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Clare de Lis      October 17, 2010

Beloved Clare de Lis
David C. Lewis
October 17, 2010  9:00-9:15 am MDT
Livingston, Montana
Broadcast through Phoenix, Arizona



Meru University is Destined to Expand through You!


Gracious Heartfriends,
            From within the eternal light I come and manifest a new reality of beingness, God's beingness for you, each one. I am Clare de Lis and I welcome you to a new year of the celebration of my ascension, for this day may initiate for you a conscious spiral of heavenly delight if you choose to involve yourself in the affairs of your Presence and in the work of the Lord.
            Our times of reflection upon our victories may always be for the initiating of new thrusts for a purpose. So I come to weave a tapestry of light before you that indicates, through the delicate patterns of crystalline energies and the vibrant colors and alchemical matrices and symbols within it, something of the possibilities offered by the sponsors of this movement of The Hearts Center to each devotee for greater God-Self mastery and solar awareness. Through divine enthusiasm you may be lifted up on angel wings to engage heaven in this work and service, beloved ones, as you meditate upon this dynamic, geometric flowfield within the tapestry and ascertain how you will add to its rich texture and creative design.
            Lanello and I have been called to higher service by the God and Goddess Meru. Even before our ascensions and especially after their fulfillment, our primary focus has been to attend to the details of preparing for this sacred calling of moving into the mantle of light that they bear for the spiritual education of the sixth root race and of all Earth's children such that they may, in turn, receive the higher mantle prepared for them within the sun of our system through Helios and Vesta.
            This work has been to invest our energies and solar awareness in studying the nuances of the higher sciences of light that are involved in the original creation of the Earth and then of all lifewaves who have incarnated here. We have witnessed the ongoing work of all of the manus in seeding these soul-spirits with their divine blueprint, archetypal essences and holy light. We have carefully ascertained the ways and means by which a cosmic balance is held through solar mindfulness to inculcate higher frequencies and radiances and the golden flame of illumination into the educational and illuminative pathways provided so that the entire race is lifted up and supported in its spiritual evolution.
            Blessed ones, it is altogether appropriate that the name Meru University has come forth as your primary educational avenue for adults, and that Meru Learning Centers is likewise trademarked as a vessel for your children's training. As the manus of this past age, the God and Goddess Meru are the preeminent examples of divine virtue for all souls evolving in this epoch, and it is time that many more know of their sponsorship and higher work. Lanello, Jesus, Lanto, Kuthumi, Lady Kristine and I intend to infuse our beingness into all your work in expanding the professional courses offered through these institutions of higher learning in many ways. And you will soon see the results of our joint efforts as numerous classes taught by a number of you and sponsored by many ascended masters will be forthcoming with an even greater dynamism in days to come.
            This work is essential for the transfer of the mantle to us that you have heard from the mouth of the God and Goddess Meru themselves, which is to occur on December 21, 2012—not coincidentally the end of the Mayan Calendar. For we have been called to increase illumination's flame within the Earth in many arenas of activity. And this movement is the primary one through which many ascended masters can release their fire and teaching, their radiance and their instruction to their students upon Earth. There are a number of sponsored activities, as you know; yet few have the broad understanding and the openness that you provide for a more universal approach to studying the holy truths of God and the cutting-edge and up-to-date discoveries as well as inspired teachings that are flowing to and through the minds and hearts of many more adepts and aspiring adepts upon Earth.
            Dear hearts, the greatest way that you can support our work is to support both Meru University and the publishing of the teachings that flow through it in all manner of books, treatises, presentations and media offerings. By doing this, our work will expand and we will be able to secure greater dispensations for an even wider approach to teaching humanity the new-age concepts that are raising the entire Earth in divine light. For now, it is incumbent upon you to synthesize your courses into a comprehensive whole as a means toward the enlightenment of souls. Create a clear pathway that souls may walk in studying these teachings with great joy and cosmic expectancy such that the end result will be their eternal freedom as they apply these truths in their daily lives and in the practical reality of their weekly and annual work and service.
            You have heard the beloved master Saint Germain quite some time ago ask for this pathway of learning to be established, with stepping stones that each devotee may walk upon in traversing the holy path of light. It is time, blessed ones, that many of your teams work together to very creatively and with great joy lay this foundation of light. For all that would ensue within this movement in terms of your heartsharing, outreach, education and the promotion of all of your efforts will flow more freely and easily as you follow this clear pathway with us.
            In this hour, Lanello and I are extending divine currents of golden, liquid light from our hearts and minds to each of you who has resonated with this work so that you may carry on with an even greater focus and consistency through inspired thoughts and co-creations flowing through you with greater fluidity and God-power. The shift and the recalibration within the Earth and within yourselves that occurred in Chile was essential in allowing for a greater flow of this work to manifest unto the Latin/Hispanic world, for as you know, blessed ones, the seventh root race and the work of the manus thereof will be focused within South America.
            In holy joy we have come to celebrate with you and to give you a little peek into the future of those possibilities for a wider approach to occur through our joint efforts unto the fulfillment of the kingdom of God upon Earth. I am with you always as you continue to work on your psychology, your adeptship and as you strive to bless life through conscious efforts focused through love-wisdom.
            Ever loving you with heartfelt joy, I remain in Spirit your Clare de Lis.

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