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David Lewis      March 13, 2011

David Christopher Lewis  (Inspired by Beloved Omraam)
March 13, 2011   8:57-9:15 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Question of Lowering Our Carbon Footprint
Increasing Our Diamond Imprint of Light upon Earth Is Just as Essential

hen We Recreate Our Environment in the Quintessence of Solar Joy,
We Will See the Dawning of a Golden-Crystal Age

Good morning, everyone. The Master would like me to, on his behalf, give a discourse on a particular subject today. We have heard of something called the carbon footprint, [which] certain environmentalists are speaking of in  [relation to] how much we consume and [what] we release into the atmosphere, based on our consumption, of carbon [dioxide] and [other] gases, et cetera, and how this affects the environment.
            For some who are very sensitive to and concerned about the environment and our effects upon it, this is an important issue. And they attempt to lower their carbon footprint by engaging in the saving of energy, possibly being off the grid, using vehicles that do not pollute as much, recycling, and all manner of activities that, through consciousness, allow us to be more in balance with nature.
            This is all well and good. And we can, of course, consider how much we are consuming in relation to those other lifestreams on this Earth and the effects that we personally are [having] upon the environment. However, in addition to this, we can and must consider what effects we are having upon the Earth energetically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, beyond the physical dimension and plane. We can live as very conscious beings in one quadrant of our being, in the physical, and yet if we are hateful, emotionally a wreck or unbalanced mentally and spiritually, there are other footprints or, in this case, mindprints, heartprints and imprints that we are placing upon the Earth energetically that even do greater damage to the harmonic balance of the Earth.
            Now, most people that are environmentally conscious are probably attempting to also be emotionally and mentally stable, and yet not all are. And many do not have a greater understanding of the dynamics of the spiritual life and of what is essential for us as a people living upon this spaceship Earth to engage in, in order to bring about the harmony that we require to move us into the golden-crystal age.
            Many of us have in the last few days considered the earthquake in Japan, its effects upon that nation and her people and upon other people in the world, how we got to the point of this type of incident occurring and what we can do to prevent destruction, calamity and loss of life. If we do not go to the Source and understand the dynamics and the equation of light and darkness within our own beings, each one individually, then when error and unconsciousness [are] multiplied [person upon person, we] come to the point of entire cities being wiped out, because nature responds to the vibrations of consciousness.
            When there is imbalance, when people are focused primarily upon the mundane and not looking to their Source, focusing on the Presence of God, then there is a disengagement and there is a disconnect, and then you see the ultimate results of what we have seen as this destruction. For the Earth is always attempting to remain in harmony and balance, and the elementals must slough off this intense energy that has been put upon them through man's inhumanity to man and through simple unconsciousness.
            So we can have, and we do have, a Mercury mind-print, so to speak, based on our thought processes, what we cognize, what we muse upon. And thoughts are things, and the energy of our thoughts flies across the atmosphere and affects life. Are our thoughts sublime and pure and beautiful and rarified through ascended master imprints and engrams of beauty or are they less than that?
            We have an emotional imprint that flows through our solar plexus and our hearts that can be angelic and graceful, peaceful and pristine or it can be something else. And when we are not balanced in this area of our life, the intensity of the energy in motion (which is what emotions are) [that is] coming through and focused through our solar plexus and our hearts can dramatically affect life in many realms. So we can learn to lessen the negative imprint from our hearts and increase the positive imprint by engaging heaven in joyous acts of devotion, of prayer and of releasing divine quintessences that can counteract the negative emotional energies that are spewed across the Earth by those engaged in war, terror, violence and all manner of discord.
            The greatest imprint that we make is through the spiritual faculties of our being. And so the solar imprint, the golden imprint of light that flows from our God Presence when we are engaged in spiritual activity such as dynamic prayers, decrees; devotional songs, praise; higher meditation and contemplation; and collectively, as one community of light, sending forth streams of God-glory to the Earth—all of this engenders a holy imprint of higher grace. [As we] draw upon [these] divine resources, [we] impress upon the Earth engrams of sacred energy that sprout in due time, that grow according to certain cycles and seasons into a glorious world, an Edenic sphere of influence that brings the Earth back to its pristine glory of the golden ages of the past and of the future within the great eternal Now.
            Let us, each one, consider these imprints, footprints, mindprints, heartprints, solarprints that we are constantly emanating, that we are constantly releasing unto our world, and make conscious choices to only release the most beautiful and transcendent, the most spiritually powerful and glorious, the most transmutative and pure streams of thought, of feeling, of divine mindfulness. And where we walk, [let] the carbon imprints, if you would use that term, [be those] of sacredness, [of] revering life, all life, [whereby we are] only consuming what we truly require physically and what we require emotionally, mentally and spiritually. [Let us,] through balance, release through our breath, our solar breath, those divine essences that, as sons and daughters of God, we are destined to release, [and] co-create and enfold the Earth such that Mother Earth herself, through our reverence for her, will be blessed, beautified, glorified, beatified in light.
            Yes, we can do those things that lower our carbon footprint, and some of you may choose to do so. However, to increase the solar imprint of light is just as essential, is just as important. We [can] collectively [create] our solar communities worldwide, our conscious villages and cities that become glorified, greened again and golden in light again rather than gray and dark and damp and dismal, as some of the cities of this Earth have become. When we recreate our cities, our towns, our villages in this quintessence of solar joy, then we will begin to see the dawning of a true golden-crystal age.
            Some say it takes a village to raise a child. In one sense this is true, because we all affect that child, each child, by our consciousness. And by our example, we either raise the consciousness of that child or we denigrate it by an impure example. Let us be examples to every child of truth, unity, beauty, perfection by the pristine emanations that flow through our auric fields. And by doing this consciously day after day and engaging the Spirit as one people of light, we bring the greater blueprint of this Earth into play, because that original divine blueprint lowered again into manifestation is what is important.
            In our prayer 20.001 to the Sun, it speaks of the blueprint. And the blueprint, the golden-print and the ruby-print of light in balance flowing through a glorified threefold flame, which is our spark of light from the heart of God, naturally nourishes our planet and all peoples. Now, carbon itself in this domain is black, and yet when there is pressure and carbon is pressurized it can create diamonds. So ultimately we desire to leave a diamond-print of light through all of our activities, all of our work. Even our fun and our pleasure in God within the sun-light of his eternal Presence brings this diamond consciousness to play.
            We have the word diamond in many of our prayers, the “Crystal-Diamond Tube of Light.” See how many times you see that word diamond.  This is indicative of one of the secret rays, [which] when understood, utilized, mastered and focused across the Earth brings about the transmutation of the dark elements of the past into the light elements of the future within that eternal Now of Presence.
            Thank you for listening. The Master's Presence is very clear and sure over every devotee who desires to engage in this activity of mindfulness, heart-centeredness, prayerfulness and respect and reverence for life. God bless you and have a wonderful day. Bye-bye.


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