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Angel Clothed with a Rainbow      February 20, 2011

David C. Lewis
The Beloved Angel Clothed with a Rainbow of Light
February 20, 2011   9:35-9:51 am HAST (local Hawaii time)
Kauai Pilgrimage
Kauai, Hawaii

I Place upon Your Crown a Rainbow of Light

I Come to Empower You with Your Own Rainbow Aura of Perfection
Use Your Causal Body

I am the Angel Clothed with a Rainbow of Light.¹ I come this day to empower you with your own rainbow aura of perfection, whereby you may rise into the full estate of the beingness within your Causal Body. [Here you] hav[e] access to all the fruits of the Spirit, even the divine pleasures that come as bliss and as the essences of your Selfhood within the One. [These] may be effused through your conscious awareness to bless life.
           When you incorporate the seven rainbow rays within your world and seek ways and means [to] balance each of these as a focal point [for] the release of a specificity of a quality of God, a virtue of the Father-Mother's Immaculate Heart, you can bring this new energy, through the prism of your own Selfhood, to humanity in myriad ways, in all manner of co-creative activities that are essential for the golden-crystal age to dawn upon Earth.
           Blessed hearts, I suggest that you visualize the fullness of your Causal Body, your rainbow aura, directly around you when you engage in any spiritual activity, such as these prayer sessions, and feel the impulses of this rainbow body fully emanating around you, within you in multidimensions of being. For as you engage in this alchemical work, you will be amazed to feel and see and know just how much of God may bless you and ooze through your being. And then the Lord will notice many, many [beings] upon Earth who are these shining lights, rainbow beings, fully enlightened and Christic ones who have understood the dynamic and the purpose of the seven rays within them, who have accelerated frequencies to a new pitch and vibration of Solar joy and who can again and again invest their own Causal[-Body] attributes into this world such that this Earth itself may be glorified within its own full Causal Body of beingness in God.
            Some of you, having engaged in solar gazing, have noticed how the first rays of the dawn incorporate the seven rainbow rays within them. And you may imbibe, you may assimilate these energetically at that early morning hour, breathing in each essence in its fullness and incorporating something new of these God-attributes into your life, into your world, into your daily affairs. When Jesus was transfigured, the white light accelerated to a very high vibration within him, blessed ones, because he had mastered the seven rays and refocused them back through the prism of Selfhood to that causal light within the center of his God Self. And from this perfected state, as the full-blown Son of God, he was able to manifest every miracle, everything that he required from the Father-Mother of all Lights for the asking.
            Some of you at times become distressed because you do not see or feel or seem to be able to precipitate as the ascended masters do. Well, I say, try and try again within the nonattached Self, who is your Buddha nature. For within this causal space of light, you do have access to all. And it is a simple action of letting go and letting God that allows these holy essences, as precipitates of your essential nature, to be given birth [to] again within your world in any manner that you, as a co-creative God-conscious one, desire, so long as you employ them for the betterment of mankind, for the enjoyment of your Higher Self and for service, through surrender and selflessness, [as a] holy sacrificial offering of your being to humanity.
            The cloud of witness that is the Shekhinah glory, [which] is yours when you are centered in that white sphere, allows the manifestation of each and every one of these rays, with perfect equality, perfect flow, to go forth from the center of your being. We seek the balanced ones, where joy is humming within their heart[s] and where the cosmic ukuleles are strumming all about as they hear the sounds of the Divine Mother and her call home to the Source, the Motherland, where all [her children] are known within her heart [and] all [who] abide [there are] succored by her love, her cherishment.
            At a certain point on your path, you will both see the light of your own rainbow eternal nature and feel the specificity of the colored rays, their sounds, their aromas, their ability to bless, to harmonize and to bring grace and joy to all. There is so much more that you can learn about these rays, dearest ones, when you experiment. Play with them as a young child. Play with the watercolors, the finger paints and create those offerings to the Mother and say, “Here, Mom, see what I have created for you,” with a sparkle in the eye and a smile upon the face. Yes, you may all be watercolorists of the sacred arts and the flow of light from your Source, [which] allows you to render and to tender all manner of beautiful creations to a world.
            Use your Causal Body, blessed ones. It is only a sense of unworthiness that at times grips you [and] demeans your ability to access these colored frequencies and paint them across the sky, [as creators]as the Lord commanded you [to be] in the beginning as sons and daughters of his own heart.
            Now I place upon your crown a rainbow of light as an arch and a sphere of perfected love as a reminder to you, each one, that you have this ability. And when anything comes to assail you in any way, simply reclaim this rainbow sphere of light, smile, be at peace and shine forth the elements of your Selfhood to a world that requires your light. This grid and flowfield of sacred energy is now secure around you and will abide with you so long as you maintain your harmony, your love of God, a joyous heart and a smile upon your face.
            Peace, peace, peace be unto you, each one, within the rainbow light of your eternal Godhood. I thank you.

1.  The angel who dictated this message is the same angel who appeared to John the Beloved as recorded in the Book of Revelation, chapter 10.

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