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Spirit of Europe      February 05, 2011

Beloved Spirit of Europe
David Christopher Lewis
February 5, 2011   3:25-3:40 pm local time
Intimate Weekend with the Masters in Bergvik
Bergvik, Sweden

The Work of the Spirits of the Continents

Let True Brotherhood Reign throughout Europe

            I am the Spirit of Europe. You have invoked me through this ritual,1 and I add the momentum of my light Presence to your work this day to enable a new awareness of this continent to arise within the hearts and minds of her peoples.
            The Great Divine Director has spoken.2 I am a friend of his. You have heretofore not heard of my being. And yet at a certain level and frequency of Solar Presence I manifest in my being the destiny of the nations of this continent and hold inviolate the light of perfection for all that is destined to be fulfilled through the lightbearers and those who see their calling clearly to work with the Great White Brotherhood consciously in this day and age.
            The Master Saint Germain stands in his effulgent light body now within the center of Europe, in Vienna, and blazes forth the fire of his heart, calling many to a new existence, a new paradigm of beingness, a new reality of awareness in God such that the nations and the peoples of Europe may work as one toward the fulfillment of that which God, within the All-Seeing Eye, beholds in perfection and divine glory.
            You have invoked the violet ray and the crystal light, and therefore this light has been radiated forth within every city and hamlet and home; and there are seeds of light giving birth to new concepts, new ideals, new possibilities even now within the subconscious of these peoples. And as you water them through your conscious spiritual work day by day, they will grow, they will emerge from the soil of the earth and sprout forth in great God-glory in sacred works, activities, movements and the desiring of peoples to blend their resources with the sun-fire light of their Solar Source toward the perfectionment of all within this Earth.
            Yes, dearest ones, there is a Spirit that abides within every continent, and I commune with these great Solar beings on a daily basis as your Earth spins on its axis and revolves around the sun. Each day is a new opportunity for the Earth to succeed in its divine progression through the cosmos, and we see our job and responsibility as one of quickening the peoples of Earth. And so there is communication at cosmic levels between us, the Spirits of the continents of this Earth. We work as one and yet also in our particular arena of action within the nations that compose our particular geography upon this sphere of light.
            Therefore you may call to me within the preamble when you engage in this ritual and allow the light that I bear on your behalf to enfold these nations. One among you may even see me in my light essence as you meditate in stillness the night before you engage in this activity. And in deep communion with Europa, you may feel the impulse of my heart and fire as a brooding mother presence of light nurturing all, fulfilling all in the grace and beauty of the one Light.
           We have assigned some among you, in collaboration with this vessel of the Word, to travel to the nations of Europe and to anchor light. And a number of you have engaged in this activity, which has borne much fruit—more than you know—in the etheric plane, where you have planted seeds of light. These are germinating in this hour and will bear fruit both in your lifetime and in future eras of Earth's evolution.
            Yes, dearest ones, each word of conscious praise that you sing and utter to the Lord God I AM THAT I AM bears fruit throughout time and space and beyond. For that word does live on, as Lanello has shared through the messenger. It moves in many planes and dimensions of being until its work is complete and it returns to its source, accepted back within the sacred orifice of light from which it emerged, to be fulfilled again and again in new poetic works of glory, in new words of wisdom, in new songs of the Spirit, in new praises of power and divine beingness.
            Yes, I also tell you of the import of your decrees and the word flowing through you. It is essential that this science be shared with greater numbers of humanity who can utilize the cadences, the rhymings and the message within the decrees to go forth in a co-creative spirit to bless life, to raise life into the new dimensions of God consciousness. You may in some ways take for granted this science. And yet be secure in the knowledge that it is one of the supreme Solar sciences whereby sons and daughters of God create through their lives and their words a new world, a better world, a more glorious Solar world and civilization upon this Earth.
            You see, blessed hearts, before the word was uttered, “Let there be light,”3 there was only the unmanifest isness of God. Once those words were sung into the cosmos, all that is became. Therefore create through your word beautifully. Render through your heart and mind a most glorious, yet simple, design of beauty. And empower that holy image with the light of your fire, and it will be so because of the law of the Word, the Lord of your own being.
         Some are concerned at the influx into Europe of what they consider certain foreigners, those of other continents and nations who do not hold within their hearts and minds their common values or vision. Should there be assimilation in the sense that these must agree with a greater good of what your nations represent and value? This is the question that we the Spirits of the continents have discussed. So long as the evolutions who migrate between continents have the best and highest interests of all peoples in mind, there should be no dissimulation or division, but only the working toward a common unity of light. Therefore the answer is in the motive of the heart.
            To be of service to people everywhere is the requirement of the hour and not to live off of the light of others. Therefore let this be the signet and the message, as a decree, to be shared with each émigré to your nations. And if they are to be citizens of your nations, they must be of service, of value, not to a human system, but to the divine plan and the essence that is embodied within the culture and the society as a whole. They may carry seeds of their own evolutionary history, their own soul's journey through the cosmos. And many of these cultural traits in some way may benefit the further growth and exposition of the divine light within your nations.
            Yet let there be caring, comfort and consolation and the knowing that there is a high standard to be followed, which is the standard of light of the Universal Brotherhood of the Spirit, the Sisterhood of Unity. And when one people merges with another in harmony and brotherhood, then the highest traits may be passed from generation to generation, a new civilization born and a divine world emerge in all its glory for all to behold. Emanate this awareness of the true principles behind the purpose of each nation within a union, such as Europe. And communicate lovingly and with great specificity this message of the Spirit of Europe, whereby all may be ennobled, even those who come to your shores, your cities and villages, that they earn a living rather than live off the earnings of others.
            [The Spirit of Europe breathes out.]
            I breathe new life unto these peoples, the tribes of Israel4 and their descendants, who immigrated here long ago.5 Let there be the resolving of all conflicts between the descendants of Israel, Jacob6—son of Isaac, who in turn was the son of Abraham, your El Morya. And let true brotherhood reign throughout Europe. I thank you.

1. Devotees "washed Europe in violet fire and crystal light" by using prayer 70.002 and naming every nation in Europe, moving from the center of Europe outward in numerous spirals until every country is named. This ritual has been regularly given by Swedish devotees weekly for years now and has yielded much spiritual fruit in bringing light and higher consciousness to all the peoples and cultures of Europe.
2. See Great Divine Director HeartStream of February 5, 2011.
3. Genesis 1:3.
4. Genesis 49:2-28.
5. "The twelve sons of Jacob were the progenitors of the twelve tribes of Israel. Joseph, the eleventh and most favored son, had two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. These were blessed by Jacob as his own, being counted, then, as two half-tribes or two whole tribes, depending on what scriptural interpreters you read. The descendant of Joseph embodied in the English-speaking nations—Ephraim primarily in the United States, and Manasseh in British Isles. The other eleven tribes reincarnated to form the European nations; many were scattered, embodying in every race and nation. The tribe of Reuben reincarnated in Russia."  (from a Pearls of Wisdom footnote, courtesy of Summit University Press.)
6. Genesis 32:28; I Kings 18:31; II Kings 17:34.

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