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David Lewis      April 07, 2011

David C. Lewis Discourse  (Inspired by El Morya)
April 7, 2011   8:52-9:02 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Discourse on the Aura #1:
"The Woman Clothed with the Sun"

            El Morya would like me to give a series of discourses related to the advanced studies of the human aura as I have through my life experienced various aspects of an understanding of the auric field. So, I would like to share with you an experience with beloved Mother Mary that I had. As we know in the Book of Revelation it speaks of the Woman Clothed with the Sun, the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.¹ One of the key concepts within our recent Meru University course on The Advanced Studies of the Human Aura is an understanding of our Solar Presence, the Great Central Sun, how we can accelerate consciousness. And this very key element of Mother Mary's being—being clothed with the sun—is a key for us all to consider.

            It is something we can aspire to, that we should aspire to. When we are clothed with the sun, our Solar Presence is shining through us, our auras become purified, rarified, full of effulgent light, and we rise into our full Selfhood in God. The Earth is in the process of transformation. What is the destiny of Earth? To be a sun. What is our destiny? To be a solar being, a sun presence of light. We are already that in our true essence. And the Earth, in its true causal body nature, is also, in its solar Selfhood, a sun.
            I had a dream that was more than a dream. A number of years ago, I believe it was early in 2004, I was in a retreat of the Brotherhood. A number of us were in an amphitheater of light awaiting the appearance of Mother Mary to speak to us. I was in one of the very last tiered rows of this amphitheater very, very high up. And so I had a bird's eye view of everything. Suddenly Mother Mary appeared upon what you could call a stage, a platform, to be able to speak to us. I saw her in all of her divine glory in the beauty of her immaculate being, a shining light from her face as pure as pure can be—the most beautiful image of femininity, of womanhood that one can ever hope to lay eyes upon.

            Immediately when I saw my blessed Mother, I went into samadhi. The electrifying essence of her light energy field, her aura, simply buoyed me up in Spirit such that I swooned and was then lifted off where I was standing—because I was standing rather than seated—and I started to levitate off the earth. I was in divine bliss, one with her heart, one with the universe, one with all life. Immediately, Mother Mary appeared right in front to me; she was no longer on the stage. And she called me back from ascending on the spot, or levitating, and kind of pulled me back to where I could be present with her. Her face was right in front of my face, the beauty of her eyes sparkling with a divinity that humanly could not be comprehended. I felt the impulse of her Immaculate Heart right in front of me.

            She embraced me. And I felt a cosmic charge of light again go through my entire being. My heart was ecstatic and I felt that our hearts were one. She communicated telepathically in that instant that our hearts would forever be one. It was a cosmic moment that was beyond time and space. The energy of her aura, the Solar Presence, the Sun Presence of her being was so magnanimous that it is hard to describe the feeling, and yet I hope that you can in some way feel what I am feeling even now speaking of it.

            I believe that this experience was given to me because, by God's grace, I had called to her untold times, prayed the Rosary almost daily for—at that point nearly thirty years, missing a few days here and there, but dedicating myself to her Immaculate Heart. And in this oneness that I felt, I felt that I had a new life. I was truly a new me. I was reborn in my divinity. And this was just before the mystical experience I had, a few months before Jesus and Kuthumi came to me in Livingston at St. Mark's Church on June 4th or 5th.  We can look at the exact date. It was a Sunday—June 4th or 5th, 2004.

            So I am sharing this very intimate moment of my life, which is a very hallowed experience. Normally, we don't speak of such things outwardly, but I'd like to share with you that when one such as Mother Mary, who has developed herself by her oneness with God and becomes a sun, literally becomes a Sun Presence of pure light, it gives us pause to consider how we can emulate her, do likewise. We are not any lesser a being than the seed essence of Mother Mary. We are all created in the image and likeness of God. Yes, she has attained before us to this level. And yet, this is our destiny. And so, as we advance in our study of the human aura as it becomes the divine aura, [we emulate] each and every master, we seek to become more like who they are and yet we are still unique in our essence.

            So after Mother Mary appeared, she returned to the stage and spoke to us. And having had this rarified experience, not unlike a transfiguration, my mission would soon ensue as God desired it—to be able to receive, by the grace of God, the intimations of the hearts of many masters through discourse, HeartStreams, et cetera. And so we are continuing today.

            I believe that each and every one of us can have this level of intimacy with any master, divine being when we put in the work, when we dedicate and consecrate ourselves to the service of the light and we are selfless in our resolve to serve life and not to be served but to continue to love life free through prayer, meditation, contemplation, reflection and obedience to the will of God.

            As we will have future discourses about the advanced studies of the human aura, I would like to ask you to consider and to reflect on what experiences you may have had that bring to light an understanding, your understanding of what the aura is, what it represents as a chalice of light, an ovoid of sacred fire, a vehicle through which we experience life. And please share on the forum. We have already created a space for the sharing of Meru University students in that course. And so you can go there and add more if you would like.

1.  Revelation 12:1

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