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Gabriel      April 22, 2011

Beloved Archangel Gabriel
David Christopher Lewis
April 22, 2011   7:40-8:05 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Sacramento, California


I Come to Invest within You a Solar-Fire Radiance
of Hope and the Currents of Purity

The Importance of Your Daily Prayers in the Blessing of the Earth

 A Grand Experiment: The Pooling of Prayers from Many Nations

Dearest Hearts,
            Unless a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, it cannot give birth, by the power of the resurrection fire and the light within it, to the full grain, which will itself nurture the lives of mankind.¹
            This day we celebrate the transition of the Son of God Jesus through the ultimate sacrifice of his manhood, his humanity upon the altar of life itself. Through the givingness of this one, a new field was born for the Earth within the Age of Pisces, whereby the light of mercy and compassion, truly a new way of love, emerged. And even now the evolutions of Earth are only beginning to understand the full nature of who the Son of God was, what he represented and how each and every one may also rise through that sacrificial offering of the lesser man or woman to a new Selfhood in the divine light.
            I am Gabriel, and I come to invest within you a Solar-fire radiance of hope and the currents of purity, which when ingested will result in your own full conscious awareness of your own Christ Presence in light. We the archangels stand in the Presence of God² with our faces attentive to the divine radiance emanating from that supreme God beingness of the Sun behind the sun, whereby creation and a new world is ever manifesting. And the light radiance that we receive, we then share with the evolutions who call to us and are attentive to the voice of God.  Thus, as Uriel has cleared the way, I come with a ray of the white fire from the altar of the Most High and deliver it to those of you who are ready for a new imprint of beingness within you, who understand what is at play and what it as stake in this hour of world transition.
            Many look only to the past at who Jesus was within the incarnation of his life form two thousand years ago.  And yet who Jesus is today is so much more, blessed hearts, than many can imagine. For the living Christ essence of his Spirit is available as a magnanimous flowering of God-consciousness that will bring grace, harmony and the power of the Logos—which he embodies within his Solar Presence—to any who call to him; who attune to his immaculate and divine heart; and who are ready to entertain the initiations of light that will bring them new birth, their own anointing of the Spirit and a transcendence that flows because they too see themselves as capable of allowing that Christ-amity to be present within the heart, inspiring divine virtues in every moment to be extended and blessings to flow.
            During the service this morning, the action of the white and blue fire through the matrix of the circle and sword dissolved the fabric of death and the decay within civilization upon Earth in many realms. And there has been laid a foundation for a rebirth, a regeneration of many cultures by your conscious efforts and by the flowering of that word within you as you have communed with the Elohim Purity and Astrea. Whenever this prayer³ is uttered with great humility and with cosmic expectation, there is a clearance action that dissolves unreality and that simultaneously deposits within the Earth plane a new seed of light, as that grace of the Spirit, whereby all manner of virtues may arise within the lives of mankind as they embrace the culture of the Mother, who truly represents the highest aspect of this white ray of Omegaic radiation.
            Yes, Omega herself answers the call to the Elohim of the white ray and extends a fire of purity that spans the cosmos and nurtures the evolutions of light in all realms. And the white lily, as a representative image of that holy one, one with Alpha, extends the aroma of light and divinity, especially at this Eastertide season.
            Blessed hearts, as you ponder the life of Jesus again and again at these pivotal points of the Lenten season, and as many within Christianity follow the coursing of his soul as they read the Gospels and attempt to glean something of his Spirit in their devotions and prayers and in their time of communion and study, we come, speaking to their souls and ushering them higher. Even within the Christian world itself we have emissaries who inspire many with new language, with their own understanding through their communion and through their pure hearts. You see, within any church or religion there are yet those who are attuned to the heart of Jesus through devotion and praise, through worship of the one God; and the flowering essences come through the sanctuaries of their hearts, sweep across the Earth to bring new life and joy to many a soul caught in the astral seas of darkness.
            I share with you now an understanding of just how important your daily prayers are in this dynamic of blessing the Earth. There are among you many saints whose hearts are so filled with the Spirit that when they offer a simple prayer, uttered in complete humility, the powerful seed of that thoughtform goes forth and the angels receive it like a fully fulfilled dandelion whose seeds have turned to white. And that prayer is multiplied again and again, and these seeds are carried on the winds of the Spirit by the angels of the Lord and deposited within the lives of many who themselves are praying for help. And that seed takes root and the nurturing light begins to grow. And often it is the case that hundreds and even thousands are blessed by your heartfelt rendition of a very simple and beautiful prayer.
            Although there is power in the acceleration of the word through your decrees, dearest hearts, what I share with you this morning is that often it is within the sacred space of the stillness, when you truly contact the highest aspects of the Godhead, that there is also a most holy action of light released which gives rise to a new-world consciousness simultaneously in many domains and many worlds of the Spirit. This is why we have encouraged that time of silence between the prayers, for you to again make your attunement and reside in the great stillness of your Presence. You see, this is where Mary in her virgin state of beingness abided, ever attentive to the Word of the Lord, the inspiration of the angels, the messages of peace and the training that came during those intimate moments of her inner conversation with God.
            Dearest ones, I am with you in your trials and tribulations, in your challenges and initiations, in your pains and sorrows as well as in your times of feeling the full fire and delight of the living reality of your God Presence. When you speak to Hope and when you call to Gabriel, we come with a specific answer and antidote to every dilemma or knotty issue. Yes, embrace us as your friends and cohorts, even as you would embrace one another as long-lost family and friend. There are few upon Earth who dare to ascend in consciousness and consider that they are worthy to be friends and communicants with us. 
            We hope that as aspiring adepts within this movement you will consider this level of a new spiritual life whereby any master, any angel or divine being may be present with you at any time that you require—in a flash, in a moment of need or inspiration—and that you will feel God's light within our Presence and what we may share with you in those moments of inner stillness and togetherness. You see, we all have a gentle side in addition to the fiery Presence of our Solar beingness, which can be yours, dearest ones.
            On the morrow there will be a grand experiment of light whereby the prayers of those from many nations and cultures will be pooled into a unified field of divine glory to grace the Earth. We encourage heartfriends to listen and for those who are representatives of those cultures and nations and spiritual movements to participate. For this is the fulfillment of the dream of many ascended masters and specifically of the sponsor, Micah, who will be there to unify every voice within the stream of God-identity so that every nation will receive a holy impartation of cosmic light radiance and so that through many voices and beatitudes, the blending of the conscious awareness of the living saints upon Earth will give rise to the new culture of the Mother across the entire Earth.
            This is our vision. And we applaud the efforts of those who will make it happen tomorrow and who will continue to allow it to resonate in future sessions, learning the technologies required and assisting in the entire process for this grand design to flow, to expand and to result in, in one sense, a divine, united voice of the nations.
            O holy ones of God, I draw forth from within you that holiness, as your virtue, and fan its fire to nurture you again and again to rise higher in your spiritual pursuits, in your divine ideations and in your joyous times of being together through these broadcasts, services and sessions.
            There is a momentum that is being built day by day through your efforts that many will one day see and feel by the power of the river of fire that is flowing through you as one spirit. This is what we envision as the wave of light that many will one day ride to their own victory in the ascension. For having caught that wave, having seen a new view, they too will join you. And the divine revelry, brotherhood and sisterhood of your oneness will prove the law of love in action that has manifested through every conscious application of your hearts from the beginning to the ending of your sacred journey, dearest ones.
            I am Gabriel. My love resides with you, with Hope, as you are fruitful in the flowering of the Word of God within. Blessings of peace. Amen.

1. John 12:24.
2. Luke 1:19.
3. See prayer 40.005 or 10.009 in the Hearts Center prayer book, Prayers, Decrees and Mantras.

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