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Himalaya      December 28, 2010

David Christopher Lewis  (Inspired by Beloved Himalaya)
December 28, 2010   7:00-7:34 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Key to the Victory of Our Movement Is Inner Stillness

Entering Into a Higher Level of Love
Conquer Self by Accepting God Within

            Today we have a very special Master with us throughout the day. Yet it requires that we are very, very still in order to accommodate this Master. This Master only comes rarely, and so before we actually begin our service today I'd like to share, at his behest, some techniques for accommodating his presence in our midst.
            First of all, let us relax, breathing deeply. Let no sound come forth from your body whatsoever. This requires first the stilling of the mind and the stilling of every aperture of selfhood. Now, in this space, unfortunately, because it's a little chilly, some of you are wearing coats, and those coats, whenever you move a muscle, twitch or anything, those coats create noise.
            So I'm asking that each and every one of you throughout this morning's service consider entering into a very, very deep, deep level of stillness that arises from the core of your identity, your Selfhood, and emanates through your being such that there is not any requirement for movement as I'm speaking or the Master is sharing. This will take great discipline. If you have an itch, it will require that you move beyond the desire to touch a part of your body. You can actually even still the eyes and not necessarily look at me. Close your eyelids and attempt to simply calm and allow every impulse to just be, just exist without offering any energy to it, without focalizing on it. The only thing that you are allowing to occur is a deep listening and abiding in a restive state.
            Now, in the Far East with this Master, disciples are required to master themselves and their body temple to the point of being inviolate in this quiescent state of complete stillness in order to then feel and understand the higher impulses from the cosmic mind of the Master. If one is not in stillness, there will not be the wherewithal, the accessibility to the very, very transcendent mind-emanations of this Master, because if there is any element of movement, this creates interference for the self to receive and to cognize those impulses.
            [Audience remains in silence for approximately 3 minutes.]
            Now, even certain actors and actresses are required in certain situations to maintain a level of complete stillness in their roles. Yet we are not just actors; we are active in playing our divine role of beingness. Some actors require this level of stillness when they are playing dead, so to speak, whereby their entire body is still. Other times you may have observed mimes or those, sometimes in the great cities of the world, who are stationary and appear to be statues, sometimes painted gold or silver in some costume. And you almost don't even know that there is any life there or presence of a person until something changes and you become aware that they are a living being.
            We don't desire to enter into stillness to be dead, but to be very alive. In this level of stillness there is a new aliveness whereby we can feel Presence. We have calmed all that interferes with Presence. We have, through grace, sublimated all desire to humanly think, to humanly emote, to humanly see, feel, hear, taste or understand. And as the human senses are stilled, the divine senses become heightened and powerfully active, resonating at such a high frequency that now we begin to understand with new eyes, new ears, new tasting sensations the divine nectars of the Spirit. We enter into a celestial and nirvanic plane where the saints and sages have penetrated the veil, seen the higher manifestations of light and begun to enter into a new form of love.
            The Master asks the question of you, of us today: “Are you in love with God?” And don't answer so quickly without penetrating this question and allowing your selfhood to understand just what level of love the Master is speaking of.
            Are you in love with light? Are you in love with beingness? Are you in love [with] God? And the corollary question: “Is God in love with you?”
            God has always been in love with the creation, his/her creation, in a form of love that embraces everything through that beingness and Presence that is beyond human comprehension and travail.
            God is love within you, and therefore the loveliness of God is invested within you. God has placed it there. It remains inviolate, manifesting perfect love for you always, in you always, as you always. And when you begin to sense and feel this level of God's appreciation, validation, valuation and energization of selfhood within you, then you can begin to understand what this new level of love is.
            No human personality, no human interaction, no human words can take away from you [that] love. Therefore you honor your selfhood in the highest form of self-appreciation—love of God.
            When you enter this love experience, you begin to feel the Holy Spirit empowering every cell within your being as love flows through you, love grows in you, love manifests through every chakra, every aperture of selfhood. Your senses become portals to experience, to breathe in and to breathe out love of God. All of the yogas that you engage in become truly purposeful, because through yoga, or union, you enter God's Presence, and God's Presence abides fully within you. Truly God has never left you, though you may have [at times] left the understanding that you are God and that God lives fully within you.
            Through the higher senses the Master speaks through the soundless sound of emanation. The victorious sense of who and what the Master is now resonates deep within your cells, your being. You are enlivened in Spirit. You are now becoming of God as God is becoming you fully. There is no longer any sense of separation, for you feel the spiritual presence and fire and energy of God moving and resting simultaneously within you. Emanating and yet mindfully still, you simply are beingness, blessedness, virtue, grace, light.
            Yesterday the Master Zarathrustra said that we mouth many words, including the words violet fire. His recommendation was that we become that fire, for this is where transmutation occurs. If at any point in our prayer services you do not feel the flame, the fire, the light through the words that you speak, stop, gather yourself, regather yourself unto your Self, as the fire enfolding itself, see yourself enflamed in light and fire and love and then mindfully, with great appreciation and presence, speak those words with meaning and clarity, resounding and levity and depth of meaning that bring the word into action and residence in the Now within.
            We can only project out on behalf of other beings what we first objectify within. If you are not at peace with your soul, your heart, how can you expect to emanate light to bring peace to the world? Conquer self by accepting God within, and then and only then are you able to manifest enough beingness and light to effect planetary change.
            The Buddha, as the mindful one, is engaging in the highest form of Ho'oponopono whereby he breathes in the world every moment, processes all that is transpiring within the world through his heart-mindfulness and breathes out joy, kindness and the efficiency of the light, [which] brings the highest level of God-glory to every being through his sacred auric emanations.
            We have been discussing how to manifest, to alchemize, to precipitate. And some have discovered that through stillness and the focalization that comes through a new level of concentration, through joy, we manifest exactly what is required, is God-desired in our world.
            Mouthing words many times in rhythm and cadence and song may assist only if they arise from a level of deep understanding of the science of alchemy whereby we clothe our desire with form through love and stillness. In the twinkling of an eye, the manifestation of our highest God-ideal is clarified through our sight, our inner sight, and then begins to form in this plane, first clothed with etheric, then mental, then emotional and then physical substance through the substantiality of our mindfulness in the light of God-glory resident within us.
            All lesser desires must first go [in order] for the greater God-desire within the alchemy to receive the required level of precipitative light for it to manifest. Many of these desires are the anomalies of our selfhood outside of beingness that are erratic, that are scattered and that continue to allow mental agitation and the movement of the carnal mind to cloud the clarity of that which our Higher Self sees and which we simply can open our eyes to cognize and to joyfully embrace.
            Today the great experiment of our being as a community in this service is to hold before us the vision of our true Hearts Center community worldwide enlivened by those whom Himalaya calls unto his heart to enter into the initiations of stillness—stillness within movement, movement within stillness.
            The key to the victory of our movement is inner stillness. It is a divine paradox, a holy dichotomy that is resolved in the One by being present.
            Therefore though we create a budget and plans [for 2011], which we will share with you soon, it is already, through divine focus, in the lens and in the eye of God a reality. For there is no time except that which we give power and force to by our life's energies. Therefore we shrink time and feel the full empowerment, liveliness and joy of all that will occur, collapsed into this point of beingness and presence. We breathe life into it. It is already ours. And every ideal within every project that is on our list is mindfully manifest and simply requires joyful and loving effort in days to come to appreciate into existence.
            We are like crystal spiders that weave from within them the strains of light of their web to capture the holiest of treasures from the Divine One. We accept what already is because it is God's great pleasure to give us the kingdom, his consciousness, his allness. We thank God and use thankfulness as the means whereby we accept already what is proffered because God knows best—Father knows best, Mother knows best—what we require. And they are already extending their hand of givingness to us, within us.
            We see the gentle and beautiful smile of Yogananda, [who is] hovering in the atmosphere with his gurus in the lineage of light back through ages of time to Babaji and others—Krishna, Rama and back to Brahma,Vishnu, Shiva and into the indivisible cosmic void of suchness from which all creation arises.
            What lineage are we in? We may be in all lineages when we are in the One, because all lineages have arisen from the One. And we can appreciate glimpses of these lineages as we study the words of avatars and God-men and God-women through the ages who have, through great presence and love of mankind, brought the words, the living Word, to life within this world unto those whom they have served and taught and loved.
            We become the avatar as we are merged into the One, become saviors for many. For the saving grace of God emanates from and through us when we are subsumed into the Lord by pure love, pure light, pure harmony. The gentleness of God's Spirit is ever with us as we move through grace in graceful steps, walking ever with our Lord. Every movement becomes one of conscious presence, whereby light flows through the cells of our body. We dance the dance of Shiva. We sing the song of Krishna. We muse on Maitreya's mind, and we help Himalaya by being still.
            O Lord, live through us, love through us, enliven every creature through your light of joy today as we sing and continue to embrace those for whom we pray, including ourselves. Let the stillness of the moment bring peace, power and presence into reality. Let us truly love one another as you have loved us, O Master, as we understand what this love is which is beyond all limitation, partiality, denominations or specificity outside of the One.
            We love thee, O Lord. We love thee, O Lord. We love thee, O Lord. Our appreciation for the precious elementals, nature spirits, devas, angels and hierarchies of light, worlds without end, manifests through our joy—the joy of one another in you, the joy of you always in one another.
            Thank you, Himalaya, for your presence here in the West, for bringing your stillness to our beings, to our hearts, to our minds.


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