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John the Beloved      November 11, 2010

Beloved John the Beloved
David C. Lewis
November 11, 2010  8:34-8:56 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Pray for Meru University
The Mystery School of the Brotherhood upon Earth in this Age

Beloved Ones,
            The presence of God-peace is here this day. And through the causal bodies of numerous ascended masters and even the Elohim I extend this flame of cosmic Christ-peace and cosmic Buddhic-peace to you all. As you work on the economy, one of your goals, blessed hearts, is for all to come into perfect concert with the will of God through a divine consortium of the Spirit, whereby a new way of abundance, prosperity and peace may be known upon Earth.
            As I beheld the Lord Jesus through an intimate communion with his heart for a number of years, I, John, whom you have called Beloved, and also the Revelator, brought through my own interpretation an understanding of the love fires of  his heart [and] a certain sense of peace that I radiated through my heart around the master to protect him in his mission, to allow him to secure for the Earth the teaching on forgiveness and mercy, a new way in that time of Pisces that would move forward the evolutionary progress of humanity.
            For, blessed ones, there was much in the sense of injustice in that hour throughout Jerusalem and Judea as a result of the impositions of Rome upon our people. The economy in that hour was even more desperate than what you experience in this hour. And yet the Lord Jesus came not to create a world kingdom, as some saw his mission through their own lens and interpretation of prophecy. He came to establish a way of light whereby the new Jerusalem may be known as a city of cosmic Christ-peace established upon Earth, upon divine principles and holy values of righteous living, unshackled from the bonds of the arcane ways that in that hour had suppressed the hearts and minds of mankind through all manner of laws and regulations, both through the Jewish faith and through the taxation, excessive as it was, from Rome.
            The Brotherhood of light has communed of late to determine what specifically the lightbearers within this movement can accomplish during this vigil called forth by El Morya in order to lay a new golden foundation of light across America that will allow the lightbearers all that they require to live a life of harmony and balance, and yet not so much abundance that they lose sight of their own spiritual pathway, surfeited in materialism to the point of leaving off [of] their own inner search and heightened vision of God-reality.
            As you look upon the example of the master and see how he manifested that golden auric field of beauty, divine wisdom and compassion, you too, blessed hearts, may see that one of the inner purposes of this abundance vigil is to secure for yourselves greater light within your own heart and mind such that you may be vessels for the bringing forth of greater teaching through this dispensation, greater activity through all of its virtuous offerings. And once you have secured an ample foundation of abundance to meet the daily requirements of broadcasting and employing those who have set their seal upon their own mission of light for us to bring forth these progressive revelatory teachings, inspirations and deliveries of light, then you can move forward with greater progress, authority and action to expand the reach of light through many hearts to recreate this world in the image and likeness of its true divine ideation as a planet of freedom and eventually as a solar orb of great love-wisdom-power radiance.
            Blessed ones, all divine revelation that comes through a sponsored dispensation is offered by the Godhead as a part of himself. For within the cosmic grant of light is the very life essence of the Creator himself, vouchsafed to you who trust in the veracity and in the dynamism of the release of light through the words spoken such that they may go forth to accomplish their divine ends, even through you as a co-creator and active participant in the delivery of this dispensation and it offerings.
            Yes, blessed ones, when each and every one of you participate as a member of the great body of God upon Earth, then we can move mountains, then we can secure our divine station in the city of light upon the Earth, then the words of the master spoken two thousand years ago, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done upon Earth as it is in heaven,”¹ may manifest nobly with great divine energy and presence, and a greater aura of cosmic Christ-peace may flow to this Earth because you, O soul, have made it real in your own domain and space of love.
            I have embedded within the mind and heart of my own Beloved a way of light that will be carried forth through Meru University for many years to come as she leads and as I inspire upon her a higher course, frame of reference and reach unto the hearts and lives of many lightbearers who will pick up on the currents of God-power, wisdom and love that are shared during all future courses and classes and even the events that Meru University will mindfully sponsor through this activity and through your hearts.
            I ask you, blessed ones, once again to pray for Meru University and to prepare that call sheet outlining your goals with specificity, your vision with heightened joy and what together you know will come to pass because many of you are focused on this arena of activity and have lent your causal bodies, your own fortunes and the light within your hearts to see it fulfilled as a true mystery school of the Brotherhood upon Earth in this age.
            There must be prayers for protection of all of the staff of this university, because, blessed ones, I can say [that] concurrent with your expansion the hand of darkness of the ignoble ones will seek in a number of ways to bring division, strife, challenge and darkness unto your efforts. They shall not pass! I say. For the great and noble ones, the God and Goddess Meru and now your own Lanello and Clare de Lis who will take up their abode in that sacred retreat have pledged their light to see this institution victorious in all ways. And therefore, when you bond your hearts as one as Keepers of the Lightning and of the sacred Word, that Word shall go forth as a two-edged sword² to accomplish its purpose, even as I sought in that hour in the revelation given unto me by the Lord Jesus. For the true and righteous one upon the white horse delivered that sacred Word unto mankind as the revelation of light.³
            Each and every one of you have within you a facet of the truth for this age that must come forth through your own gifts and graces of the Spirit. Whatever you are called upon to convey through the words of wisdom of your own soul, let it come forth, O souls of light! Let it be said. Let it be spoken. Let it be written. Let it be artistically represented through art and music, through dance and song. And let the true purpose of The Hearts Center Community and movement quicken thousands. For they will feel the impulses of hundreds of you who have taken to heart the words that we have spoken which are now vibrant and alive within you who will in turn make them vital and active through your work and service.
            I come with an empowerment conveyed unto those who have received an inkling of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and now would use them for God's will manifest in action. And so the Holy Spirit is with me. The Maha Chohan has conveyed his love unto you this day. And, blessed ones, it is up to you to magnify this light in ways great and small through the expansion of heaven's offering. For this is where the rubber meets the road and the teachings become real— when the disciples master themselves through the sacred arts of the spirit, through the sciences of light, pass their initiations and move into their true adeptship in Spirit.
             I have fulfilled my reason for being upon Earth two thousand years ago. And yet I remain as a bodhisattva of love to whom you may call for assistance and for that shoulder to lean upon, even as I leaned upon the breast of my beloved teacher and guru. Yes, dearest hearts, love is the key to your victory. Remember this. For then all your efforts will be successful and all your work and labor victorious. I thank you.

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2. Revelation 1:16; 19:15
3. Revelation 19:11

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