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Lanello      April 03, 2011

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
April 3, 2011   7:02-7:31 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

                                                The Ascension of Dorothy Lee Fulton—Lady Edelweiss
hat One Can Do, All Can Do

                                     I Am Present Here, Consciously Working through This Dispensation

Beloved Hearts of Fire,
            I was witness to the ascent of the daughter of God Dorothy Lee. And Clare de Lis and I were there with this flaming one as she ascended from the altar and the dais at Luxor to the heart of her own beloved I AM God Presence. It was and is a grand occasion, and the revelry in heaven continues. The welcome mat has been rolled out for many upon earth who have been touched by the music given birth within this world of yours by this dear heart, for she has accessed through her heart and mind and listening ear the music of the angels, which you have now heard.
And there were many angelic choirs singing a multitude of divine melodies all in unison as this great soul took flight from Luxor's height. And now that she is free, you see, you have the capability, like her, if you desire, to ascend through greater works of the Spirit that may be accomplished through your heart of fire dedicated to the noble cause of the Brotherhood of Light. Therefore when one such as this—who has manifested the victorious sense within her soul—ascends, it may give you pause to consider just what you have created within your domain, what your offering is to the universe, what of heaven you may draw down into this earth plane to precipitate through a mind trued to the One and a heart empathetic to the higher vibrations of Venusian love.
            Yes, dearest ones, what one can do, all can do when they put their will in action, their heart in motion and their mind, attuned to the mind of the One, into play in a balanced equation of solar radiance to bring forth gifts of the Spirit in the world of form. Many consider themselves as unworthy or unable to accomplish great feats of love, wisdom and power upon earth. Yet, dearest ones, let me set the record straight this day and proclaim to you that whenever you engage, through your attunement with the heart of God, in loving acts of kindness, in virtuous deeds of conscious presence, there God moves through your heart as the Spirit of the Great I AM.
            Therefore even in a simple poem composed with the full afflatus of love within your heart toward the Godhead, there is the essence of your being manifest. Where there is an act of givingness whereby you share something of your substance with another in need, there God enters into the equation. For Jesus said, "what you do unto the least of these your brethren, you do unto me."¹ And where you are engaged in study of higher truth, allowing the synthesis within you of greater mindfulness through greater heart-centeredness, there the angels wend their way into your domain, embrace you and bring you great joy as you enter into the very knowledge of the One through the science and art of perfection and the teachings of the Great I AM and the Brotherhood of Light.
            You see, dearest hearts, it does not always take a work such as moving a mountain to apply yourself toward the divine purposes in which we together are engaged; yet it takes concentration, focus and determination that you will fulfill your dharma in loving acts of virtue, that you will engage God within that which you do in the great beingness of solar joy in your world. Therefore whatever you do, whatever you set your mind to, let the fire of the Spirit be employed, and let your heart know the truth as you sing the melodies of your own being with great intention, joy and cosmic abandon.
            Embedded within the strains of music that beloved Dorothy Lee—now the Ascended Lady Master Edelweiss—has created are magnificent keys for the unfolding of all manner of divine essences as you meditate upon this music of the spheres. Each time you listen to a divine melody, dearest ones, it is an opportunity for you to reconnect with the nobleness of the divine grandeur of the Spirit that flows through the symphonic representation of voices, of soaring spirits and the musicality and the perfectionment of the instrumentation that angels even continue to play upon their higher musical implements as the recordings are again and again manifesting in your world. Each song may encourage you to grow in heart-centeredness and compassion. Each melody may play upon your soul to spark you into your higher beingness through the holy quintessences that come to you deep, deep within your being.
            You all have your favorite melodies which you dance to, which you smile to and which arouse you into higher action and love. Consider those that this great soul has composed as being part of the compendium of that which is truly the work of the Brotherhood in this age, and allow that music to go forth day and night across the ethers to inspire and to conspire with cosmic composers a new world, a new domain of light where earth and heaven merge in the synthesis of cosmic energy and where co-creation anew occurs because of the choice of the conscious ones who aspire to be all that they can be upon earth as disciples of love, as adepts of the sacred fire.
            I am Lanello. I acclaim the victory of my friend Dorothy Lee this day. There is no greater proof of the light within the heart than the energy that is felt when you call to one who has ascended and feel the movement of the fire within you in response to your prayer. Therefore, call her forth into action. Receive her blessing day by day, for she, with Clare de Lis and I, will be there to goad you higher to your own ascension and victory in this life.
            May those who have ears to hear understand that I am present here, consciously working through this dispensation. For those who have been fooled into thinking or believing something else, feel my heart, know my magnanimous heart this day and let a new world and game begin because some accept, by faith, the truth of the Now.
            I am Lanello, the Sun King of the Spirit. And I shine forth my light with Lady Edelweiss and Clare de Lis in a threefold action of cosmic joy to move you higher on your path of light. I thank you.

1.  Matthew 25:40.  Lanello paraphrased this Bible verse. The exact quote is, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."


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