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Unnamed Master From the East      May 13, 2011

Unnamed Master from the East 
David C. Lewis
May 13, 2011   8:01-8:24 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

I Offer My Causal Body to All Who Would Engage in a New Spirit of Joy in Delivering the Sacred Fire

Blessed Hearts, 
            By the power, wisdom, and love of God I am here with you, sending forth rays of purity into the earth and into your environment where you have consecrated the space in which you abide by your conscious Presence, one with God.  These sessions in which you engage the light energies of the Spirit with the ascended masters are awesome to behold for most of mankind on the inner planes. For you see, blessed ones, if through a heightened vision many could truly observe what is occuring as you engage heaven in this sacred affair of the Spirit, they would be amazed to see exactly what is transpiring—how numberless numbers of angels, cosmic beings, ascended masters, elementals and nature spirits work together to create a sacred flowfield that emanates throughout this world and beyond to other cosmic spheres. And in this alchemy of the sacred fire, many would be emboldened to also offer their heart's fires in this endeavor with you.
            Truly, the song of the Spirit as the "new song"1 spoken of in the Book of Revelation is what you are invoking and engaging in, blessed hearts. And it is creating and recreating your world now such that you may live as you are destined to live, as a God-conscious son or daughter of God, fully invested with the Solar radiance of your Sun Source, able, capable of maifesting the totality of your full potential in order to bring beauty, joy, grace and all of the spiritual energies of the Holy One into play through your conscious will, wisdom and love.
             I am an unnamed master from the East who has observed what is manifesting within this movement and  dispensation from high in the Himalyas. And I offer my Causal Body and my services and the abundance therein to each and every one of you who would engage in a new spirit of joy in delivering the sacred fire into all manner of arenas of action within this world and into the tiniest microscopic and microcosmic levels and arenas of life. For, blessed hearts, just as you see the trembling of the cosmos through the wave patterns of light that flow forth from your Solar Source into the farthest reaches of space and time, so these waves also interpenetrate into the tiniest essences of your own Selfhood within such that you may be enfired and recreated in this process even as you invoke light on behalf of the All. Change is wrought within you; alchemy occurs within.
             Now that you understand this dynamic through the courses taught through Meru University, you can move forward with a higher trajectory of light as you seek first to understand, to know and to master self, for herein lies the secret to all change at the planetary level. It is not so much, blessed hearts, that the force of your will, from the human standpoint, will change the outer world. It is your acceptance and the allowing of God to use you, to vibrate through you, to emanate within you the great Solar frequencies of God-conscious beingness that then, creating this change deep within you, set into motion the dynamic of change in all levels of manifestation, spheres of beingness, dimensions of being, gradations of consciousness.
             If I could give one point of spiritual advice to many of you within this movement, dearest ones, it would be to disinvest yourself from much of what you have learned of the past which no longer serves you in the cosmic moment of the Now in this new Buddhic awareness. For when you see yourself in the fighting mode against something else that you feel is evil, dark, dense or decrepid, something of that energy yet abides and resides within you to be resolved, transmuted and even accepted such that you may move onward on your path. The greatest Buddhist masters of ages past have realized within themselves this dynamic of Spirit where they took accountability for all, and in that station of beingness resolved all things. There was a sense of Cosmic Christ peace that flowed from them, and does unto this day. And in this spirit, their world is at peace. In this spirit, they are living in higher dimensions of God-conscious thought and presence. In this spirit, all is as it should be in a God-free state of purity and light.
            Those of you abiding in the solar plexus of this nation may take to heart this observation and study the science of being within the Atmic and Buddhic Self, observing when at times you feel disaccommodated, distracted or disinvested from your Solar Presence. You see, blessed ones, though you may give that call, "I Am the Sun", 144 times on the first of the month, what is truly required is that you know yourself as the Sun within and that the words that you speak have the reality of your essence manifesting through them. When you know you are a Sun, the Word, having become you, and you that Word, then you may emanate those Solar feelings of great joy, harmony and peace that recreate and resurrect your city, your world, your life in the Now of the Lord.
            A new culture is being created within this Earth through the conscious ones who employ Spirit in all that they engage in. Yes, the motor city may at sometime in the future morph into a different type of environment whereby the Solar frequencies of the new Golden-Crystal Age flow through all manner of new investments, new technologies, new enterprises and solar businesses, dearest ones. What has flowed from these environs has truly moved your civilization forward in one sense, and yet many of these technologies are outmoded within the new thought, the new beingness that is [being given] birth to in this hour of Earth's history.
            Therefore in your meditation, visualize the highest possibilities for solar communities, for happy souls, for victorious, divine enterprises that are emerging within the minds and hearts of men and women and children upon Earth.  See the restoration of community as an essential component to the victory of America and what the I Am Race as a whole is destined to outpicture within the great cities of this land which must become the cities of our God and of His Christ² during the change that is the cusp of the Age of Pisces moving into Aquarius in which you are living. Lanello, the Master Omraam and other Solar Lords are invested in your alchemy within Detroit such that you may realize, first within you, greater solfullness, s-o-l-f-u-l-l-n-e-s-s, to allow the sunlight of Cosmic Christ illumination to manifest where you are.
             Blessed hearts, the messenger has communicated some time ago that we desire to hold an event there with you.  
Your engagement together in these morning sessions, taking turns leading the prayers, being mindful of all that is transpiring in your environment and attempting to sync your voice, your light with others in this sacred work of the Spirit has brought forth a new harmony that we applaud. When there is a full engagement of all who can, by their free will choice, take part in this community alchemy and when you have mastered yourself to the point of being ready for this higher delivery of teaching in solar light, then the plans will be made, the place will be set, the time determined, and you will be living in a new joyous world of acceptance and God-glory when we come, when our voice is heard and all within that city is raised up by the power of the Son, the Eternal One.
            Prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare. Work while you have the light³ flowing though this one in embodiment. For though others may come after with other modes of delivery, with other messages of light, the long preparation of this soul to receive the impressions of Buddhic beingness from the highest octaves of light, dearest ones, is worthy of your acceptance, your support and the energies required to allow him to remain in embodiment, fulfilled in this work for as long as possible. The way that you personally may assist in the greatest manner is to become who you are as a solar being and fulfill all that has been vochsafed to you to manifest because you know the truth and the truth has set you free.4
            [The master sings for 55 seconds.] From a cosmic sphere of light within a solar world that I have visited to know the mind of God, I have drawn forth a new energy of solfullness that I invest within your being for your full attainment of godhood, your victory in the light such that your destiny may be known and fulfilled. I thank you.

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