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David Lewis      April 20, 2011

David C. Lewis
April 20, 2011   8:36-8:58 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

Discourse on the Aura #11: 
The Flame of Joy Increases the Light of Our Auras

            Good morning, everyone. One of the greatest aspects of improving our auric field is to incorporate within our lives the flame of joy. Joy is a living light essence that flows from the Great Central Sun and through Sirius and then through our own galaxy and solar system. We are receiving unto the earth great, great quintessences of divine joy. We are no longer walking the via dolorosa that was walked in the Piscean dispensation, but the via gloriosa, the glorious way, in this new Age of Aquarius.
            Joy is the motor of life. Joy is what allows us to incorporate the New Blue energies, which I believe are joy energies. And if you consider that Jesus' keynote is “Joy to the World” and Guatama's is “The Ode to Joy,” [music that Beethoven composed using the words of an epic poem by Goethe], we have two divine examples of individuals who have meant so much to this earth [and] who have incorporated this beautiful fire and flame of joy into their lives, expressing it magnanimously in who they are and continue to be as ascended beings. When we incorporate this into our spiritual practice, truly our auras begin to shine more brightly, glow with a new radiance, and we are enlivened, lightened and buoyed up in this fire.
            We have music called the blues. I believe that the blues create[s] grey in our aura, not blue. In this Age of Aquarius, the New Blue will be music of joy rather than sorrow: “Woe is me....Alas, my lover left me....I'm in the dumps….blah, blah, blah.” That's old stuff! It's time that the blues give[s] way to the true blues, which is “the joys.” So we have to help create this shift. And although I honor people's creativity in writing music such as jazz and blues, because I believe that many are in a kind of a spontaneity when they write this music, in a creative spirit, what is the ultimate result of harping on the past and the downward spirals that we've been involved in in our lives? It's time, blessed hearts, to wipe clean the slate and to allow the music of joy to sing across the earth.
            How do you feel when you hear Christmas music—“Joy to the World,” all the revelry of the coming of the Son of God, Jesus, to the earth? It buoys you up. Angels are ever present around the earth, and we all feel better.
            We have Joviel, we have Lord Ling, we have a number of ascended masters who really embody the flame of joy. And it's essential for us as we incorporate the newer aspects of the violet light and the violet laser light into our spiritual practice to realize that this energy field of transmutation really is, at its core, a fire of joy. Joy is what allows transmutation to occur such that the slate is wiped clean; we have new opportunity to move forward on our path; the past, which has now become prologue, is completely erased; and we move on into a new domain, a new world.
            I am reminded of the movie Forrest Gump. It's an epic and a classic. It's funny. And there's that one scene where, he [wipes his face on a T-shirt given him by a struggling salesman, and on the shirt, as if transferred there by Forrest's face, is the image of] this smiley face. And then you see the smiley yellow face that we've seen everywhere incorporated into our culture. We even have these little smiley faces on our computers. We can send emails, chats, et cetera, with the little smiley face, and it does bring joy.
            So when we have spinning and singing within our aura the light of levity—which is joy; the light of exuberance; positivity; all the positronic aspects of our Higher Self, which incorporate a positive mental attitude, a positive emotional attitude, a positive physical attitude and spiritual attitude. We have the rounding out within us and the shining through our auric field of the rainbow light of our Presence, the beautiful resonant qualities of God, because God is a God of joy, not of sorrow, not an angry God, not a hateful or spiteful God.
            Yes, God set in motion the law of cause and effect, but it is [we] who have free will who experience the aspects of karma that return [to us], [which] at times may seem to be sour and dour but really are just an opportunity for us to learn and to grow, to learn our lessons, to move forward. In past ages, and even up [until] recently, [there has been] this sense that the path is a burdensome path, a hard path, one [on which] few can tread and really master and pass all the initiations. [This is an old paradigm that] we have to change within our thinking consciousness, within our feeling body and realize that when we are in our highest joy, in our highest spiritual presence, everything becomes light and everything is fun, and we do not have to go through this via dolorosa, the sorrowful way, of making things so hard on ourselves and others. 
            I know that we all at times, because of the rhythms of life, may return to some aspects of our former self that do not really serve us well in this regard, and we all have [to] work through our issues, work through the energies of the day, the energies of the world. And, of course, at times people do feel the burdens of the world because we are bodhisattvas. We've taken the bodhisattva vow to serve this planet, to help people to become enlightened and illumined and free and awakened. So we do bear the karma of the world and we help bear the burdens of others. Yet even in this dynamic, when there is joy, laughter, levity, fun and a community spirit of oneness, we build our auric fields into this New Blue frequency of divine radiance, [which] serves us much better than if we are down in the dumps and are talking about the burdens of the day, talking about how heavy it is. Let's remove this type of verbiage from our daily speech, our sharings. If someone says, “I feel heavy today,” [simply] raise them up. Allow the light to flow through you to assist them without sinking into sympathy—yes, be empathetic and compassionate, yet allow the verbiage, the language of love and light and levity to wipe that [negativity] clean and to assist those persons to move upward and onward. 
            Now, one of the reasons that we accelerate our prayers to a faster rhythm, a faster giving of them, is that in this acceleration of the speed of the decree we actually increase the release of light. [This] occurs when, of course, we are in harmony in our hearts, when we've mastered the visualization, we've memorized the words to [the point] where we can concentrate on the spiritual aspects of the release of light through the giving of the prayers. And in this action of speeding things up, it does speed up the action of the atoms, electrons and the release of light, and we are buoyed up in greater light. Sometimes we raise the pitch of the decree, and this also helps in accelerating things. And what does all this do? Well, it allow[s] us to rise in consciousness, to accelerate the light flowing through us unto the planet to bring forth greater transmutation.
            So, part of the New Blue frequency—through levity and light and joy—is to accelerate the atoms, cells, electrons, molecules of our being and of the entire earth, to give it a greater spin and to allow the raising of the entire frequency of the earth and all of the evolutions on it to a new level of Christ and Buddha consciousness. We know that ascended masters are not visible to most of humanity, who dwell in 3-D, because the vibrations of [the masters'] beings have been raised up, accelerated to the point where they disappear. We know this through science. When water is heated, the molecules move faster and it becomes steam and becomes part of the atmosphere. This is occurring all around us all the time, and yet we don't necessarily think of how this affects us on a daily basis.
            Well, when we accelerate, what disappears? The lower nature, the lower aspects of our not-self are let go of. The ballast that we've carried, the drudgery of life is transmuted and let go and released and we have less to hold us down to this earth. We have more light-energy to raise us up above the earth. We accelerate, and eventually we get to the point where we transit beyond this plane and we ascend to the heart of our Presence, to the heart of God, and we move forward on our path. As [all of] this is occurring, as we raise our vibrations through meditation, through our prayers and decrees, through our songs, which in and of themselves can always be joyful, we accelerate the light within our auras. Our auras begin to shine more brightly and, in one sense, we disappear to the world because we now appear in a new domain, in a new dimension of light and beingness. As we appear within these higher realms, we begin to see with greater clarity what is manifesting in the higher dimensions. [As our vision is purified and cleansed,] we begin to see angels, masters, celestial beings, and this comes about because our hearts are pure, our hearts are one with God.
            So, really, joy is a divine panacea. It allows us to move forward on our path with others with a great sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, with a great camaraderie of the Spirit, [which] is really what this New Age is all about. One of the neatest aspects of our Chicago spring equinox event was watching the exuberance of our youth, because they embody this so much at that age. And we know what many of us were like at that age. It's time that we incorporate that youthfulness and that levity in our lives in a greater measure by maintaining that youthful spirit, that joyful, childlike nature. As we reflected on that event in Chicago, we really did realize that the youth are living more in the now because they haven't necessarily entered the world to the extent [that] they feel the burdens of having to “make a living.” They are already living in the now. They embody that spirit of joy in a great measure and there is, through the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit, the forming of this bond of brotherhood and sisterhood of Aquarius that many of us observed. Boyd spoke of [this] very wonderfully [when he said] that this community aspect, this brotherhood spirit is really indicative of what love is in the golden-crystal age of Aquarius. It is a true, virtuous love that ennobles each person, that embraces everyone, that isn't so much about allowing your love to be shared with [just] one person, but [with] a group as a whole, as one with many, many others rather than just a few. 
            So when we look at this dynamic within the greater world, we have to see that it's time within the earth for all the cultures to realize how important it is to embrace each other, each person within any culture who comes from any race, religious persuasion belief system [and] realize that, if we're [really] going to have an age of peace, enlightenment and freedom, we have to move beyond where we came from and who we've interacted [with] on a local basis and embrace a universal consciousness that allows for the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, which is all-encompassing, to flow through us [so that we may] love all life free. And when greater and greater numbers of humanity realize this dynamic and embrace everyone, no matter where they [come] from [or] who they are, then we will begin to see more and more of the dawning of this new sense of brotherhood that is essential for the golden age to manifest and to continue. 
            I believe that when we are in the flow of our true work, when we work diligently and we are focused on our spiritual work, there is a natural element of joy that enters our consciousness that allows our auras to be focused and purified and to glow. So work itself, when we are in the zone of our highest work in our true vocation, also allows that joy flame to manifest. And I hope that each and every one of [you] can find, if you haven't already, that type of work, that type of vocation that really brings you your greatest joy.
            By God's grace, I think that I have the most wonderful job that could ever be conceived of and created. And many of you in the Hearts Center who are also on our staff have felt the same thing. You are really focused on what your mission is, what your dharma is. And even if you've retired from working in the world and you're a little older now—[in your fifties, sixties, seventies or eighties]—there are still aspects of your vocation, your spiritual vocation, that can manifest and flower within your lives [and] bring great, great joy to your soul, to your being and to the planet, because this is your greater purpose, even though you've had work in the world that has allowed you to make a living to support your family, et cetera. The greater work, the spiritual work of our souls and our Oversoul is really what, in my opinion, brings us the greatest joy.
            We've talked [about laughter and that] Hasya Yoga is key in allowing us to clear things, to clear our solar plexus. My wife shared with me a while back that you can [simply] say “Ha!” which is like the “Ha” [when you] laugh: Ha! Ha! Ha! She understood from [a] previous teaching that that clears the second chakra, the soul chakra, which is the violet chakra. So when we sing Carol's song, the new joyous song, [The Ha-llelujah Song], which I hope can be played right after this discourse, we [may] have that “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” experience. We [may] have the “aha” experience of great joy.
            So I think I'm going to stop just a couple minutes early today so we can sing that song and revel in the light and be joyous in all of our time today, because we didn't really give much time to Joviel on the sixteenth. So let's give a little time today. Think of Joviel throughout the day. Think of Lord Ling, Fun Wey, all the masters of joy, including Jesus and Gautama, and allow your auras to be full of light. So, God bless you. Have a great day. Bye.

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