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David Lewis      April 26, 2011

David C. Lewis Discourse
April 26, 2011   8:00-8:26 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

On the Aura

Expanding the Light in Our Auric Field to Evolve into a Greater Solar Reality
Employing the Panoramic Life Review in Our Daily Lives

This morning early I was meditating with El Morya and asking him what he would like to share about the aura. So I wrote some notes, [which] I'll read, and then talk extemporaneously.
            The past and the future appear within the aura. Why? There is no time within the higher spheres of awareness as we know it here in this dimension. And yet through the aura we see captured and displayed our past, present and future in a very discrete and symbolic form through an interplay of engrams, an array of colors, in gradations of light and shadow and even a type of multidimensional videography, [which] adepts whose inner vision is open and highly developed can see.
            Our book of life is our specific akashic record of how we have lived our numerous lifetimes, including the choices we've made, the victories we've had, who and what we've become, and of course much more. Now, we've heard of the life review. Within the last couple of weeks I shared [my] experience of [having] had on the inner, in the retreats of the Brotherhood, [a] life review and [seeing] an awesome panoramic display that was multidimensional, where I could feel everything that I [had] experienced in all my lifetimes through this time-lapse videography, as well as feel what everyone else with whom I [had] interacted could feel. You might think, well, how could you experience everything in all of your lifetimes when there are so many and this took hundreds and even thousands of years? Well, beyond time and space, through this encapsulation of the essence of what occurred within the lifetimes, you can experience that. So it's kind of interesting. And that's why I like that movie The Time Machine, because it shows the speeding up of time and what can occur over decades, hundreds of years and millennia in a short period of time, as we know it.
            So I had my life review, and I believe that this was offered to me at the time that I actually had progressed to having balanced enough karma to make my ascension. We've heard that at that point when you balance 51 percent you are given the option by the masters, by your sponsoring gurus, to actually take your leave of this Earth and make your ascension or to continue and remain on the Earth to serve mankind in many ways. So of course my lifespan was not over [and there was much work to do.] I knew on the inner that I would reach that mark at a certain point. So of course I did not desire to leave this Earth and chose to stay. It wasn't really even a choice. It was just, it is what it is.
            So we've heard of this life review, and some of you may have had this experience if you've had a near-death experience. Some of you may have had this occur to you on the inner when you reached that point of 51 percent, although some may not remember it.
            What was shown to me by El Morya is that within our aura this entire life-review process is wrapped up into a particular golden crystal-like file, [which] some adepts, such as Padre Pio, Peter Deunov, Babaji and even Mark Prophet, by special dispensation and permission from the Higher Self of an individual in concurrence with the divine world, can actually read and interpret.
            You may have heard the story of Padre Pio receiving many, many people for confession within the Catholic Church. People would rattle off all of their sins and things that they regretted, that they rued. And when they were done, he would say, “Are you done?” And they [would say,] “Yes.” And then he would say, “But what about when you did this, this and this?” So he could read the record of their lifestream[s]. Now, how did he do this? He was clairvoyant and he had gifts of the Holy Spirit. Of course he used them only for the betterment of those whom he served, whom he prayed for, very discreetly. And yet people could not get beyond [their own blindness to] the truth that he was able to see clearly because of his abilities.
            How could Peter Deunov know the future of the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov when he was Mikhaël Aïvanhov? He could see beyond time, as we know it, into the coursing of the soul of this master and know what his ultimate destiny was because the elements of what was already put into motion and what was planned before he incarnated were there within this sacred space of the personal book of life of Mikhaël Aïvanhov. And because Peter Deunov had qualified himself through discipline to be able to read that and interpret it righteously and judiciously, he was given permission and was able to give him that information. And yet as a master, a true master, he did not give [him] all; he gave him clues. You can read about this in the biography [of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.]
            I would like to read from a book by Dannion Brinkley, The Secrets of the Light: Spiritual Strategies to Empower Your Life…Here and in the Hereafter.1 This is his third book, and I believe it may have been redone.2 He wrote this with the help of his beloved wife, Kathryn. This is chapter seventeen, “The Panoramic Life Review.” There's a quote from Albert Camus at the top: “I shall tell you a great secret, my friend. Do not wait for the Last Judgment. It takes place every day.”
            So here is Dannion's writing:

At the instant of transition from our physical bodies back into our light bodies, a silver cord attaching us to the third dimension is severed. With the severance of the cord, the soul is released and we are free again. Yet there is still a loving protocol in place to usher us through the remaining steps of our transition from the here to the hereafter. Lifting out of the body and moving down the tunnel are effortless on our part. However, when we arrive at the light at the end of the tunnel, a whole new game is in play. I know this is true, yet many souls departing this world for the hereafter have no conscious understanding of the unique mark they possess. This is where the panoramic life review comes in.
When you have a panoramic life review, you literally relive your life in a 360-degree panorama. In incredible detail, you see everything that has ever happened. For example, you can count the number of hairs in the nose of the doctor who delivered you at birth. You can even see how many leaves were on the tree in the front yard when you were six years old and playing in the dirt. You literally relive it all.
            Next you watch your life from a second person's point of view. In our society we are taught to be sympathetic toward others. But from the second person's point of view, you will feel empathy, not sympathy. After that, you literally will become every person you have ever encountered. You will experience what it felt like to be that person, and you will feel the direct results of the interactions between you and that person.
            When I went through my first panoramic life review, I essentially became the people I had hurt physically and emotionally, feeling every little nuance of the damage I had caused. However, during my next two reviews, I was able to experience the peace and enormous gratitude of my hospice patients when they took their last breath in my arms. 
            You know the story of the Book of Judgment. Guess what? When you have your panoramic life review, you are the one doing the judging. And believe me, you are the toughest judge you will ever have.
            It is also important to understand that this judgment has no punishment attached to it. Once you experience the reliving of your life and judge what you think you could have done differently, it's finished. You immediately discard the memory of all guilt, sadness and regret. You see, in the final analysis, very few things remain important in the life being left behind. What matters are not the mistakes you made. What matters to Spirit is how often you were willing to help others through your love, kindness and compassion.
            The love you gave away and the potential for love that you instilled in others are the uniqueness of your divine mark. It is only love that you will bequeath the world with your passing. And it is only love that you will bring home with you as your contribution to the expansion of divine consciousness, for only love is real, both here and in the hereafter.
            Making a difference in the lives of others is the spiritual foundation of our human existence. To inspire others to love, to encourage them to dream and to empower them to keep hope alive are among the most blessed of all achievements. Our simple, spontaneous acts of kindness make the greatest impression on Spirit. A smile given to a stranger, a pat on the back for a discouraged friend or a meal prepared for someone who is ailing—these are the true marks of compassion in action.
            Learning to live in love from this place of innocent virtue is a goal we must all set for ourselves. As we align our hearts and minds with the energy of selfless giving, we succeed at attaining the ultimate goal. For in so doing, we assist in the raising of the level of spiritual consciousness necessary to take us into higher levels of the heavens. The greater the number of spontaneous loving moments we perpetuate here, the higher the levels of consciousness we will inhabit when we reach the hereafter.
            The panoramic life review's sole and soul purpose is to act as an impartial tool designed to help us measure the spiritual growth that took place in the life we are leaving in order to determine which threshold of consciousness we are prepared to cross over as we reenter the heavens.
            What I have found so fascinating since my own panoramic reviews are the many ways it can enrich our lives on this side of the veil. By consistently implementing the same system of checks and balances used in the heavenly life review, we can manifest for ourselves a state of living empowerment. With full knowledge in our possession of how the system works, we have the power to refine our destiny day by day. Having this cosmic calibrator at our disposal is a priceless gift, but only if we have the wisdom to put it into practical application.
            I advise you to consciously seek out situations in your daily life where you can extend your love and share your laughter. Envision yourself as guardian or steward of the earth, working to protect and nurture global environment. Adopt a homeless animal. Commit a portion of your time weekly to volunteer work. These are just a few of the myriad simple loving actions we can consciously perform to guarantee that we have the most positive, affirmative effect on all levels of consciousness surrounding us.
            Because your higher consciousness has guided you to read this information about the panoramic life review, you have been given a great gift. Therefore, you now have a responsibility, for much is expected of those to whom much has been given. In that light, the spiritual responsibility is to employ the panoramic life review method in our daily lives consistently and judiciously for the greater good of all.
            Remember, on the other side you will have the opportunity to become every person you have ever loved or harmed. Knowing that, how will you change the way you treat people and animals or even the plants and possessions in your life? All of us need to give some serious consideration to this. No thought, word or deed goes unrecorded in the universe. Therefore it behooves us to act from a loving heart and an open mind before we have to watch the DVD of our life story.
            There is one more incentive for working on a daily basis with a life review system. It endows us with yet another way of circumventing the blue-gray place of spiritual stagnation.

And Dannion explains this blue-gray place earlier in the book as basically the astral plane, kind of a purgatory where souls who are unconscious, unhappy, devoid of spirit go to hopefully grow out of [these states] and ascend into higher levels of spirit in the higher heaven worlds of the etheric plane.

Over the years I have become fixated with the reality of the sterile territory between the worlds. Obviously, it frightened the hang out of me to realize I was constructing a superhighway destined to take me straight to blue-gray town. Each mile of that highway was made up of my very own apathy, bitterness and cynicism. Now that I am conscious of what I was doing to myself, I want to do all I can to insure that you do not make the same mistakes.
            The blue-gray place is a futile state of limbo that is completely avoidable. Through the practice of a daily life review, we can operate in the astral planes to check and balance the effect our mental and physical behaviors have upon our spiritual advancement. Thus we eliminate all fear of getting stuck in the blue-gray nothingness of the afterlife. Becoming conscious of our thoughts, words and deeds while paying attention to the influence they have on the life energy all around us is to step into our divinity one day at a time. In this simple way, we help to create the link between heaven and earth.

Dannion goes on to explain how he is involved in hospice work and encourages us to do the same, because this point of transition between this world and the next is a very important time. And when you can be with people, hold their hand, assist them in making that journey with love, with cherishment and they can actually forgive others and forgive themselves and be ready to move [on] into the light and beyond this plane, it is a great boon to the soul [because it]  doesn't get stuck in that purgatory experience or astral plane.
            Now, with this concept of the akashic record being kind of on a spindle, a crystal-diamond-golden spindle of light sealed within our auric field, [which] certain adepts can read, I would like to share an understanding of how important it is to maintain our light-energies within our auric field. 
            There was an individual who was involved in the Hearts Center, and I noticed during one of our pilgrimages as this person was giving a presentation that their auric field was not very buoyant, joyous and full of light. In fact, what was coming from this individual during this presentation was complete ego. And so the Master El Morya had me walk out of the presentation. I did not fully understand why, except for the fact that I was very uncomfortable and felt that when this presentation was occurring it was actually detrimental to the people in the audienceeven though the information was very interestingbecause it was coming from the ego. This person desired to be well thought of through [their] intelligence and wisdom and all that [they] had gained in knowledge from study of esoteric teachings.
            So this was kind of disconcerting to me and I had to share with this person later my experience so that they would have the benefit of the teaching of why this happened. Well, of course the person did not accept it, thought that they were totally in the Now and in the zone and unfortunately was not sensitive to what was really at play. Later this individual asked a question during a darshan at another event. I don't remember the exact question, but the teaching that came forth was that if there is a pinprick of doubt that enters one's world in terms of their ability to believe in, focus on the God Presence, the master's Presence in their midst—if there's a pinprick of that doubt, it opens up a point within the auric field that the dark ones, the nefarious forces, use and can amplify and actually open much wider such that great darkness can come to that person and be within their auric field.
            So doubt is a deceptive energy. It is deathly. It is truly vile for our souls in our life experience. Now, the doubt is about the doubt of the beingness of the masters, their ability to use an instrument such as me or you to deliver their messages. So when this doubt entered, because I saw it in their auric field when the master was explaining it, what happened was exactly what the master [had told] this individual. The next time I saw them, their entire aura was gray. I was shocked. This person is a beloved soul and had a mighty mission for the Brotherhood in past lives and in this life. And yet in that hour because of this doubt there was a turning around to the point where the aura became completely clouded with a deceptive energy field. Then what happened was this individual projected onto me every form of their own energy of doubt and hatred to the point of [it] being very difficult for me to experience.
            So I bless this person. This person is actually a very wonderful person. And yet because of that pinprick of doubt, what happens? We've seen now that the aura can be violated by this darkness that the force uses and opens and projects into. Subsequently I have seen this individual a number of times. And each time I am, unfortunately, shocked that the aura is still in this same state.
            How can we get beyond that? We have to have a turning point, through humility, of overcoming our pride. I believe that that pinprick of doubt manifested because of pride. No matter where we are on the path, if we have pride, arrogance, ego, any form of rebellion against our God Self, or we look at others as being the problem rather than us working on ourselves, we can have a real problem on our path, a stumbling block that we really have to, at some point, overcome.
            So I see the light in this individual in their God-reality. I pray for and visualize the overcoming of this arrogance, ego and pride for the ultimate victory of this soul, hopefully in this life, and if not, in a future life. I pray for forgiveness for [this person,] for myself, for all of us who may have been involved in all the dynamics regarding this situation, for our auras to be cleared, the record to be consumed and for life to move on to its ultimate perfectionment.
            Now, when there is faith, love, belief, acceptance, there is an entry into our auric field from above of great light. And so, antithetical to what I just explained, when we engage God in these prayer sessions, in all of our loving, givingness  and sharing, our thoughtfulness, our kindness, we have the exact opposite process of this light beginning to grow and expand, evolve and accelerate within us. 
            So just as you pinprick an egg and take the yolk out to prepare it to color on Easter, so God invests within you a new Solar reality, a new Solar light essence, as you allow—through the spiritual power of Presence that flows through your electronic body, through your crystal cord, from your Higher Self through the Christ Self, down into the crown and anchored into the heart [and] expanding out from there—great light-energies [to flow.]
            So let us always maintain that divine link with our Source by our attention on our Presence, on our hearts and the glowing fire of God within us [and] see the same reality within each person we meet, share with, cherish and love. And [let us] allow the light of our auric fields to continuously evolve into a greater Solar reality because we are making these conscious choices, knowing that we, in a sense, have a daily life review at the close of the day and that we can forgive ourselves and others, look at what we've done each day in the mirror of our own conscious awareness, make amends, make atonement and move on.
            So forgiveness, mercy, compassion [are] key in this process, as we all know. And if at any point you feel a sense of attachment to the past, of some angst with any individual or situation that has occurred, former spouses, people who have wronged you, parents who have shunned you, others who have shunned you, just let it go. Forgive. Wash it all clean with Ho'oponopono light: I love you, please forgive me, thank you.

1. The Secrets of the Light: Spiritual Strategies to Empower Your Life…Here and in the Hereafter was published by HeartLight Productions in 2004.
2. Dannion Brinkley's book was republished by HarperOne in 2008 as Secrets of the Light: Lessons from Heaven.

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