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David Lewis      January 24, 2011

David Christopher Lewis
January 24, 2011   7:20-7:44 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Sacramento, California

Leaving a Legacy—the Flowering of One's Divinity—Is a Requirement of Adepts
Through Our Will and Testament We Can Offer Our Legacy to Humanity

            Good morning, everyone. Each of us is called to leave a legacy of light in the Earth, tangibly anchoring within this plane and dimension our best and highest essence, the supernal kernel of our soul's attainment, the victory of our precipitation of God's light through our manifestation of beingness. To leave a legacy is not just a desire, but a requirement of adepts. This legacy is the flowering of our divinity through work, through the specifics of what we have become as God-men and God-women. It is the artistic rendering of the beauty of who we are through the co-creativity of us with God as one whole.
            Within this movement of The Hearts Center we engender, we approve of and, in a sense, we even demand, from a divine standard, that every devotee who resonates with our mission continues engaging in the sacred work of the ages to precipitate and anchor this legacy of light of our beings. Without the flowering of our divinity, we are not truly whole in the highest sense. And, yes, we can leave off of some of what we consider ourselves to be for a future day but, truly, for the adept this is procrastination. And to bring heaven into manifestation within the Earth, within the substance of this plane, within the physicality of this planet, where we walk, where we talk, where we work is essential.
            The true adepts of every race, every religion, every persuasion have done this and have left a legacy. And the burning of that spiritual fire and energy of their legacy lives on as a holy remembrance, as an akashic record, as an imprint through the sacred fire of their life essence that inspires and continues to motivate and to move lifestreams into higher gnosis by the very vibrancy that is contained within that creative spark of their heart, their mind, their soul wed to God.
            I have seen how some artisans of the Spirit have left a legacy in one sense, in one respect. And yet what happens when they pass on is that that legacy has nowhere to go because they have not engaged in the practical application of allowing that legacy to live on through very careful consideration of how that art, that music, that science, that delivery of who they are can be maintained. And unfortunately in this day and age, because of the laws of the land, if the careful and very specific verbiage is not left through wills and testaments, then the opportunity to continue offering that legacy to humanity could be lost.
            As I've reflected on this on behalf of my own understanding of the processes, I have considered how, through our own very specific will and testament, we can offer what we have left within our legacy to humanity in a number of ways. Of course, we have our immediate families [and] we desire to see that they are cared for, that they have the supply, the wherewithal to continue their lives, especially if we are the one who earns the bread for that family. We also have a responsibility to humanity at large through any nonprofit that we feel called to offer and to donate something of our legacy to in the way of rights and permissions. Also I feel that it's important to have some sort of educational legacy that allows the flowering of what we have captured of the divine essences to continue to be left for those who may be inspired by them as future students, artisans themselves who desire to take up from where one has left off and move on and continue to grace this Earth with that creative spark.
            I owned an art gallery for around twelve years, and I worked with many artists. Some are very, very generous in their desire to leave a legacy that others may carry forward. And I've seen how others are very self-serving in one sense, retaining everything within a very constricted matrix whereby once they pass, no one could potentially even use their art and their delivery [and] allow it to go forth to bless life through its creative spark. This is a conundrum, and one that I feel that the artists within The Hearts Center movement should consider, and even other artists, who[m] I am feeling called to speak with very personally in coming days; because as some age and move on in their lives, they should very carefully consider how the highest legacy of their lifestream can be anchored within the Earth for a more permanent beatification of this Earth and its evolutions.
            Now, of course, we leave our highest spiritual legacy through the light essences that we anchor within the work that we do. And yet [it's also important to leave an understanding] for future generations [of] what is behind the creation of a sacred work, such as Leonardo da Vinci and others have done. What was in the mind and the heart of the creator, the artisan, when a particular work was fulfilled? What inspired that one? What was going through [his or her] consciousness? What models were used? What concepts were delivered directly from the mind of God to that one that could give some essence of that process to future generations and peoples [so] that they too can work through similar processes in their own evolution of their creative spark?
            So each of us can consider how the legacy that we are leaving can move on through future generations, through a very specific stream designated by our own communion with our Higher Self [so] that the highest good can emerge. And though we live in the Now and we are focused on the present moment, leaving this legacy allows the expansion of that Nowness into the infinitude of time and space for the blessing and the gracing all manner of lives of people yet unborn or those who may have been born but are not of the age where they can either consider or appreciate our co-creations with God yet.
            As we leave our legacy in time and space, the angels will enfire and re-enfire what we have created through the ongoingness of our life in higher dimensions of Spirit. We engage them in this process because the feeling that we had when we engaged in these co-creative acts lives on. And the angels themselves—as these great feeling beings who engender the qualities and the essences of God in multidimensional realms of being and bring that feeling of the Divine into play through the lives of the inspired ones—can really help us even after we ascend to the heart of God to ennoble and to continue to energize what we have created in this plane after we have transcended it.
            So, my friends, my fellow compatriots of light, reflect on, meditate upon, contemplate what your highest essence and gift is, what your legacy will be to future generations. Consider how you are called, [how] you are inspired to offer that as a testament of your heart to the Earth. And, very specifically, work on how you will inscribe that legacy in words in your will, your testament. And I love this word will because it is your will. It is etched in letters both of living fire and of ink in documents that will allow that legacy legally to be offered as your highest Selfhood.
            So as many of us age—and we never know what the cycles of our lifestream are, what the specifics are of our days numbered on this Earth—it is important that we do this and do it now, do it soon in order to ensure that our highest gift may be left to those who deserve it, those who are deserving of it because they resonate with who we are and our gifts. [It is important] that no stone will be unturned, no i will be [un]dotted, that every t will be crossed, every detail will be left such that we don't, unfortunately, like some, have our heirs not be able to access either our funds, our artistic renderings, or whatever, because we have not legally inscribed these and polished them with our signature, our being.
            Thank you for listening and considering. This may be a very, very important message for a few within this movement right now, right here today who are moving on in their life and preparing for their transition and ascension. There are others of us who may have years and may have decades, and yet we never fully know in our outer minds where we are in this process. And therefore it's incumbent upon all of us to consider this dynamic and this equation.
            So if you require assistance in this realm, please contact one of our council members. We have two attorneys on our council, Steve Miller and Deborah Timberlake Fitch, who are somewhat versed in at least some of this knowledge. And if you require direct assistance from a local attorney or if you'd like to do your own research on the Internet and avoid attorneys, that's fine. Just make sure that your legacy is left, because for some this could be a key for balancing some percentages of karma even after your ascension, when your gifts are utilized in a wider audience upon the Earth.
            God bless you. Thank you for listening, and have a most wonderful and victorious day and week in the Spirit. Bye-bye.


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