society as a whole will return.
            If there is one point of advice you can give to anyone for healing, it is to befriend the sun—to learn about and from the sun, to seek out the sun and its rays, appropriately [and] at the proper times. [You can also advise people] to be in nature, to breathe deeply, to drink pure water, to have enough rest, sleep and exercise and [to partake of] all things that are [ex]pressive of the Spirit within [their] lives. The Spirit, through the natural processes of nature, will work its perfect work within us when we allow it.
            I have always advocated, and from an early childhood I have known, the integrity of the natural healing processes and modes that must return to mankind as the norm rather than the exception. The current state of medicine across America and the world is diabolical, in my opinion, in its desire [to] simply alleviate pain through drugs, through aspects of science and technologies that can [relieve symptoms, but] do not cut to the chase, to the core issues at hand.
            So the Holy Spirit knows best what is essential for any lifestream in its healing, in its wholeness. Ask the Holy Spirit, allow the Holy Spirit to move through you and through clients, patients, loved ones for the highest outcome, and you will be victorious.
            God bless you. Have a wonderful day and week. Bye-bye.

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