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Djwal Kul      August 01, 2010

Beloved Djwal Kul Darshan
David C. Lewis
August 1, 2010   8:48-9:26 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat

Darshan with Djwal Kul on the Planetary Purpose of Meru Course 1006

"The Sufi Way of Mystic Love"

            Welcome everyone. The master Djwal Kul has two questions for us to consider today. And I will read both of them. Then you can reply for one of the two, not both, but one of the two. We're going to give people both physically at Wellspring and those listening on the broadcast an opportunity to share.
            The first question is: During each Meru University course in addition to the progressive teachings that are released by the ascended masters, they work a specific alchemy for the planetary body. What do you intuit that that alchemy is for the current Meru University course?
            The second question is: What is your highest form of mystic divine love and how have you experienced it within the last two weeks?
            So I will be available for commentary. What I'm going to do is mute so I can listen to the broadcast to what you are broadcasting out of what people are saying because I can't hear through this medium with clarity. So you can meditate for a moment and respond. Please read any comments by those on the broadcast. Or if they can share on the phone, that would be even better. I'm going to mute now, go ahead.

N.K.:  David,  I feel that the action, part of the action of this course and what the master is trying to do or is doing is to integrate and harmonize the molecules and atoms of the entire planet, all the elementals and every soul on this planet into one flame of love. That's the action that I feel.

J.F.: My answer to the first question—the point of the class is to increase the love in people's hearts and their ability to love. And then to what is my divine love that I'm experiencing, it's loving God in everything. So I was loving the mulch in the garden. I was loving the plates when I was doing the dishes. I was loving God in people and trying to see the best in them. So I was just feeling love for everything. Loving the insects. That's my answer.

B.B.: Thank you Jackie. Anybody else here in the room?  We have two questions. I missed Meru University class last week, so I haven't really tuned into the first question, but the second one: What is your highest form of mystic divine love and how have you experienced it within the last two weeks? for myself  that would be a meditation and spiritual work that I do regularly is to meditate on my heart flame, my threefold flame and expand it and establish a greater than ordinary connection with Alpha and Omega so that there is a conduit between myself and the Central Sun; and then to put my attention on the threefold flames of as many people on the earth as I can and to extend my heart out and to let the radiance of Alpha and Omega come through my heart to as many people as possible. And that can vary depending on my own harmony and my own ability to just maintain.
            And the other thing is that a part of that alchemy is that a certain amount of the disharmony and burden that is felt and borne by those who I am connected to comes back to me. And so it takes some courage and love. I mean it's really that you have to love enough to do this. That's what it comes down to. And the more expansive the action that any of us desire to do this is, the more you have to be willing to maintain enough love and fire to support yourself, your body so that the burdens coming back through don't take you down, you might say, you know, ruin your day.

M.G.: Wouldn't you say you're transmuting all this as it is coming back through your heart?

B.B.: Yes. Yes, it is.

M.G.: That's my experience, too.

B.B.: It comes through you for transmutation, that's true. And depending on your attunement, you notice it though. Let's put it that way. You can notice it. Let's put it that way. I don't want to paint a bad picture. It takes fortitude I'd say to do it in an and ever increasing scope. Does that make sense? So that requires a lot of love on my part and willingness to just put myself out there. And I believe that's my best answer for that question.
        So here's a response from M. M., who e-mailed her answer to the first darshan question. She says, “I see the alchemy for this Meru class #1006 as bringing the warring groups in the Middle East towards peace and harmony. Love and light, M."
        So there's a slightly different action there. Not totally different, but yeah, actually it's similar to yours, N., right?

M.G.: It's more centralized.

B.B.: More specific. Thanks, M. So the second question doesn't require that you have attended Meru University. It says: What is your highest form of mystic divine love and how have you practiced it within the last two weeks? Yes, I hear a person calling in, go-ahead.

B.G.: This is B. in Dallas. I have a response to the first question. I think one of the purposes of Djwal Kul's class and some of the alchemy that he's working is to draw people's awareness back to the mystical roots of Islam and help heal the heart of Islam.

David: I would like to respond to that on behalf of the Djwal Kul. Both M. and B's responses are central to what this class is about. The other ones were more generically answered. The specificity of the class is what the master is looking toward, not generalizations. And these are very specific and they are definitely right on. I have been prompted to read a book, I think that I read during the last class a little bit, The Tent of Abraham. I mentioned the book, and also I ordered a series of DVDs from a company called The Teaching Company
            And I started listening to a series of lectures by a PhD from Georgetown University who teaches classes on comparative religions. And he did a lot of research on Islam. It's a few years old but it is absolutely excellent and I'm learning things that I never knew about Islam that are absolutely beautiful, that are amazing. And even with some of our trips to Egypt and the Middle East where I learned a lot more about Islam because we traveled during Ramadan, there is much, much much more to learn.
            And I don't think that I had or that many of us have a true understanding of what Islam truly is. We've been somewhat jaded in our view based on what's called the Judeo-Christian view, our heritage that most of us have in the West. And really, one of the things this professor said was that when you really consider it, we have a Judeo-Christian-Islam tradition because Ishmael, or Ismael, being the first or eldest son of Abraham, who was our beloved El Morya, is representative of all the nations of Islam.
        So there is much more for us to learn. And I've received e-mails from various people very concerned about Islam and the view is of what it is doing to the earth. Well, the perversion of Islam, yes. This is problematic for the earth and it's problematic for the Brotherhood what the fanatics within that religion are doing today. And yet it's also problematic what the fanatics and those who have not truly understood the teachings of Jesus the Christ have done to the earth for 2000 years and of the covering over of the truths of Jesus' teaching and of what we have today in terms of so-called Christianity that really is not reflective at all of what Jesus came to do for the earth. I shouldn't say “not at all.” He's correcting me. It's not anywhere near what it could be. Let's put it that way.
       So when we focus on Islam and the mystic roots of Islam through the Sufi tradition, we are tapping into the highest aspects of what has come forth as that religion. And it is important for us to understand the religion as a whole and how it is viewed, how it is representative, the history of it, the elements of it. So I recommend this book, The Tent of Abraham, and I hope that we can have it as a recommended book in our bookstore. Many of you can consider purchasing it and studying it and I will be sharing in the last two classes a little bit more from what I am studying on Islam.
            I think it is for most of us a weak spot in our understanding of the spiritual dynamics and pathways of light, for most of us have not really studied it. I beg to say that only a handful of those within this Hearts Center movement and even in the previous movement that many of us were engaged in have really grasped or understood the true aspects of the Islamic faith. It was never really given to us with a greater understanding.
            And so where you can find the truth of both the mystic and the non-mystic elements of the Islamic faith and read about it and study it, you will have within your conscious awareness and within your causal body more of this understanding that gives you wisdom to then emanate through the planet the truth and the divine knowledge of this faith so that we, together, can recreate this earth in the original divine design of that which Mohammed, Jesus, other masters and prophets have come to—to share and to help liberate the souls of humanity with their teachings.
        So we still have another 23 minutes before 9:30. So who else would like to share?

A.B.: I was intuiting similar things as the first questioner as the class being about forgiveness, like collective forgiveness, and, as well, individual forgiveness and tolerance and unity. Those were the things that I was noticing. Thank you.

David: Thank you, A.

R.: This is R. in Dallas. In respect to the second question I wanted to answer that in the last two weeks my highest form of divine mystical love has been expressing in a lovingly compassionate way with an unlimited scope to a soulmate relationship because I think that in a relationship like that there's a mystical quality oriented in it naturally.
And so that is my response to the second question. Thank you.

David: Thank you, R.

B.B.: Here is a response via e-mail from P.D. She answers question two: What is your highest form of mystic divine love and how have you experienced it within the last two weeks? “I am doing in the mornings in my backyard facing the sun the "Threefold Flame Guided Meditation" from our website under the "Teachings" drop-down, then "Guided Meditations," then "Threefold Guided Meditation," which our dear brother, E. B., recently reminded me of. It takes me very close and perhaps into my Higher Self and higher planes as I focus within and balance my energies. I am still feeling this morning the energies I tuned into and absorbed.” Thanks, Patricia.
            Here's another answer. This is from B.S. via e-mail. He's answering: What is the alchemy for this current Meru University course? And he answers, “To transmute the false culture of radical Islam and restore the true culture of Islam as embodied by Rumi and the Sufi mystics.” And he also mentions the Theosophical Society had a great impact on restoring true Buddhism and true Hinduism in the subcontinent of India. That's interesting.
            Any other comments here in the room? So if there's anyone else out on the broadcast, please feel free to respond and share your answers to these questions. The instructions are on the broadcast page. We've had some beautiful sharing this morning.

C.A.: B, I had a comment. The very first day of our Meru class corresponded with the day that people in New York were having a demonstration against the mosque temple that was being built two blocks away from Ground Zero. And I thought, how interesting that it should happen at the same time. I've been praying that our class would be able to transmute that energy. So it sounds like it is. Thanks.

B.B.: Great, thanks, C. Hi ., go ahead.

L.J.: Yes, these last weeks when I've been doing the rosary with Mother Mary and beloved Kuan Yin, I have just felt the most love of Mother Mary and also the people that love her in Mexico especially. So when I do the rosary, I see Mother Mary standing right there in Mexico. And then I can see sometimes people praying to Mother Mary. Sometimes I see women kneeling down and then sometimes I see men. And I understand her love. Then I say, “Mother Mary, I can understand your love for all these people since they love you so much, and I am with you.” 
            And then when I have done Mother Kuan Yin's [rosary,] I see beloved Mother Kuan Yin. And when I get to do the "Wash the Earth in Violet Fire," then I see Mother Mary on the left side and Kuan Yin on the right side, and I am in the center. And we are just sending all this light through the planet, and we see the earth shining like the sun with these two beloved Mothers. This is my experience that I have seen. So I know everybody does that. This is just what I was able to see in these two weeks.
        And also with beloved Rumi, we watched a movie from Afghanistan and we saw the suffering of the people over there. D. and I, were making calls for them. Then I saw the master over there as we were doing the calls to the violet flame and they were right there standing up right there! And I said to D., "He is here! There is a Sufi master here. I don't know who he is." So we assumed that he was beloved Rumi. I don't know if I'm walking away from the answer the master wants to hear, but then also I could say that I could feel the love, my love for God and the love that the masters and God feel for the soul, the reincarnated soul, the reincarnated souls of the planet.

B.B.: Thanks, L.

L.D.: I just wanted to share my experiences in the last two weeks. And I'd like to witness that I believe this because I have attended almost every single Meru University class since the very beginning of this organization and this has been a very unique experience for me, very personal with the master. What I believe is that we are being raised up by the master to a closer experience of our Higher Self, and therefore we are experiencing a greater oneness with all the masters and each other and the planet. And it's been quite beautiful for me. I also want to say one of the practices I've been doing is walking with my dogs, as I mentioned last week, and I've been breathing and drawing the the sound of the mantra into my body and seeing it anchoring in the earth. It's been quite an interesting experience and I'm really grateful for this class. Thank you very much to everyone.

B.B.: P.G. in Texas has an answer to the second question which was: What is your highest form of mystic divine love and how have you experienced it within the last two weeks? P.G. responds, “I've noticed that within the last two weeks when I am in a situation where true love is needed for healing others, I've noticed that I am elevated some in order to give the healing to those in need. When I walk away, I feel taller.” Sounds like some confirmation of an alchemical action going on. Thank you, P.
       We've had a lot of beautiful sharing this morning. If there are any others, please feel free to dial in on one of the numbers that is convenient for you that's on the broadcast page then to get into 8218. David if you have any other comments, too.

David: I think it's time to wrap up the darshan, so I'll just allow the master to say anything in response to all the responses now.
Beloved Djwal Kul: Humanity living on the earth is one body, for the earth is one body. The true mystic path of love is experienced by the Divine through the hearts of each created being, and as one being. We have had previous classes in understanding various traditions of Buddhism and an understanding of non-duality. The mystical aspects of Islam are beautiful and bring us to the point of understanding love in its universal and yet personal application and manifestation in our lives. To embrace all cultures, all religions, all persuasions, all peoples, all nations as one requires an investment of self in this process to go beyond the bounds of previous thinking and enter into a new commonality of mystic divine love emanation.
            There are elements within the minds, the memories and the subconscious of many in the West that have been problematic in moving the collective of humanity toward a unity. And this current class is allowing those in the West to move into a new heartstream of divine love to embrace this sense of non-duality and unity in a new and beautiful manner.
            You may desire to ask to be shown elements with your own karmic patterns, subconscious and memory body, based on the tradition of your soul as it has moved through the evolutionary cycles of light and darkness through your many incarnations, [in order] to transmute those elements that yet remain for you to resolve. When you do this [and] each student does this with divine authority, conscious will and holy purpose, then you will assist in raising the entire collective awareness of humanity toward a new unity field of beingness. This we see as one of the greater purposes of this class and of our collective learning and growing. Thank you.

1. The Tent of Abraham: Stories of Hope and Peace for Jews, Christians, and Muslims by Joan Chittister, Saadi Shakur Chishti, Arthur Waskow, and Karen Armstrong

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